loving me for you is crime

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this is about a girl that loves a boy but...

you said that it wouldn't take a while

i thought that maybe you were right

but no, it took you so much time

that my love has disappeared

have you ever thought that maybe

you were wrong that you were baby

in your feelings in your nightmares

you're still kiddo, i can't take it

all my loving, all my truth

is just a waste of time

you don't get it, you won't try

loving me for you is crime

if you think that i will wait

you're so wrong, i'll make you pay

every tear and every scar

i won't forget, no, i will try

save your words for someone

who believes and cares

cause i won't come back

forgive or forget

if you'll ever come to see me

i won't hold it back

i don't care so you don't have to

say i'm sorry once again 

Submitted: March 20, 2010

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