A Real Beginning

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This is a story of a man and a lady about how they happen to meet each other and fall in love....

Submitted: August 25, 2012

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Submitted: August 25, 2012




It was very hot in the month of June. There was no work to do. I was neatly placed on campus by a reputed software company. Our engineering college was extremely happy to publish the results of their placement, that time it was hundred per cent.

I was happy to see my name enlisted there, but not mad because I had known myself to be eligible to get a job. It was a big software industry but I never wished to see myself as a software engineer. I intended to do something else. Unfortunately it didn’t happen for me.

I am always lethargic by nature. In other words, I don’t do much of work until I am forced to. I got placed in January and had had my final semester exams in June.

The exams were over. I completed my graduation and felt proud to be a B. tech in electronics and communication engineering. I was independent for the first time.

There was nothing reminding me of my next approach. I had one beautiful year with me to enjoy my holidays with no studies anymore. It was a time for complete relaxation. Lots of plans were made for tasting different foods every day and spending time with my hobbies. Almost every day I sat in front of my desktop and started doing paintings with the mouse. It was a great fun because it takes so less time to apply colours just by one click. I spent time uploading my paintings on Facebook, watching people updating their statuses, cooking and helping my mom in the kitchen, doing various household work, watching a lot of Bollywood movies and crying in front of the television whenever a sad scene appeared, sit with my electronic musical keyboard and creating some new notes with it and played it repeatedly even if others felt disturbed.

All day long I kept on planning for what to do next. In the second week of June, my parents took me to visit Puri and Bhubaneswar. I enjoyed taking snaps of the seashore, the gigantic sea waves, old temples with beautiful sculptures on their walls and all possible natural beauties. It was fun to take many snaps at a time and edit in Photoshop and uploading on Facebook. I didn’t like chatting much, instead I always tried to put something innovative, creative into that like paintings, writing articles on blog and then go for comments of people, what actually they understand from my point of explanation. Some told nice, some had controversies. I liked both because both the types helped me a lot to grow and mature in the reality perspective.

Then one day my parents made a proposal to me. As I got a job, they were thinking or maybe planning my marriage. They gave a matrimonial advertisement on Sunday’s newspaper. Lot of phone calls came. But none of them had the matching criteria.

After that my parents advised me to create a matrimonial profile on internet. I went forward and specified all the things they asked me to put and uploaded my photo there too. Within a day, requests started to come as they do usually. Every time I logged in to that account, my mom used to come and sit beside to watch those details. She was very curious.

 After a few days, finally one day something happened this changed an extensive part of my life.

I had one more request. It was from a guy of about 26 years, doing CA in Kolkata. His photo reflected his simplicity though I didn’t know him. I don’t know what made me think of accepting his request and I did it. After that, I forgot all about it. The very next day when I logged in to my Facebook account, a pop up of red colour appeared on the top left corner of the screen. Somehow it occurred to me that I had seen this guy somewhere but still I couldn’t recollect it. Few minutes passed away and then yes, I found out. It was the same guy who had sent me request on matrimonial link and I was a little surprised to see him find me out there. Regardless to say, I accepted his request again. And to my surprise he was showing online as soon I accepted that.

After a minute, the first word of conversation was “Hi.”.

It came with that red ping indicator. I replied with the same word. Then almost immediately the next question arose “what do you do?”

This time my reply was a bit different. I did not answer him the right way.

Instead I simply told him like this “I hope you know that when you had sent me a friend request”.

May be I was replying rudely. Then some usual and nonsense conversation went along. It was getting late when he asked me to come again after having dinner. I followed him. I said I couldn’t stay back for long as I had to go offline after 11pm. As soon as I was bidding good night to him he asked for my phone number. It was the first time, simple I don’t know why I gave him my number without asking anything. I don’t know why I believed him to be good. He asked me if he could send me text or call me. I told yes. He thanked me and I logged off.

In bed, I was just thinking about the incident. I recalled those in my mind, why I had given him my phone number so easily, am I a stupid enough? Why didn’t I ask anything about him, and why without knowing anything I believed a stranger, why I was so cool, why didn’t I get angry when he asked for my phone number which otherwise I would have, didn’t I do mistake, etc. All those unknown scary thoughts blinked to my mind and I couldn’t sleep that night. I was getting angry on myself. But it was late.

The next morning I couldn’t stop myself from watching his profile details given. I searched for his photos and his bio too. Again in the evening at about 9pm, I signed in to my account. He was online already. He started the conversation again and then told me to give him a call after having my dinner when I come online again. Honestly, I forgot to call him and got online. There he was, a little annoyed for the fact that I didn’t listen his word. I said sorry though I don’t know why for the first time I behaved so politely to a stranger. The day was over.

Next day in the evening my phone rang once. I couldn’t receive it. It was a missed call. It was from his number. I forgot to tell that I had saved his number on my phone. Usually I don’t like giving reply missed calls but this time I did. Then again he replied with the same. But I didn’t do again. After some time, he again gave me a missed call. I didn’t reply to that too. He couldn’t wait for long and finally he called me. This time I received his call and said “hello”. I replied with the same greeting.

That was the beginning of a huge story. We talked on phone for almost an hour and we found out some similarities between us. One of them was we were both very talkative and likes to laugh a lot. After that, I felt that he was almost like me. We were happy talking to each other from that day and curious and also liked a lot to share lot of stupid topics. That was how it started.

Almost every day we talked on phone and sent texts to each other, expected each other to reply. It was getting impatient day by day.

Then we became good friends and shared every little thoughts and incidents and enjoyed talking and laughing for hours. I miss the simplicity now.

After a month, we felt that we like each other a lot, like to talk and wait for replies all day long, none of us got bored ever talking on a particular topic for some two or three hours. He told me I was good being friend and he liked me for that.

Besides talking on phone, every evening we used to chat online on Google talk. One day I sent him an audio file with a song I recorded myself. He saved it and told me it was good. I used to upload my paintings and my photos in Facebook. He liked my photos there and also pointed the best out of them.

As I mentioned before, I was having my holidays and was waiting for my joining letter to come. We both wished that the company will give Kolkata as the training location. But things are never as simple as we desire to be. I was given Trivandrum as the location which I hated. I had nothing to do as it was company decision entirely.

However I thought that the training was for three months and after that I will be given Kolkata as the base location. It was hard to think simple like that.

I told him about this. He got hurt knowing this. May be there was something creeping inside his heart which made him upset that day throughout. I can easily remember it was raining heavily that day. He behaved strange that day. He called me and then kept silent for half an hour and said nothing. I was getting something new in this behaviour. After an hour or so, he confessed to me that he never had this feeling and he never got so upset in his life when his friends got distant location. I asked him why he felt like that and again enquired of him if he hadn’t felt sad with his friends too. He told me he had felt sad but not like being helplessly sad like this before. He couldn’t tell me the reason I asked every time though he knew it.

From that day, he used to ask me several times if I was going to forget him being far away, if I was going to remember him like those days and call him daily as he did. I felt something different at this stage and had a slight assumption of taking me something special to him.

Days passed. Our friendship grew strong. The puja holidays came. It was indeed a big occasion for us. One evening I was alone in my house as my parents went to my uncle’s home which was 150kms from our city. About 12am in the night, I sent him a text telling that I was getting afraid to stay alone and requested him to call me for some time and talk to me so that I don’t get afraid again. Immediately he called me. We were again discussing some nonsense things. When I was talking to him, I felt that I wasn’t alone in my home, so we went on talking for hours that day. Still I couldn’t forget that beautiful night. I wish it could come again in my life with him. Then after 3hours we went to sleep. The next evening, the same thing happened. But this time I wasn’t afraid. I was rather curious enough to talk to him the whole night.

At about 4:30 am in the night, he asked me:

“Can I ask you something?”


“No, it is nothing, please leave it.”

“Ask me”

This time I felt he was getting confused of how to ask and what would be my reply to that. I kept on enquiring him as I am very stubborn from my childhood. Finally it was there. The big question we both had hoped for. He asked me

“We like each other, its fine, but will you mind if it goes beyond that?”

“Beyond likes?”


“I can’t get you”

He stopped for a while and then again asked

“I am sorry but can I ask you something now? I want to know that”

“Yes you can”

“Do you love me?”

Now it was my turn. I was just hoping to get some questions asked like that. It went the same as I guessed.

“I don’t know but I guess it can be, now if I am going to ask you the same question, what would you reply?”

“I think yes”

“What do you think exactly?”

“Will you tell me now?”

“I guess I love you. No, I think I started to love you. Will you tell me when did you feel this way or what made you think like this? Are you sure its love or an infatuation?”

(Needless to say, I am always stubborn enough to ask so many questions at a time to others without giving them a scope to get them and provide answers)

“I felt it for the first time when I was upset about your location. I never felt so helpless like that before with my friends. I hope it’s not infatuation. Can’t you feel it too?”

“Maybe I felt the similar way; in fact we both started to love each other but couldn’t confess anything. I love you.”

“Once more”

“I love you”

“Once more please”

“I love you”

Until 6am in the morning we kept on murmuring like this to each other. I asked him why he wanted to hear it a number of times. He told me that he wanted his heart to believe those words again and again, deeper and deeper in the core.

From that day onwards, we were in a relationship. I believed him to be my only and vice versa. Often he used to ask me “you are mine”

Yes it was.

One day he proposed me saying that “will you marry me?”

I replied “yes”

He confessed that he was being very possessive towards me. I never felt the meaning of that word. He explained it neatly. Something he wanted me to be his completely, in each thing I do or I think should be with him only. After getting it, I felt proud to be so special to someone I love. I loved his care for me. I loved being loved. I loved him being very much possessive of me.

Then after a few days, we planned our first date.

He came to my city after travelling for 4 hours continuously by bus. I had an exam that morning. When he arrived, he sent me a text saying that

“You complete your examination, and then we’ll meet. No need to worry now, I’ll wait.”

I was very happy to see my dreams coming true. I gave my exam. It was good. Then I called him. I was standing in a place where he told me to wait. I was just wondering where he could be. At the same time, I was feeling very tensed. At that very moment someone from my back called me. I turned around and saw him. For a moment I couldn’t even speak. Then he proposed me to go somewhere and we would talk.

We went to a shopping mall, and then went to another shopping mall, sometimes chatting, sometimes we shared only silence. Then we went to a nearby restaurant as it was getting late for lunch. It was beautiful. We managed to take a corner table but the waiter told us to sit somewhere else.

We ordered for some noodles and chicken. We tried to share the food from the same plate as we took it to be very romantic. After finishing the meal, he looked at me. I was feeling nervous to be with my boyfriend. I was just letting myself believe that that I love him so much and he was sitting in front of me.

Suddenly he sighed remembering my distant location.

After a few seconds he asked me:

“Can you tell me those words now?”


“Then I want to hear it now”

Looking at his eyes, I told

“I love you.”

Almost immediately he told me

“I love you too.”

Then again silence retained. I asked him “can you tell it once more?”

That was the most beautiful moment I can remember.

He caught my hands and tried to bring me close to him and said

“I love you, I love you very much.”

Still he was holding my hands in his hands. A chilling sensation went down my spine.

Few seconds later, I looked at another table. I saw three guys taking lunch and was staring at us like anything.

Seeing that I don’t know why I got blushed.

I told him

“Hey, those guys are staring at us.”

Almost immediately he set my hands free. I knew he was annoyed a little, but still he managed.

Later he told me,

“Why did you look at them?”

I had to hurry for home, so didn’t feel the whole thing. It was getting late. I bade goodbye to him and returned to my home. That was my first date ever.




























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