Elliot Cookson Series The Mist Book 3

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In this 3rd installment of the Elliot Cookson Series all the Characters are brought together in a dramatic overlay to Books 1&2. Tense and captivating situations bring out realism in the Characters. The Demon has found a couple of new ways to terrorise Elliot, Hannah and Samuel.

Submitted: November 14, 2013

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Submitted: November 14, 2013



Elliot Cookson

The Mist

Book 3

By Nicolajayne Taylor


Elliot had tried to call Hanna Marshal and Samuel Brown in the UK hundreds of times from Chicago but to no avail. The line kept saying unable to connect. He had called the operator and landlines several times without getting through to his childhood friends. Elliot had no choice but to go home, on the plane readying for takeoff, a stewardess approached him with a broad smile. “Sir, the captain has just had a message from the front desk for you. It’s from a Hanna Marshal who says is urgent and is asking you to come and meet her right away. She will be waiting in the lobby for you.” The air hostess told him, again with a bright wide American smile. A feeling of dread came over him and he thought for a moment about how or why Hanna would have come to the US?

Elliot knew it couldn’t have been Hanna. Hanna like Samuel was in the UK and probably in trouble, the demon must have found away to fit in and get to him and his friends, with that in mind and fearing the worst for Hanna and Samuel, Elliot smiled back at her. “She will have to wait my return for my attention; you know I think stalking ex-boyfriends is such an unattractive trait in a woman...” He replied, smiling back at her as he wondered what she would be like as a girlfriend, she was cute, slim, blonde and voluptuous but that smile to Elliot was a turn off and hoping to rid her face of that fixed fake smile but with that she nodded with the smile and went about seeing to the other passengers. A feeling of dread was befalling him, with a sigh and a feeling of helplessness. Elliot donned his headphones and music willing this journey to be over and done with.

Hanna was making her way Northwards by train to Manchester to see Samuel who had moved there from Cornwall after his parents and brother were killed 3 years ago, when the Demon had possessed his 14 year old brother Mathew. He had shot his mother and father and had been waiting for Samuel to return home. Instead of shooting Samuel too the demon had turned the gun on its self and had shot Mathew. The kitchen where happened had filled with black smoke and disappeared in an explosion leaving the house a blaze. Samuel had spent months being questioned by police and eventually Mathew had been blamed for killing his family. It had made national news, Samuel had been distraught and he was driven out of the Cornish village that he had grown up in by the neighbours as they turned their back on him in disgust at the notion he had anything to do with his families murder.

 Samuel now lived in Greater Manchester far out in the country side where his Grandparents had left him their house in a will several years before. He was practically a hermit and only left the house for major IT jobs that couldn’t be dealt with over the phone or to get drunk in the village pub.

Hanna had called Samuel after she had got disconnected from Elliot and told him what she had done and what happened the night she cast a spell for guidance. He had gone berserk at first but by the end of the call he calmed down and told her to visit him.

 Now she was at Rugby waiting for other passengers to board the train. A gentleman in a trilby and a long rain coat gestured to the seat across from her. “It this seat taken?” he asked, he sounded posh, which always made her uneasy as she her own accent was so rough with a Irish twang mixed with a topping of Cornish and Romanian undertones as she had grown up on a travellers site, her mother Maria Marshal was descended from Romanian gypsies and her mother had come to Cornwall in England just after the war with a travelling family who had found and looked after her, Hanna’s father Kieran Marshal had been a simple Irishman from Dublin. Hanna shifted uncomfortably as she didn’t particularly want to share her section. “Nope, it’s free.” She told him politely trying to curve her accent. With that he placed his suitcase in the over head compartment and sat across from her and to her relief He got out a small, leather bound book and began to read, which meant he wasn’t the talkative type. The train set off once again northward bound.

11 stops and 2 delays later Hanna arrived at Manchester Piccadilly, she was stiff from having been sat for so long, she was hungry and thirsty. Up on exiting the station she walked a little ways down the main street and spotted the Weatherspoons pub The Piccadilly Tavern and decided to grab something to eat. She ordered a burger with chips and a pint of Stella Artois to wash it all down with. Whilst eating she observed her fellow punters and was surprised to see the man in the trilby hat and long rain coat reading his small leather bound book sat in clear view at the other side of the bar. She considered that he may just be like her and wanted some refreshment after a long journey but an alarm went off inside her head and she considered that he may have followed her. He had looked to be about in his 50s, he was thin and tall, he also looked very eccentric but none threatening until now. Hanna called Samuel from her Cell phone but she got the same message she had when trying to call Elliot, “Sorry, we are unable to connect this call. Please try again later.”  Hanging up the phone in defeat, she grabbed her bag and headed out for a taxi that would take her to the bus station for a coach taking her to the village that Samuel had said he would meet her at.

Just outside Bury Hanna departed from the coach, it had started to rain and she immediately pulled the hood up on her cagoule coat which she had to hold in place due to a gust of wind, she didn’t notice the man in the trilby also getting off the coach and quickly disappearing behind the coach and the plumes of exhaust smoke as she gathered her luggage from the coach driver. The coach left her on what seemed like a deserted country back road and in the middle of nowhere. Samuel had given her directions to keep walking in the same direction as the coach had driven off for about half a mile and then take a left at the crossroads, Hanna did just that and as she did so she also took in her surroundings, freshly ploughed fields on either side of the road that ran for miles then gave way to little books and valleys which were barely visible in the fog, drizzle and decaying twilight. Dull amber street lights sparsely dotted along the pothole ridden road. Approaching the crossroads Hanna stopped in her tracks as she saw the man in the trilby and long rain coat leaning against a street light, behind him loomed a crumbling derelict church that stood before dense woodland. Hanna knew there was nowhere to hide and running was probably futile. The man smiled and she noticed his teeth were shockingly yellow, his eyes... she began to shake at the sight of them, and they were glowing bright like sapphire gem stones. Hanna backed up a couple of steps away from him and she knew what he was, he was the demon possessing some poor chap.

“It is so nice to see you again, Hanna.” He said in an earthy rough voice. Not the voice that had spoken to her earlier on the train.

“I am sorry. Please just let me and my friends be.” She cried out in almost a sob. She was so scared; her whole body tingled with adrenalin and shock.

“I cannot do that Hanna. You see I am tied to the one who released me from the world of All Souls and to the one who cast the rune.” He told her as he stood up straight.

“I didn’t mean too...” She said and then discontinued to speak as she saw him walking towards her, slowly but confidently he came closer. She backed up a few more feet but he quickened his step and closed in on her. “Please don’t...” She yelled as she tried to side step him as he had slid behind her so fluidly and grabbed her waist.

He was inhumanly strong and his arm was so thin that it felt like she was going to be cut in half. “Look and notice where we stand hoar?!” He hissed in her ear. She felt ice cold waves spasm down her spine. She looked where he was pointing with his free hand. “I... I don’t understand.” Hanna protested as she struggled to free herself. “We are at a crossroads. Do you know people make pacts with the devil himself at these places to satisfy their selfish human needs.” He explained. It was useless struggling, his hold on her was steadfast. “What would you ask for here at these roads?” He asked her.

“I would ask him to send you back to the depths of hell where you belong.” She hissed at him. She was breathless because his hold on her was so tight that he had squeezed the air from her lungs, it felt like her bottom ribs were going to crack any moment, she could feel them bending and the pain was almost impossible. 

He let go of her and she fell hard on to the gritty tarmac, banging her head as she did so. Dizzy, winded and bleeding she rolled on to her back, gasping for air, tears blood and cold rain splattered her face.

 The man in the Trilby loomed over her. “I will grant you a crossroads wish but not for me to be sent to hell as it doesn’t exist the way you think of it and neither does the devil. I think you should want rid of me though so wish me to be released from you and it shall be done.” He said as he began to crouch over her. Hanna turned her head away from him. She was confused, after all this demon had done, why would did it want her to release him? “I will let you think it over.” He said as he clasped her chin and violently turned her head to look at him. She saw a white mist curling very closely behind him, it was gathering into the shape of a woman, Hanna looked back at him and saw that his eyes were brighter and shone almost blindingly, fighting to stay consciousness Hanna saw the misty woman elope over the demon man distorting his face and with that she fainted.

Samuel Brown had been waiting at the clock tower for over an hour for Hanna to arrive. He was wet, cold and worried. He had tried calling her and had left texts and messages but he hadn’t got an answer. She had called him from London Euston Station earlier that morning so he knew she was on her way and approximately what time to expect her. He had already sat in the Black Sheep and Duck pub for an hour near the window so he could see her approaching the clock tower but closing time had been and gone about 2 hours ago. He made a decision to walk up to the old Priory Saint Pauls chapel. It was only a 10 minute walk from the village to the bus stop where he had told Hanna to get off at. He didn’t think she could run into trouble in the middle of nowhere.

 A head of him in the glare of the amber street light he saw something lying deathly still at the side of the lane leading to the chapels’ gates. He cautiously walked up to it, he came to realise the heap was a person and moving in closer he saw clearly that it was his childhood friend Hanna.

“Hanna, Hanna! Are you ok? Look at me. Talk to me, oh god.” Samuel pleaded with her as he checked her pulse and found it to his relief, he then turned her carefully on to her back and saw she had a deep cut on her the hairline; it was clean but seeping blood still. He cradled her into a sitting position and she mumbled something incoherent. Feeling more relief that she was coming round he heaved her to her feet, Hanna was still very dizzy and weak but she knew Samuel had found her and was helping her, trying to gain more steadiness and using Samuel for support the two of them stumbled and weaved their way towards the Village and his house on the far side, a good 15 minutes walk on a good day but today it took twice that to reach his main gates.

Once Samuel had got her into his house he had sat her down on the couch and told her to get out of the wet clothes while he added more coal and wood to the fire to bring it back to life, he went to find a blanket and then went about making them both a strong bourbon and coffee. Hanna was becoming more alert as she warmed up next to the fire and drank the hot coffee; she told Samuel fragments of what happen as she struggled to remember the events.

“Well. I think we need some protection amulets or something to ward this demon away if it’s bound to us.” Samuel suggested as he sat across from her sipping at his own drink. “He is bound to me not us,” She corrected him.

“How is that so? All three of us were there that night so we are all responsible for what has happened over the last 5 years.” He said trying to unburden her. Hanna looked up at her friend searching his gentle pale and handsome face with glazier grey eyes for signs that he deep down knew it really was her fault for trying to cast a love spell so she could be with Elliot, searching for signs that he was just being kind but there were none he truly believed they were all to blame. Hanna began to sob, Samuel came to her and put his arm around her, he was warm and strong, he smelt of lynx and of alcohol all this would normally be a comfort but on this occasion made Hanna feel worse, she badly wanted to tell him what really went wrong but she couldn’t, he had lost his entire family because of it. He would hate her for it and so would Elliot, she knew Samuel would tell him. She would be left all alone with this demon.

She had cried on Samuels shoulder for 20 minute having decided not to tell him about the spell and she eventually gave in to sleep. Samuel had carried Hanna up to his bedroom and then gone back down to sleep on the couch. He struggled to sleep at first as his mind twirled and danced over what Hanna had told him. He had the feeling she was holding something back but couldn’t work out what and was it important. He didn’t remember falling asleep but when he did it was restless.

Upstairs Hanna slept deeply and soundly, a breeze stirred the curtains although all the windows were shut, she didn’t wake as the bed shook and the covers were pulled back to exposed her mostly naked body, she had kept her panties on when she had undressed out of her wet dirty clothes earlier and had wrapped herself in the blanket Samuel had given her. She stirred slightly as a white mist rose out of her body like steam from a hot bath. It hung in the air an inch above her and then began to form the same shape as the misty woman she had seen behind the demon man. Hanna stirred and woke slightly before drifting back to sleep, her energy completely drained. The misty woman glided towards the door, She swirled down the rough stone landing then silkily descended the dark oak staircase into the living room were Samuel lay sleeping.

 The misty woman became more solid as she peered over Samuel; she touched his face making him twitch and scratch at her touch. She then traced his jaw line with her finger tips and he repeated the twitch with a murmur this time. She pushed him lightly on to his back, her hand hovered over his shirt and it began to unbutton, she moved to his crotch and undid the zipper too, though Samuel stirred and twitched at this movement he didn’t wake. She ran her hands over his exposed muscular chest feeling the light mesh of brown hair showering his skin, he became aware of her cold touch and grabbed at the air for a blanket but failed as the misty woman caught his hand and placed it above his head and did the same with his other hand.

 Samuel woke suddenly...  seeing her misty form leaning over him, her breast and nipple lightly brushing his nose and then teasing his lips. Frightened and completely confused. “H...H... Hanna?” he dumbly stuttered. “Not Hanna. Be quiet now.” The misty woman replied.

 Her voice sounded watery and distance. She drifted away slightly and Samuel could see her hair long flowing as if she was in a pool of water he couldn’t see, she was transparent and solid at the same time, she was also very detailed. He could see every crease and curve of her naked form. He tried to get up and move away only to find he was paralysed immediately he looked for the restraints and found nothing.

 “Shush... now. I am a gift from a friend. Hanna met my owner at the crossroads and he asked her to release him. You can persuade her to do so.” As the misty woman told him with a voice so watery and soft as she ran her hands down his torso to his penis that to his surprise was hard and proudly standing to attention. She turned away from him and leant towards his penis, he felt her mouth sucking at him, it was so cold and tingly as if she was made of electric water she was so gentle it caught his breath. He couldn’t move his whole body was ridged and poised into position. “Who is your owner?” Samuel gasped. She stopped mouthing his penis but she continued to rubbing him with her cold static hand, he couldn’t decide if her touch was pleasurable or painful. The misty woman turned to him.

 “His name is Pol and he is older than you can imagine and more powerful than anything you will ever know, He wants to be free of Hanna’s spell.” Her watery words flowed once again into his ear and felt like cold kisses down his neck. She leaned towards him, her face so close to his and he noticed that she wasn’t transparent but the mist surrounding her gave the illusion she was. Staring into her eyes that he could now see were emerald green, her skin pale and subtle. It was like looking through frozen glass. Her hand touched his face and he noticed a tear on her cheek, though he was scared out of his wits he wanted to brush away her tear, she gave him the feeling that she was being made to do this.

 She came closer still, he felt her cold breast upon his chest then he felt her cold thighs on his hips. He gasped and groaned as her ice cold sex merged with his, struggling in pain as she was so cold he felt as though his penis had been torn into ribbons of flesh from blades of ice. The misty woman started to grind slowly up and down and every time his skin felt the warm air he nearly passed out as blood rushed to his penis making him feel white scolding heat. This mixture of hot and freezing continued for an hour or so until the sensations merged into one and his climax became agony and he screamed...

Suddenly hearing footsteps in the room above him, he realised with relief Hanna was wake and was coming to help him. His panic and fear subsided a little. The misty woman raised herself off him and she rose up and began to hover in the air above him. “Remember to make Hanna release my owner, Do not tell her his name. I will return every night till you do as I ask.” She yelled in a roar at him, her face distorting into a hag so grotesque Samuel gagged and panted.

“What the hell is going on? What is that? Get away from him!” Shouted Hanna still wearing just her panties as she ran down the stairs towards the mist with the baseball bat Samuel usually kept beside his bed. The whole room suddenly became a live with a gale force wind and a rumbling that shook the furniture and the ornaments from the fireplace, pulled over the bookcase and scattering books into a large pile, pictures dropped from the hooks on the walls and the large iron light fixture on the ceiling came crashing down upon both Samuel and Hanna.

Elliot had landed at Heathrow airport in London. He had tried calling Hanna and Samuel but again nothing. He then called Maria Marshal who Hanna had told him not to involve in this demon business but Hanna had ignore his advice about doing a ritual and Maria would know where her daughter was.

“Hello Elliot. Long time no see.” Marias voice musically greeted Elliot’s phone call. “Hi Maria, I miss you too. Sorry I haven’t got time to catch up I just called to ask if you know where Hanna has got to, I’ve been trying to reach her for 3 days now?” He explained to Maria and she listened intently but then she gave a sigh of resignation. “I don’t know what you three have over each other but I wish you would resolve it and soon.  Hanna has gone to visit Samuel and she didn’t say when she would be back. I’m sorry Elliot but bad things happen when you, Hanna and Samuel come together.” And with that Maria hung up the phone. It didn’t surprise Elliot as he knew she had lost her husband to this demon and she knew it was their fault.

Hiring a car from the rental firm at the airport Elliot set off for Manchester. He eventually came to all the country back roads leading towards the Village where Samuel lived as he approached the cross roads, checking right and left he noticed a tall, thin man wearing a trilby and a long raincoat, the man was leaning on the streetlight as though he was waiting for a bus or a taxi. The man saw Elliot and gave him a salute; Elliot continued to turn left and watched the man in the review mirror, for a moment Elliot nearly slammed on the breaks, he thought he saw the man’s eyes sparkle, when he checked the review mirror again the man was gone and he considered it could have been the sun hitting the reflection...

The wrought iron gates were open so he parked up in the driveway and headed for the door. He knocked and waited for a couple of minutes, he tried the door bell also, Something was wrong and he was getting anxious so he knocked again harder this time and the door swung open and he stepped inside. “Hello? Is anybody home? Sam? Hanna?” He called.

He peered into the kitchen on his left he surveyed that it was untidy but vacant; he crossed the hall to the closed door at the foot of the main stairway. Gingerly he opened it and stepped back at the site of the room. It looked like hurricane Katrina had paid a visit. Amongst the debris, he could see an arm poking through the iron bars of the twisted light fitting. He headed towards it and took a closer look, he could see Hanna’s head stuck between a couple of bars, he could see she was lying on flesh, he shifted a few torn cushions out of the way he saw Samuel breathing but unconscious and he noticed a iron bar piercing Samuels shoulder and blood sprayed across his chest. Elliot moved a few more things out of the way and realised Samuel’s was exposed and Hanna was naked on her knees.

“Gees, I didn’t know you two were an item. You could have told me.” Elliot said to himself more than to his friends. He suddenly felt uncomfortable with the situation and a strange jealousy. Turning away from the scene he made the call for the emergency services.



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