The Love of happliy ever after :)

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It a fansty that happens in the middle ages thats all i am going to say :)

Submitted: July 07, 2011

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Submitted: July 07, 2011



Once apone a time there was a prince that was looking for a bide to marry . His name was Prince Peter he was the handsome , good looking , strong , nice smile , beautiful eyes , and nice personality . His parents was going to have a ball for there son to find the girl of her dreams . It was almost time for the ball and the prince was ready to find his one true love . It was night and the prince was ready to enter the ball .After the slave said the name of the royal family entering the ball everyone started danceing and chatting . The prince dance with many girls but none of them were right for him . But there was a girl that was not like other girls . She is nice , kind, caring , good to people , helpful , outgoing , funny , and a whole lot more . Her name was Princess Kara .

The prince was just talking to some of his friends and then princess kara arrives . The prince was astonished of how princess kara look he idmediatly feel inlove with her . she was so nervous to talk to him so she hid from him but showed herself sometimes . Than he pulled the princess to a room with him and talked for a will . he wanted to tell her that he loves her and that she is the beautifulest matein he has ever seen . She was glad that he loved her and she was getting th feeling that she was falling for him . She ask him questions like " Where are you frome ?" and he said "here lolz " ". They talked more and more than the prince all of a should he kissed her and she kissed him back . They kissed for a while till the prince Peter's dad called his name . After that happen the prince and princess held hands and went to see Prince Peter's father . Her father was suprised that his son has found a princess to marry . But the prince still havn't asked the princes yet so he told his dad that he needs a couple days to sleep with her and marry her . And his father agreed that it was fine with him .

So Prince Peter ask princessKara to come to hispalce at7 pm. Princess kara said that she would come .She was so excited she had her maid go to victoria secretsand get her a sexy outfit and underware plus a bra . Whenher maid came back she was getting ready for her night with the prince .It was6:30 pm and princess kara was ready to go .When she got out of the door she went into the car and toPrincePeters place . They arrived at Petrrs place andthey were right on time. Prince Peterhad princess kara come in and he given her some wine and she dranksome .Than they talked for a little bit and when princesskara keep talking alot prince peter kissed herand in a shoft voice he said " you talk to much " . Than they both smiled and princess kara said " well thats a good way to keep me quiet" , than they kissed again but after that things started to get more romantic . Than the princes started taking off the prince's shirt off and then they kissed more than hetook off her dress . After all that they were no more clothing on both of them .After all the excitment that happened they fell asleep on eachother .

When morning came princess kara woke up and still found prince peter so she sneeked out of his bed and got dress in a old shirt of his than got some shoes on and left wakeing Peter and him yelling '' Kara '' in confusion . Later that day she was doing her princess duties and then a guard told her there was someone at the door . Can you guese who is at the door ? Well it was the prince he was there to talk about last night . Princess kara said " letmy true love in " . When he came inhe was smileing like he was happy to see her again . Princepeterstarted asking princess kara '' Why did you sneak out like that Kara"? Kara said '' I Didn't sneak out , you were asleep and i didn't want to wake you , and I did leave a note i just didn't leave it ". He was a liitle tempting because he loved princess kara and didn't wanna loose her so prince peter said " come with me i have a suprise for you ". He reached his hand out waiting for princess kara to take it , well it took awhile but finally she took his hand and they went to someplace romantic . As soon they were there prince peter took princess kara to this spot near a waterfall and a beautiful back ground . When they were there the prince sat his princess kara down and " said i know i haven't known you for long but i feel like i have known you all my life and i want to spend the rest of my life with you ". he toook out a ring made of dimond that his seravants got and put it on a gold hoop . When he took it out of his boot princess kara was shocked . Prince peterkneeded down on one leg and princess kara was like OMG and with a shocked expresson on her face the prince asked " Will you marry me princess kara elizabeth de Valles ". She said " yes i will marry you ." And than they kissed and went walked to thr prince peters castel so that they can tell the good news .

When they got there they came in and went to there parents and told them they were getting married . The parents were so happy they drank til they were tired and it was alot lol . The next day the prince and princess wanted to start planning there wedding so they woke prince peters parents up and ask a slave to go get princess kara's parents and meet them in the dinner room . When the prince an princess got there both sides of the family were there . They talked about the wedding details forever until finally the want to take a break so they went and did there own things . Prince and Princesswent to go see there friends and Queen and King went to go take a nap . After a couple days has past there was onley one more day till the princes and princess was going to be married . The Prince and Princess were getting ready for the wedding . Today was the day of the wedding and eveyone was so ready for this marriage to happen . If you were counting on how many people were there it would be over a zellion . The wedding was starting and eveyone in positon and then princess kara comes walking down the aile in a beautiful white dress with a veil and crown . They both said "I Do " and they were renounced man and wife . After they were wedded they walked in the carrige went on there Honeymoone . And they lived Happily Ever After :)


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