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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic



Table of Contents



Chapter 2 I can do this Alex said to himself. Alex decided the first thing he needed to do was have a good wash and a shave. ... Read Chapter

Chapter 3 Hi Amanda its Alex. Amanda parks, was sat in her office, not doing an awful lot, when she answered her mobile phone to ... Read Chapter

Chapter 4 Two week’s worth of cleaning and clearing out and the flat was presentable once more. Alex would not have been able t... Read Chapter

Chapter 5 Three months beforehand, And two and half hours drive away.....   Would you stop fighting, that’s all yo... Read Chapter

Chapter 6  In the present .... I don’t think I can bare this anymore Alex said looking down at the pile of letters he had ... Read Chapter

Chapter 7 Alex looked at the clock on the wall. It was gone midnight. He had been on the computer for hours searching for a w... Read Chapter

Chapter 8  4 days later.... Peace at last. Marie said sitting down to her laptop in the kitchen. The kids were at sc... Read Chapter

Chapter 9 Alex worked out where the ping sound came from She’s accepted my friend request Alex said panicking a bit. Now wh... Read Chapter

Chapter 10 I never did write that thank you letter Alex, thought to himself as he waited for the kettle to boil. Alex and Marie, ... Read Chapter

Chapter 11 If I am wrong for what I am about to do, give me a sign Gina, said Alex  holding a photo of her he now kept next to h... Read Chapter

Chapter 12 Do be careful typed Kate. I will be, don’t worry my dear replied Marie. And when are you coming to see me, Kate&... Read Chapter

Chapter 13 Getting off the bus, Marie still had a bit of walk up the steep hill to the museum. Well I have time for a ciggy befor... Read Chapter

Chapter 14   Marie looked up. Her phone was still ringing. She was still holding her phone out as if to answer it. ... Read Chapter

Chapter 15   Well its time I got going, Marie said finishing her cup of tea. So soon said Alex, sipping his cappuccino? ... Read Chapter

Chapter 16 Strange, he has not messaged me? He said he would, thought Marie.    Marie was online telling her fr... Read Chapter

Chapter 17 Just five more minutes, Marie said pressing snooze on her phone. She must have had about 2 hours sleep, in all. Wh... Read Chapter

Chapter 18 Finding a space to park, and hoping he was at the right location, Alex turned off the car’s ignition. He looked into... Read Chapter

Chapter 19 Mum did I really have to come with you, Vicky said staring out of the window on the coach. We’re almost there love, ... Read Chapter

Chapter 20 You could be an actress you know, read the text. Marie laughed to herself. It’s a shame you could not have joine... Read Chapter

Chapter 21   Marie had tried to find out where Alex was taking them, but he would not let up until they arrived at the myste... Read Chapter

Chapter 22 What do you mean working Sundays, what about my roast dinner, Craig shouted. Is that what the problem is, shouted back... Read Chapter

Chapter 23 She had to do it. It was the only thing she could do. And so she did it. Marie deactivated her friendly book a... Read Chapter

Chapter 24 They had kept in touch when they could. Alex had been in New York,  for 2 months. He had kept her informed of... Read Chapter

Chapter 25 Marie hated asking favours from people  Especially those she really didn’t see or bother with much anymore. ... Read Chapter

Chapter 26 With everybody in the marquee Alex was handed a microphone from the DJ. Marie stood at the back, near to where she cam... Read Chapter

Chapter 27 After touching up her makeup and checking her hair was still tidy, Marie sprayed herself with her favourite perfume that s... Read Chapter

Chapter 28   Marie hardly slept a wink. Not only was she a bag of nerves that a picture of her coming away from a big ce... Read Chapter

Chapter 29   The following week was hard for Marie. The worry her photo might pop up in a news paper or magazine, was he... Read Chapter

Chapter 30 So what you shagging him then, Craig said going right into Marie’s face. No said Marie, pulling the dress off hersel... Read Chapter

Chapter 31 When they arrived at his home, Alex quickly jumped out of his car and went and opened Marie’s door, so she could get out... Read Chapter

Chapter 32 Come on you two you will be late for school and college if you don’t get a move on, Marie shouted up the stairs to her d... Read Chapter

Chapter 33   Alex drove around, and just let the tears flow. He had not been this upset since Gina died. It was like... Read Chapter

Chapter 34 Marie walked into the kitchen and stood next to the range cooker. Folding her arms, she waited to hear what Alex had t... Read Chapter

Chapter 35 Mum are we really staying, Vicky asked Marie. Yes love, why, do you not want to, Marie replied? No I like it here,... Read Chapter

Chapter 36 Alex placed two glasses of wine on his coffee table. He then turned the TV on to watch some news while he waited for M... Read Chapter

Chapter 37   Trying not to scream Marie, could feel Alex right inside her. And it felt good. As he thrust harder and... Read Chapter

Chapter 38 After tidying the house Marie decided there was no time like the present to type one of the hardest letters she would ever... Read Chapter

Chapter 39 Mr Davies can we speak with you the protection officer asked Craig as she held up her badge to prove who she was, whilst sto... Read Chapter

Chapter 40 Very nice said Amanda admiring Marie's engagement ring. Marie smiled and removed her hand, from Amanda's grip. Mus... Read Chapter

Chapter 41 Its terrible what she’s done to my brother, said Jackie, Craig's sister, as she sipped her coffee. I believe you and... Read Chapter

CHAPTER 42 Tamzin when did you become a detective, asked Ian, one of her protection officers colleagues. Look when I get enough e... Read Chapter

CHAPTER 43 just over a week later... Natalie was waiting by the school office for Zoe after school. She had popped in to p... Read Chapter

CHAPTER 44 A month later, in a hotel room at the Savoy All done the hair dresser said to Marie patting her on the shoulders... Read Chapter

  CHAPTER 45 Camera's were flashing everywhere. And all you could here were shouts of Alex. This way Alex, over h... Read Chapter

CHAPTER 46 Amanda told Alex she would join him and the others back in the foyer in a bit as she needed to chat with a few people. ... Read Chapter

CHAPTER 47 I'm sorry sir but I can only tell next of kin the news on her, the doctor told Alex for the third time. But she lives ... Read Chapter

CHAPTER 48 Everything OK, asked a nurse popping in to check on Marie. Alex was sat down now in the chair next to her holding her ... Read Chapter

CHAPTER 49 Ron I need some air said Pam, getting up from her chair next to Marie's hospital bed. OK love Ron said to his wife.... Read Chapter

CHAPTER 50 I did nothing wrong Craig protested as he was taken into a room,  by the security guards. They handcuffed him, re... Read Chapter

CHAPTER 51 It was the 3rd day Marie had been in the induced coma. And so much had gone on. Not just in the hospital. Alex... Read Chapter

CHAPTER 52 After 2  days Marie was well enough to be moved to a private hospital close to home, and she and Alex were waiting wi... Read Chapter

CHAPTER 53 Marie was sat on her hospital bed, waiting for Alex to come and take her home. She had been at the private hospital, p... Read Chapter

CHAPTER 54 Alex reached over for his bedside light and quickly switched it on. He then reached over to comfort Marie, who had yet... Read Chapter

CHAPTER 55 Marie had not noticed Craig, as she was shown to a seat to sit at and wait  until she was needed in court. But Crai... Read Chapter

CHAPTER 56 Marie sat down again next to the female police officer, while Alex stood chatting to a tall heavy built security guard. ... Read Chapter

CHAPTER 57 Marie rushed to the smoking area. Shaking and wishing she could just get out of the old bailey she lit up a cigarette.... Read Chapter

CHAPTER 58 Craig took to the witness box and swore on the bible for all to hear. Then  the defence barrister started straigh... Read Chapter

CHAPTER 59 I can't eat another thing, Marie said refusing Alex's offer of another chocolate cover strawberry. Oh go on just one m... Read Chapter

CHAPTER 60 Smiling as she entered the witness box, Jackie wanted to make her presence known. Even has to swear on the bible in a ... Read Chapter

CHAPTER 61 My god how embarrassing was that, Hugo said to Alex,as he stood at the bar, sipping his wine. He'll never be able to w... Read Chapter

CHAPTER 62 Knowing you would win, Gemma told Alex, whilst all his friends, Amanda and Tom looked on, we have booked to have drinks at... Read Chapter

~~CHAPTER 63 A week after winning the court case a date for Marie's divorce to Craig had been settled, and both Alex and Marie cou... Read Chapter

~~CHAPTER 64 So you never told her about Monte Carlo then, Gibson asked Alex, as they sat with the others in VIP departures lounge, a... Read Chapter

~~CHAPTER 65 Marie there you are sweetie, waved Gemma as Marie and Pam walked through arrivals pushing their suite cases. Al... Read Chapter

~~CHAPTER 66 Who calls a yacht the big boy Christine said to Julie Linda, Catherine, Cherry and Gemma, as they walked along the dock ... Read Chapter

~~CHAPTER 67 Now this is more like it Alex said laid out on a sun lounger by the pool of  the Palazzo hotel, with, Ron, Robert, ... Read Chapter

~~CHAPTER 68 A quite night at the casino you said, Morgan pointed out what Alex had said to everyone. Well Gibson needed to burn ... Read Chapter

~~CHAPTER 69 I am quite worried about Gibson, Alex said to the others, before they all headed up to their hotel rooms for the night. ... Read Chapter

~~CHAPTER 70 The place was already packed when Georgia, arm in arm with captain sensible walked in to one of Monte Carlo's hottest ni... Read Chapter

~~CHAPTER 71 On hearing the news, Alex had gathered his friends and told them. They all immediately went over to Benny to tell th... Read Chapter

~~CHAPTER 72 Back in the UK 5 days later... Mum are you getting out of bed today, asked Vicky. Nope said Marie. Just leav... Read Chapter

~~CHAPTER 73 Nice place said Craig to Marie and his daughters, as he looked over at the house as he pulled up and parked his jag b... Read Chapter

~~CHAPTER 74  So that was why Craig was here when you walked in, Marie said to Alex, as she lay on the sofa with her head on his... Read Chapter

~~CHAPTER 75 Back at the house the mourners had gathered in the drawing room to reflect on the days events, whilst sipping tea, and c... Read Chapter

~~CHAPTER 76 Fortunately for Benny,he had his car keys on him, and he went over to his car parked in front of the house. He ... Read Chapter

~~CHAPTER 77 Alex pulled up at the church, and paused before driving into the churchyard. His whole word had yet again changed. ... Read Chapter

~~CHAPTER78 2 weeks following the funeral and finding out Benny was his son, Alex and Marie with the help of Amanda had got on with s... Read Chapter

~~CHAPTER 79 Savile row, Mayfair London. What's wrong with a good old Armani suite, asked Hugo. I like Savile row, suites Ale... Read Chapter

~~CHAPTER 80 Thank god that is the dresses sorted, said Marie, to the others as they made their way to meet the men for dinner before... Read Chapter

~~CHAPTER 81 6 weeks to the wedding... you need to eat something Alex told Marie. I'm not hungry replied Marie, sat at the di... Read Chapter

~~CHAPTER 82 Marie its only money, said Alex rushing up the stairs behind her noticing she had no shoes on. And you paid him for ... Read Chapter

~~CHAPTER 83 You will have to use the key Marie gave us, Pam told Ron, as they waited with the girls outside of Alex's house. Let... Read Chapter

~~CHAPTER 84 Bottle of corona please , said Marie as she handed over a five pound note to the barman. Guinness, Magners, and now ... Read Chapter

~~CHAPTER 85 Ron and Pam were stood out in the street smoking, while Alex, stood waiting for Marie and Liz to return, by the front do... Read Chapter

~~CHAPTER 86 Just over a week later.... so do you like my gift then Liz, asked Vicky? Liz looked at her mum. Marie gave L... Read Chapter

~~CHAPTER 87 The evening before, the day before the wedding..... so that is everything sorted said Amanda checking over her list ... Read Chapter

~~CHAPTER 88 Qw fuck said Marie as she reached over to Alex's pillow to touch his face but instead pricked her finger on something. ... Read Chapter

~~CHAPTER 89 Now have you got everything Marie asked Liz and Vicky. Can I not stay with you mum, asked Liz, pissed off she had to... Read Chapter

~~CHAPTER 90 Alex you look lost, said Colin going up to him. I'm fine just tired and missing Marie that's all, Alex told him. ... Read Chapter

~~CHAPTER 91 Alex's is calling me mum, said Marie looking at her mobile phone as she sat in the back of her parents cars, as they dro... Read Chapter

~~CHAPTER 92 3am in London Alex awoke coughing. He knew straight away it was going to be a bad coughing fit and not wanting t... Read Chapter

~~CHAPTER 93 Wake up mum, said Vicky shaking Marie. Huh said Marie, wondering what was going on. Its your wedding day remembe... Read Chapter

~~CHAPTER 94 Say cheese everyone said Sven, waiting to press the shutter release button on his camera. Cheese everyone, laughed, ... Read Chapter

~~CHAPTER 95 I have just had word from the driver they are on route said Claudette rushing up to Alex , holding her check list for th... Read Chapter

~~CHAPTER 96 All eyes were on Marie as she walked down the aisle, holding onto  her dads arm for dear life, with her wedding vei... Read Chapter

~~CHAPTER 97 And if you could just sign here Mr Eddolls, said the registrar pointing to where Gibson had to sign in his name in the r... Read Chapter

~~CHAPTER 98 If you just wait here I will announce your entrance, said the master of ceremonies to Alex and Marie, while th... Read Chapter

~~CHAPTER 99 Alex looked out to his guests then around to everyone sitting on the top table with him and Marie. Clearing his thro... Read Chapter

~~CHAPTER 100 What is Claudette doing with that projector and screen, Alex said to Marie, not recalling them being down in the plans ... Read Chapter

~~CHAPTER 101 That was a very thoughtful thing you did for me Marie, said Alex, stroking her naked back, whilst lying next to her on ... Read Chapter

~~CHAPTER 102 Is he ready to go, Alex asked Claudette? Yes he's waiting back stage now with his band said Claudette, Good and... Read Chapter

~~CHAPTER 103 Marie had been happily chatting away to her family, and had not noticed Alex had been gone so long.  ---------... Read Chapter

~~CHAPTER 104 The night was going well. Celebrities were mixing with non celebrities, and everyone was enjoying themselves. T... Read Chapter

~~CHAPTER 105 Come on Ron lets have a dance said Pam. In a minute love, replied Ron, sipping his pint. Well if you don't danc... Read Chapter

~~CHAPTER 106 An hour later... Come on Marie throw it, someone shouted to her at the bottom of the stairs. Marie looked at Al... Read Chapter

~~CHAPTER 107 The next day... Amanda was waiting for Alex and Marie outside of the savoy in her car. She had text to let him ... Read Chapter

~~CHAPTER 108 3 months later.......... Now I know why I have been feeling sick, these last few months, said Marie looking at the ... Read Chapter

~~CHAPTER 109 On seeing the state Alex was in, Marie let go of her suite case and put her hands to her face in shock. Amanda a... Read Chapter

~~CHAPTER 110 Marie had ran all the way through the hospital, crying as she went, trying to get to the exit. As she approached th... Read Chapter

~~CHAPTER 111 Alex was diagnosed with lung cancer, and was giving only a few months to live, and he had asked to go home to die, but ... Read Chapter

~~Chapter 112 5 hours later... Just breath Marie said the midwife. I'm trying, but it hurts yelled Marie. Pam looked a... Read Chapter

~~Chapter 113 Alex couldn't get over how perfect his daughter was. He could not take his eyes off her. And now his family was... Read Chapter

~~CHAPTER 114 Alex had died in the early hours of the morning surrounded by his family. He had lived long enough to see his daugh... Read Chapter

~~CHAPTER 115 Marie awoke with a jolt. On opening her eyes, she called out for Alex. She then looked around her and saw she w... Read Chapter

~~CHAPTER 116 The morning of the funeral..... How you doing love asked Pam stood in the garden having a last cigarette before the... Read Chapter

~~CHAPTER 117 After meeting up with Rob and Amy at Reading services, Ron followed his son on to Benny's house, where the funeral cars... Read Chapter

~~CHAPTER 118 Marie, we're here said Benny. Marie lifted her head, looked at Benny and said what? We're here he said again. ... Read Chapter

~~CHAPTER 119 As the orchestra packed up an left, Marie thought she and Alexandra were the only ones now left in the church, until sh... Read Chapter

~~CHAPTER 120 I can't blame her for not wanting to be here said Georgia, to Pam before tucking into a volauvent. I should of real... Read Chapter

~~CHAPTER 121 Marie went over to the dinning table and placed the car seat on it and put the envelope down next to it. She the... Read Chapter


~~EPILOGUE Make a wish said Marie, as she watched her daughter blow out the candles on her birthday cake. Mother I'm 16 not 6 ... Read Chapter