The Prince and Princess

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Its about a Princess looking for her prince and her mom throws a ball for her to find her prince and marry before Valintines day .

Submitted: July 07, 2011

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Submitted: July 07, 2011



Once apon a time there was a Princess named Kara she was the finest in all the land . Her mother wanted her to marry right away before it hits Valintins Day . It was 1 week away from valintines day and Queen Elizabeth was egar for  looking for princes to marry her daughter . The queen gave out a role of ever prince to come to the palce and have the princess decied which prince she would like . The ball was about getting started and princess kara nervous about finding a prince to marry . Princess kara was gettin ready in her nice long purple sparkling and having her hair up so pretty  with beads in her hair . In was time in for the ball and princess kara was ready for the prince's and she was determinded to be married to her one true love . Princess kara have danced with all of these prince but they were not good enough but one . There was a prince that was handsome , cutie , funny ,nice smile  ,pretty eyes ,  and awsome . The Prince came to princess kara and danced to with her . After that they went somewhere privated and they kissed . And then all of a sudden the prince asked " Will thee marry me my princess "? Princess Kara agreed to the prince proposel . After that the princess told her mother and father the good news . Her mother was so happy for her daughter to marry the prince of her dreams . The wedding was June 21 , 2013 and it was June 18 so the wedding was in three days from now . Everything had to be done for the wedding . So on the 1st day things had to start being done for the wedding . They had to do planning of how and where they wanted the wedding . They wanted to have it at St. Joseph Chaple on June 21, 2013 at 12:00pm .


They wedding was almost here onley one day away from the wedding and things was getting really hectict . The bride and groom was going to have there batchlor party and the prince and princess was getting happier . Now the batchlor party was was going on and both of them was having a good time . It was almost over with so now the party was over with and the two couple went to there palce til the morning . It was morning and the wedding was in a couple of hours . The slaves picked up the wedding dress and started to get the bride ready for the wedding . The groom and bride was all ready and now it was time for the wedding . The wedding started and the whole cermony started and then after they were married they went of and went on there honeymoon . And They Lived Happily Ever After :)


The End

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