Elliot Cookson Series The Revival Book 1

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This is the first of a series of books starring 4 main characters Elliot Cookson is the main man and his friends are introduced in this first book along with the nemesis that they are trying to defeat.

Submitted: July 17, 2013

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Submitted: July 17, 2013



Elliot Cookson Series

Book 1

The Revival

Written by Nicolajayne Taylor


Bright green sparkling eyes pierced the darkest corner of ‘Marlins’ a dive bar in the back streets of Chicago as Elliot surveyed the crowd surrounding him, Big muscular men in biker leathers and Tattoos, women in fishnet stocking with high heel stilettos, Punks with mohicans and piercings in every place of the face and body. Grunge music and cannabis filled the air; this wasn’t a place for the faint hearted. Outside the streets were soaked from a moody storm that had raged throughout the day and most of the evening, the sky was littered with dark clouds heavenly illuminated by a full moon that seemed to scared to meet its audience of stars splash dashed across the purple.

 Elliot Cookson downed the bottle of Budweiser as if he’d been walking the Sahara desert. He was thirsty, he was nervous and scared. The last battle had been tense and though he had won the battle, he feared that the war maybe lost. How could he have been so stupid?

“Another one please and the three shot special” He shouted over the music to the bar tender in his distinctive English Cornish accent.

“Sure thing Mr.” Replied the bar tender without enthusiasm.

The call had come a week ago from his old school friend Samuel Brown who he’d backpacked around Europe along with another friend he had known since school age, Hanna had been home schooled as she was a traveller and actually preferred to be known as a gypsy because it sounded more mystical. Samuel and Hanna had been tracking weather reports and the moon cycle from the last encounter Elliot had and it had brought him to Chicago. It had been a good tracking, when Elliot had arrived here newspaper and TV reports were all headlining with the disappearance of 5 little girls all the same age, appearance and missing from the same area of town. Elliot had checked the towns’ geography only to find the ruins of an abandoned church on the outskirts of the district where the girls had gone missing. He knew then that he was in the right place. Once he had checked his supplies and spiritual weaponry, he then headed out to the location; at first there was nothing to be seen. A full search of the whole area had turned out no evidence of a underground vault or tomb, if Elliot didn’t find this thing soon a 6th and final child would die and nobody would ever know what had happened, a whole town would grieve the loss of 6 little girls without ever understanding where or why, it would remain a cold case forever. The sacrifice of 6 female children in their 6 years of life within the 6th month of the year was the second out of six rituals that this creature would perform to gain enough energy to stay in this realm for five years and then it would start all over again. The last time this happened, Elliot and his friends had stood witness to it all as they hadn’t known enough about tracking a demon nor did they understand what it was or what it wanted and above all that, they couldn’t stop it. This time however they did and Elliot was on a mission. Going back to his hotel room empty, he had used Google to research the area and it was defiantly the only place that this horrid and cruel thing could have made itself at home. Further research showed him what he was looking for, what was now waste land there were still tell signs of it having been a church and cemetery, printing off the layout of what had once been there he headed back to the location only now he feared it had been too late, the sun was setting although the storm clouds had made it seem like night had already beaten the day to a close. There was only 2 hours left he realised as he checked the time on his cell phone. By now another child would be missing and would only have till 9pm to live.

 Back at the church grounds and finding where the old entrance would have been he took 50 steps forward and 20 to his left and jumped up and down, listening to hear if the ground was hollow, it was. Elliot crouched to his hand and knees in the muddy grass and started to claw away the dirt. He stopped... for just a moment he heard a child cry; it was muffled and sounded like it was coming from all directions. He knew this wasn’t the missing child. It was the demon playing games with him, trying to distract him. Elliot continued to claw at the dirt and finally felt mental, taking the flashlight from his pocket he point it down to where he’d been digging and saw the edges and metal rivets, hinges and a ringed handle. Pulling at it did very little at first but just as he heard another child like giggle the door came easily. It was mocking him now as the giggling and laughter continued, the day light had completely faded. Elliot feared then that there was no time to save the child. Angry, upset he grabbing his leather bag that was once a Doctors bag but was now Elliot’s demon kit. Taking his first step in to the catacomb once he was down in the dank, dark and musty gloom he secured the torch on to his jacket at the shoulder, he took out a 45’ handgun, though it wouldn’t help against a demon, it would however deal with anything else that wasn’t supposed to be here and was amongst the living.

  Several meters down a long dank chamber that smelled of mildew and decay Elliot couldn’t see beyond the small light from the torch but he could hear rats scurrying away from him and he could feel a ice cold breeze off to his right. Having memorised the map he knew he was heading toward the far end and taking a right it would lead him in to the largest catacomb that held the sarcophagus of the first priests to serve the church when it had first been built. He suddenly heard the patter of feet running towards him, he stood still in shock, they sounded like that of a child, standing as still as a statue he took a shooting stance he braced himself for what was going to appear within the small beam of light... There was a whooshing sound then a bang that radiated though the long chamber, it made him duck as he was sure something had flown at him, regaining himself, he looked up, it was then he saw her. A little girl with blond hair staring down at her feet, her arms limp, she was wearing a blouse and a red pinafore dress, knee high socks and black dolly shoes. She shook violently in spasms before raising her head. Elliot gasped and gagged as he stared into the broken face of this little girl aged no more than 6 years old, he realised that her dress should have been pink with printed flowers on but was now red with blood from her nose and throat. She was probably more damaged than she appeared but Elliot couldn’t stand to look any longer. He knelt down, placing his kit on the floor, opened it up to reach inside for his salted water that in Christianity would have been known as holy water but this water had been blessed by the moon, the goddess and a druid. He next took a bible like book out but this book didn’t contain prayers as the Christian bible did for that wouldn’t have helped fight this demon, this bible was pagan and was more of a spell book than a bible. Rising to his feet with the book Elliot began his ritual, he circled the little girl dripping the salted water as he went and he read out the verse until he was back where he started knowing he had the demon trapped within the circle.

 He heard “tutut.” He looked at the girl instinctively and then saw what would have looked like a smile, if the right side of her jaw hadn’t have been ripped in half and was now loosely dangling away from her face. He quickly looked away and turned his attention back to his ritual and continued with the next circle and verse.

 “You are trying to ruin my fun.” Said the girl in a gruff creaking voice, plainly that of the demon and not of the little girl. Elliot ignored it and finished the second circle, the third circle should banish the demon from this area and zap some of it energy so Elliot and his friends would have time to find a way of getting rid of it once and for all.

“You cunt!” hissed the demon. “You won’t stop me, I shall find more of these little bitches. I will come for you when I am done.” it hissed at him.

Elliot knew the ritual by heart, in renewed convictions and confidence he drop the book at his feet and continued with the third circle, half way round he stood directly behind the girl as he shouted the last parts of the verse, she started to convulse and shuddered much more violently than she had on his first encounter with her. He knew his ritual was working, he then heard groans from all directions animal like screams. When he got to the last step the girl became stiff and rose from the floor, her arms outstretched at either side like an imitation of the crucifixion and suddenly her arms jerked back.

“I will beat you and send you back to where you came from!” Elliot shouted over the groans and screams. A massive bang came like the one before and the girl dropped to the floor in heap of broken bones and tissue. Blood began to seep from her, pooling over the floor. Elliot was collecting his kit, readying to get away when he heard crying. Confused and anxious he took his flashlight in hand and shone it around, the crying continued and he followed the sound with his kit in his free hand, he stepped around the dead girl carefully.

“Hello, is someone there?” He called.

The crying became a sob and as he got closer to the end of the chamber he saw movement, he stopped and stood still with his flashlight point in the direction of the sobbing, he moved the light downwards he saw another little girl on her arms wrapped around her knees, her head buried into her arms. He cautiously approached her; she raised her hand, shielding her eyes from his torch and began to sob even more.

“Help me sir, please don’t hurt me” She sobbed.

Elliot saw that this was just a terrified little girl and went over to her, picking her up. “It’s ok, I got ya.” He told her as he carried her back to the entrance. Once in the fresh air, he checked her over and made sure she had no major injuries.

“I’m going to phone for the police and ambulance now. Please do not tell them I found you in there or what you saw me doing, they won’t understand. Is that ok with you?” Elliot asked her.

She nodded her head and then said “Thanks Mr, you saved me.” And then threw her arms around his legs. Elliot felt awkward as he let her hug him while he made the phone call. “Listen I don’t want the emergency services to know I’m here so stand by the road side and they’ll be here any minute, I’m going to leave now so remember, not a word.” He told her and she nodded.

Elliot headed for the car leaving the girl stood near the entrance to the catacombs; he had told the operator over the phone that he’d seen a little girl wandering the field. He hoped that it wouldn’t be long before they found her but just in case he drove his rented Volkswagen to the other side of the area where he could see the little girl and watch the services approach, he then with his head lights off he drove off and headed over to the other side of town. Once he had parked the rented car back at the motel he had set off on foot down the main street towards ‘Marlins’ the dive bar where he now sat in the dark with a Budweiser, grunge music blaring away, watching a muted TV screen in the far distance reporting the news of a girl found in a field. This battle wasn’t over he thought... this is just the beginning.



The End

For now

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