frozen in my heart

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When Venessa started dream of a new sexy man, she thought it was a harmless dream. All that changes one day on her lunch break when the man of her dreams becomes not only real but takes her on the adventure of a life time!!!!!!!

Submitted: February 28, 2013

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Submitted: February 28, 2013




as i woke up that morning, I thought about the dream i'd had.  The one about 
unknown sexy man. With dark hair and brown eyes, six feet tall and olive perfect
skin.  His smile as captivatating as an evening sunset.  The dream always
started the same, there eyes met across a crowded room. my heart starts to pound
i have an overwhelming need to meet this strange and handsome man.  i 
go over to him and pretend to bump into his backside to start a conversation...  
oh sorry i say..  then in a deep voice he seys nobody 
 as cute as you has tapped me like that in a long time.  then smiles revealing a perfect set of straight white
teeth.  i sit down next to him and extend my hand to introduce myself... when
our hands touch.. something happens inside me. my body turns hot inside and out.
this feeling of excitment like a volcano exploding  goes through me ...  he moves in closer and for a 
moment i think he may kiss me, so i lean in ever so slightly not to seem too 
forward.  but he reaches up and brushes his hand against my cheek.  
it feels so good i close my eyes for just a secound.  you had an eyelash he seys
oh thanks i say quietly. embarrassed i misread his signals.  we stay silent 
for a few seconds while i try to shake the memory of his hand on my cheek.
so i can look at him again without having a strong desire to
throw my arms around his neck and kiss him deeply at first then 
calming down in the middle and then feel his lips slowly part
from mine. 
what are you thinking about he asks snapping me back to real life..
oh um nothing really i say
must have been good he seys
why is that i say
because your smiling he seys
oh yeah i do that sometimes sorry i say
don't be he seys you have a nice smile
do you wanna go for a drive he asks
i say sure
so we head to his car, he seys if sometimes if she's mad at me she won't start
i chuckle and say well hopefully she's not mad because its cold
he chuckles and turns the key.   we drive off into the night.
he takes me to a quiet spot overlooking the city. we lay on the hood
side by side staring out at the lights from people's homes. our hands meet.
he turns to look deep into my eyes.  his eyes gleaming in the moonlight.
chills of anticisapation and desire go through me he gently moves 
my hair from my eyes.  he face so close to mine now i can feel his warm breath
on my face.  then i hear an alarm in the distance.  only to find my aunt
standing at my door as i wake.. the man is not real and never will be.
he has no name. he is not real. it was only a dream. i feel sad as my head 
falls against my pillow.  i can still see his traffic vest glowing in the moonlight.
Later on that day. on my way to work , i found myself  thinking about my dream.
and on my coffee break it happened. i saw him. he was eating a timmies chilli
and reading the paper. i rubbed my eyes to make sure i was seeing right. i was.
i guess he saw me staring because he looked up from his paper and said can i
help you miss?  started, i said no i was just uh well you like someone i know my
mistake.  he went on reading his paper.  i wanted to know more so i said
can i  ask your name? he said my name? its mancini todd mancini 
i said im venessa. he said nice to meet you.  a few minutes later
he finished his chilli and left the paper on the table.  i couldn't
just let man the i had been dreaming of for so long just walk out
without asking a few questions.  so i picked up the paper and went
outside.  todd is it? you forgot this. thanks he said and took the paper
from me.  i said so what do you do for work that you need to get up this early?
i'm actually a drywaller. as a matter of fact my job is at the new building 
a few blocks away.  we began to walk together down the sidewalk.  i wanted to 
put my hand in his so bably and had to resist the urge.  because he felt like being around someone i had known
forever. we found we had lots in common, we both liked the same music,
loved cars and had some of the some goals in life.  well he said this is my stop.
to my utter amazment we both stopped in front of the same building.  So for the
next few weeks we ate lunch together everyday.  
One day we were having lunch and all of a sudden he grabbed my arm
and held it for a long moment.  i wasn't sure what was going on and then
he said your beautiful.  then i leaned forward and put the smallest peck on
his lips. they felt soft but yet firm against mine.  he put both his hands in my
hair and then slowly brought them down to my face as he kissed me again.
this time putting a little bit of tounge in my mouth and rubbed it gently 
against my own but even though there was gentleness and kindness in his 
kiss he also had a sense of wild manly power in it as well that made my knees
weak. when our lips parted i was breathless my body was alive. tingleing all over
weak but yet strong.  everything in my head swam. he said well i gotta go now.
and left me in timmies glued in one spot. litteratly... 
my legs could not move. could not talk for serveral hours,  a moment of 
unforgetable passion and lust and true meeting of the hearts had turned into
the deepest feeling of lonleyness and sadness i had ever felt. when i asked him
about it the next day he broke down in uncontrolable tears and begged for my
forgiveness.  we held each other and cried as he told the tale of how he was 
cursed by a gypsey woman who seduced him with promises of riches and finer
things.  only she was evil and treated him horribly.  so when he tried to escape
her she cursed him to be immortal but with a twist. every woman he kissed or 
anything of that nature. the woman would simply just freeze.  i asked if the 
curse could be broken .  he said my family was the key.. he started sobbing 
again... i need your mothers blood.  i came to you in your dreams to make sure
you were the right person.  it had to be my mother's blood because she came
from a family of witches of the black arts who did rituals and worshipped the 
black gods.  I vowed to go on his journey him with and to stay faithful and loyal 
always.  we set out at dawn he said... 
We left with nothing but a small bag of clothes and some money in our pockets.
We were headed for st. paul alberta, todd had heard through his sources that
my famlies  coven was gathered at an old burned out mansion but that was not 
all, word had it there was a spell around the mansion to keep out enemies.  
The drive was fun.  we laughed and sang songs, talked about our fears hopes 
and dreams.  So i asked as todd drove along, how did you manage to get into
my dreams anyway? todd explained that he could astro project, that meant
he could travel as he slept but his body stayed in place just his essence travels.
if i consintrate hard enough on a person or place before i sleep i can go there.
he said that he didn't do it offen because it drained his energy the next day.
in the last few miles getting to the mansion, we were quiet holding hands 
thinking of what may lay head of us.  
As we rounded the bend to start going up the mansion's steep cobblestone
driveway, the steering wheel of the car became strong armed and he could
no longer control the car.  i just put power steering fluid in here. cmon cristine.
(that's what he called hi car)  be good to me he said.  but the car kept going in all 
directions until we hit a tree head on.  engine smoking we had to leave poor 
cristine behind.  we gathered our belongings and with todd sobbing i loved
that car.  i slipped my arm around him and gently carressed his ass and said
i know sweetheart i know.  
we made the long hike up to the mansion's gate where the sheild was.  Todd
turned to me and said the only way for me to get through the sheild is to 
astro project.  this could very well be our last night together. he looked me
in the eyes and held my eyes with his, know that you are special no matter
what the outcume of this. and know that no one can break the bond we now
share and i love you venessa always and forever.  
kiss me i said
todd said you'll freeze
i rather freeze than never feel your touch or kiss again
he sweeped me up in his arms, i could smell the sent of his body now
it was intoxicating.  i knew i never wanted this moment to end.
i breathed in deeply then pressed my body closer into his and slowly kissed, gently nibbled his
neck as i brought my hands down his back and kissed him soft at first then
more intense biteing his lip slightly and feeling his tougue carress mine again 
the taste of his spit was minty but yet sweet from the gum he had been chewing
earlier.  tugging on his hair desire takeing hold of  me.  just as i was about to 
lose control  i heard a crash in the distance.  todd jumped to his feet to
investigate the noise.  i gotta get in there now he  said they know were here!!
he had some sleeping pills in his bag and quickly swallowed them.  he lay in my
lap i love you i whispered and placed a small kiss on his forehead as he drifted 
off to sleep....  
Todd feel deeper into sleep. he started to feel his essence separate itself from his
body, this part always scared him he felt light. as if he was dead no heartbeat
thumping in his ears no sound around him. but yet he was aware of everthing,
the worms in the earth, the way venessa's hair smelled  even though she now
sat frozen on the ground his body still lay in her lap.  he could even feel her fear
and sadness that she may never see him again.  her pain hurt him so much he
could barely find it in himself to  leave her. so with one last earth shatteringly 
painful glance at the woman he loved he went through the the barrier as easy as the 
wind blew leaves off a tree.
Once inside he went down a long hallway lit by lanterns that led the way to a 
curvy long broken and weathered staircase.  he went up and up until he heard 
chanting a few rooms away from where he was.  he crept to the door but before
he got to it the witches were waiting, the elder of the coven stepped forward her 
long grey tangled greasy hair flew around her face as if there was wind but  there
was none.   her eyes glowed red as she leaped towards todd, i will die before
i let you have my daughter's blood. we have the litte whore you've been keeping
outside, and that fucking worthless sack of scabs you call a body.  he then saw 
venessa and his body suspended above a fire with apples in their mouths 
spinning on a big rusty old poker stick.  
My grandchild isn't just here because of you said the elder 
she's also here because she abandoned her family and her duty to this coven.
now she's going to die and your body will go with her, you will be doomed to be
a spirit forever and be aimlessly lost til the end of time.  with a snap of her long
boney wrinkled finger the flames grew higher.  
My eyes  filled with tears as the heat of the fire grew more intense.  i could
feel the first layer of skin start to burn and peel.  I looked over to the other
end of the poker where todd's body was, it was almost in the fire if it raised one
more foot todd would no longer have a body.  
Out of nowhere there was a big vibration and a ball  of golden light filled the 
room.  the house started to crumble around us and through a hole in the roof
it started to thunder and put out the fire.  My grandmother had fled when the blast 
hit and my mother was laying underneath a fallen support beam.  her long 
curly hair sticking out and her face bloody bruised and broken. her breathing
shallow, she did not cry out or beg for forgiveness or help, she just stared at me
a cold hard stare.  her eyes shooting daggers into mine.  i could feel the years of\\
pure resentment and hatred she held for me hit me all at once like a million
daggars stabbing my heart.
she said i may be dying but your fuck toy still won't get my blood.  at that 
moment todd woke up and was back in his body.  todd stumbled over to my
mother and stabbed her through the eye  with his pocket knife ....
my grandmother came up behind him and cut off his head...  his eyes rolled
around as his head hit the floor.. i ran to him sobbing, light circled my body
and i turned towards my grandmother and  the light blasted her in half like a
laser beam. blood was everywhere, the light was gone. and todd the only man
i had ever loved was dead.  the sobs overcame me and i fell to the floor in agony
i thought about todd his smile the way he looked at me. the way i felt when we
touched... the way he made me feel untouchable...  now all that was left of him 
was the memories i would always hold in my heart..
Years later i found out my father was a warlock. he was following and
protecting todd and i. that is where the light came from.  my light and
my power will always protect you.  you are my daughter forever and always.
i knew todd would love and protect you as i would.  he gave his life to 
break the curse to be with you.  i am sorry it ended that way.  tears 
filled my fathers eyes he said todd was a great man.  
We fixed todds car and layed him to rest inside.  i go every week
to lay fresh flowers down.  and tell him any news i have. there will 
forever be a hole in my heart where my love for todd was kept.
a missing piece.

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