Who and Why?

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My first short story :)

Submitted: August 05, 2012

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Submitted: August 05, 2012




It was a sad yet normal day, a Wednesday to be exact, when six people who were complete strangers and completely different from each other met and it all began since then. They met at the cemetery, where they buried one common friend who showed up dead, murdered to be exact. Three females showed up, one is lawyer, the other one is a publisher, and the other one owns a bakery. Three males showed up, one is a cop, the other one is a medical examiner, and the third one was a doctor. It was about 6 p.m., not that late but one by one they departed for what they thought was a long time and as it turns out, they met up again, but not how they would have thought they would.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------This is the story of 6 strangers, one murdered friend, & one mystery:

The names of the six strangers are, Mary-Ann (the owner of the bakery), Daisy (the publisher), Elizabeth (the lawyer), Max (the doctor), Tony (the medical examiner), and Robert (the cop). They met at an abandoned house, upon a hill on a cloudy afternoon, with the same message written on a folded piece of paper with a clue each. The message was: “Would you like to know who killed Jane? If you do go to the abandoned house on the hill, by 6th street and wait, there will be six of you. Have fun solving the question: “Who did it and why?” and naturally everyone showed, at different times, half an hour apart to be exact (Daisy showed up first at noon and Tony the last one to show at two thirty) each with a different clue but no answer. The clues are simple and so are piecing them together but the hard part is finding the hidden message before it was too late.

At two thirty, when Tony arrived, Tony found the other five sitting in a circle around a round coffee table in what was supposed to be a living room but now looks like a garage. They all looked up, but Mary-Ann, Daisy, and Elizabeth were the only ones to say hello and Daisy asked him to sit with them. “There are now six of us, just like the note said and before we solve the mysterious question, let’s get to know each other. I’ll start, my name is Daisy and I’m a publisher” said Daisy and so the rest of them (starting with Daisy then Max then Mary-Ann then Robert then Elizabeth and finally Tony) introduced each other. After what seemed like a long time, Daisy said “I think that now is the time for the person (or people) that would like nothing to do with this mystery, to get up and leave.” They all looked at each other, with the same answer in their eyes: “I want to know who killed my friend, and I’m not leaving” but little did they know that among them were five strangers looking for an answer and one murderer.

The question, the beginning of the mystery, is: “Who did it and why?” but another question arose from this question: “Why did the killer want them to find out who he, or she, is?” and these question was found in everyone’s eyes, but no one spoke, not even Daisy who seemed to be in charge. Then, out of nowhere, Max looked up and said “I found something interesting on the back of my piece of the paper.” They all looked at him, and Tony said “What is it?” “It seems like a set of words, but it’s not complete. Maybe it’s a clue and we can use to solve the question.” “For someone who is quiet, you really are smart” Max just stared at the painting on the wall and put the paper, word facing up, on the table. “Everyone look at the back of your paper, maybe you have a word too”, Max said looking back at the people around him. He was thinking, like always. He was analyzing everyone: “Daisy is quick minded, Elizabeth is smart, Mary-Ann is quiet but has a lot to say, Tony just says whatever is on his mind, and Robert hasn’t said anything but his name” and just as he was thinking, analyzing, people slowly and carefully put their papers, word(s) up, on the table. “It’s like pieces of a puzzle, the words I mean, and all we have to do is put them together and we’ll be closer to the answer!” Daisy said. Tony just sat back and watched them put it together. Everyone was trying to make it read something, but it never made any sense because something was missing. “Maybe we just need to do some thinking and fill in the spaces ourselves” Robert said. “Wait; there is only five pieces of paper here, who didn’t put their piece of paper here?” Mary-Ann said suddenly “Me, sorry” Tony said. He put his paper on the table. “Well now it makes more sense!” Elizabeth said. After another five minutes of moving this piece here and that one over there, the pieces of paper read: “The murderer is among you six, good luck finding out who I am” and so Daisy read it out loud and then her voice slowly faded and looked around. They all looked up and at each other, “who could it be?” was in every one’s eyes. Daisy got up, and everyone looked at her, and she said, “I think we should met here again tomorrow, at noon & meet here until we-““Who put you in charge?” Elizabeth interrupted. “Well I don’t see you saying anything or doing anything” “Fine” “So are you in? Are you all willing to meet here until we solve the mystery?” Elizabeth got up and said “I’m in” and one by one they all got up and agreed to meet tomorrow at noon and every day until the killer is found.

Only five showed the next day: Mary-Ann, Elizabeth, Robert, Max, and Tony. They said nothing and sat down, & put the pieces of paper together, just like the previous day. “Where is Daisy?” Robert said quietly “I was just wondering the same thing” Mary-Ann said, “I guess she’s late” “Wait, did you notice something? Daisy is missing, and there are more words on the back of the pieces of paper? Now it forms a paragraph”, Max said “There could be a connection” Tony was sitting in the same place as yesterday and said nothing, he just sat there listening. Max was watching him, carefully but out of the corner of his eye. “I GOT IT!” Elizabeth almost shouted. She got the pieces to connect and read the message aloud, and message read: “Today only 5 of you showed, the other one died last night. Daisy was stabbed to death and the police found her this morning. Do you want to know why? Yes? Well because she was to smart and could of found out who I was in a matter of a day or two and then the game would be over and Daisy would be the winner but I didn’t want that. I shall be the winner of this game, like it or not. So like last time, I wish the remanding four (remember that I am amongst the group so I don’t count) good luck in catching me” Elizabeth’s voice faded, like Daisy’s did when she read the message. “So she died? Just like that?” Mary-Ann said, shocked. “She was smart, quick minded even but that was no reason to kill her” Robert said, almost shouted. “Well, she’s gone now, and we can’t do anything about it. Let’s just solve this question or mystery and then we can leave and we will never see-“Tony’s voice faded as he saw the faces of the others. They looked at him, shocked that he would say that. “It’s true! Get over it. Besides, we only knew her for a day” “Still! She was killed because she was smart! That is no reason” Robert almost shouted at Tony. Tony sighed and whispered “You sound like a man in love who just lost his girlfriend” but because the room was so quiet, everyone heard him. “How about we just solve the question? After we solve it, we can scream at each other all we want?” Elizabeth said “Fine” everyone said in unison. “The murderer is smart and pays a lot of attention to details and behaviors. He (or she) knows what they are doing, how they are doing it and why” Elizabeth said “Then why does he (or she) want us five (or four) to play his (or her) game? Why do we have to solve the mystery?” Max said. “In his (or her) mind, they want to prove that they are smarter, that they can out rank, in a way, others. He (or she) wants to feel superior” Robert said “Well that explains why but why us?” Mary-Ann said “What is one thing we have in common?” Tony said suddenly “We were all friends with Jane” Elizabeth said “What else?” “Daisy, Mary-Ann, Robert, you, me, & Max were all at the funeral” “Well, that means the murderer was there too” “But where, why, and who?” Elizabeth said “That is for he (or she) to know, and for us to figure out.”

The next day, only four: Mary-Ann, Robert, Max, and Tony. They had, in a strange way, knew why only four sat at the table. They didn’t know Elizabeth’s cause of death, but they did know that the police found her dead, murder, in her home or in her apartment. After a silence, a moment to say ‘goodbye’ to Daisy and Elizabeth, Robert said “Today we came without a pieces of paper, no clues, weird right?” “Well one clue is that the killer is smart, he (or she) saw that we finally caught on. We know that once we are just one step closer, whoever has an answer dies next.” “So this ‘game’ that the killer wants us to play has answer and Daisy had the answer and so she died? Then we got one more clue and Elizabeth died next? Is that what you are saying?” Robert said calmly. “I think what Tony meant, was that with the clue that is given and information that we already had, we can get closer to the answer. Daisy and Elizabeth had enough clues and information to solve the mystery, the killer knew, and so they died.” Mary-Ann said “You catch on quickly Mary” Tony said. “It’s Mary-Ann, not Mary” Mary-Ann said. “My apolo...” Tony started “Save it” Mary-Ann said. Max wanted to laugh, he was amused as he watched Mary-Ann look around the house acting mad. Was she really mad, did she really care about what Tony said or was she acting and regretted saying anything in the first place? “Are you mad Mary-Ann?” Robert said Max was at the point of laughing out loud, did Robert really just ask her that? Did he care about her? “Me, mad? Why would I be mad?” Mary-Ann said but it was the way she said it. She did sound mad yet sad. “I found something” Robert said and got up. There was an old vase on a shelf next to a picture frame on what was supposed to be a chimney. Robert got closer, from a far one couldn’t really see anything, but as one got closer the clue appeared. Robert moved the picture frame, an old black frame with a layer of dust and no photo, to a side and put the vase on the floor. The vase had nothing inside and was also covered in dust. Then right there, behind the vase and next to the old frame, was a picture. The picture was of a family of four. They looked like the perfect family, like in the T.V. shows. One mom, one dad, & two kids: one boy and his younger sister. The picture was taken a long time ago, and was removed from the frame. Robert looked at the back, and at first didn’t see letters but when he held it against the sunlight, he saw marks. Maybe letters, which meant it, had the name of the people in the picture. He saw the words “The killer is one of the kids in the picture” written half in ink and half in dust on the shelf. “The answer is on the back of this picture! I’m going to take it home and see what I can do. If I get anything, I’ll bring it back tomorrow.” Robert said. “How do you know the answer is on the back?” Mary-Ann asked. “There are letters on the back, either faded or written in invisible ink and the clue says that the killer is one of the kids in the picture.” Robert answered as he was walking towards the door. The rest of them got up and walked towards the door as well. Leaving until tomorrow, hopefully when they returned Robert was not dead and they finally had an answer.

On the next day, the fourth day, only three showed: Mary-Ann, Max, and Tony. “I received this in my mail this morning, and I brought it because I don’t know if it was a clue” Mary-Ann said and put the envelope on the table. It was one of those big, orange envelopes with the tab open and Mary-Ann was written, in big red letters, on the other side. Tony picked it up, and opened it. Inside were two sheets of paper, one with a message and the other a sketch. Tony read to himself at first, and then Max told him to read aloud. Tony read the message, and it was: Did you really think Robert was going to get answer from a picture? That picture is years old, it wasn’t going to give him anything. But in fact, he did get an answer from the picture; he got my name and so I killed him. He was going to call the police and then I showed up and he was stabbed to death. Now it is up to you two (I don’t count remember) to find out who I am. Then Tony picked up the photo, and showed it to everyone. Mary-Ann turned pale; the killer sketched Roberts’s dead body and colored it in. On the back it said, “Do you like my drawing Mary-Ann?” Mary-Ann turned pale and looked wide eyed at the message on the back. “No” she whispered, answering the question. “What?” Tony and Max said in unison. Tony looked at her as she if she lost her mind and Max was trying not to laugh at the face Tony was making. “On the back, there is a message, or question, and I’m answering it” Mary-Ann said calmly. Tony turned the paper to where Mary-Ann saw the drawing. Then Mary-Ann remembered something important, she remembered what Robert gave her last night. He gave her the copy of photo he found and she did the test. Robert said there could be invisible ink on the back and that is what the test proved. The killer’s name was there but she had no time to see it. She rushed out the door; she had to go to the bakery before anyone got there. “I-I have to go” Mary-Ann said. “Where are you going?” Tony said. “I have to go home” Mary-Ann said “But why?” “Because the photo that Robert found yesterday was a really big clue, and I had a feeling that he wouldn’t be here to give me or us an answer. So when we all left, I caught up with him and asked him for a copy of the back of the picture. He said there was a possibility that it was invisible ink, so last night, when I got the copy, I ran a test and I have the answer at home.” Max and Tony looked wide eyed. Mary-Ann got up & left. She ran to her car. She left Tony and Max there, in the creepy abandoned house near Sixth Street. They were in shock.

When Mary-Ann got home, the first thing she did was grab the phone and called her sister, who loved to bake and lived in the city, and Mary-Ann told her that if anything happened to her today then she wanted her to take over the bakery for her. Her sister accepted but thought that Mary-Ann was talking crazy things, and all Mary-Ann could do is say was to take care and watch the news tomorrow and then hung up. Mary-Ann kept the phone in her hand and went to the table. On the table was a piece of paper, the paper had the answer. She took in a deep breath and kept on finger on the number “9” on her phone and with the other hand she slowly picked up the piece of paper. She closed her eyes and sighed. She opened her eyes, still not looking at the name on the paper and dialed “911”. “Hello, 911, what is your emergency?” the person on the other line said. “I’m calling because I know who liked Robert ____, Daisy ____, Elizabeth ____, and Jane ____.” “Ok, please hold on for just a moment, I will transfer your call to the person in charge of the case” and then the really annoying music played and after a few minutes a man on the other line said “Thank you for waiting. I heard you have the name of the killer of those four individuals. Can I please have your name and the name of the killer?” “My name is Mary-Ann ____, and the name of the killer is…” and just as Mary-Ann flipped the paper and read the name, she felt someone stand behind her and suddenly felt pain. She screamed into the phone and the killer grabbed it and said “I’m sorry but Mary-Ann just died, and I am the killer of five people now!” and laughed then hung up and left Mary-Ann’s body over the table, blood spilling over the white carpet. He grabbed the paper with his name on it and burned it on the stove and left through the back window.

Tony showed up at the abandoned house the next day, at noon and Max showed up at twelve thirty. “Seems like Mary-Ann couldn’t make it” Max said “Does this mean there are no more clues?” “Guess not, I didn’t get one and I don’t see one” Max said and sat on the old couch near a dusty frame. “They solved it, well part of it.” Tony whispered to himself as he walked around the old house. “What are you talking about?” Max said. Max watched him from the corner of his eye, seeing what he would do next. Max brought a folder with him that day, like he did every day when he met with Tony and when he used to meet with Daisy, Elizabeth, Robert, & Mary-Ann in the abandon house. Daisy had asked him when he first arrived there. Max told her was that he was writing a story of a crime. Then Max became lost within his thoughts. “I was just thinking that there is this huge clue, staring at us in the face and that’s what everyone else saw it. But yet, there were more pieces coming together as another person turned up dead.” Tony said, snapping Max out of his deep thoughts. He looked around the room, Tony wasn’t there. “Where are you Tony?” Max called from the living room, not wanting to get up. “I’m on the second floor” Tony called. Tony was looking around, in the rooms that is. “What if the killer isn’t or wasn’t among us? What if this is all part of his/her tricks?” Tony said, asking himself questions. Tony grabbed his phone and put his index finger on the “9”, like Mary-Ann but for different reasons. “Maybe he’s not.” Tony said to himself and looked down from where he was. From that angle, he saw Max on the couch writing something on a piece of paper in a blue folder. Tony sighed and told himself to think and put the puzzle together.

“Daisy died because she was smart, so then the killer was smart. Elizabeth died because she caught on quickly, so the killer must have this planned out and Elizabeth could have found out quickly. Robert died because of the clue and the picture he found and analyzed, that means the killer is one of the kids in the picture and it couldn’t have been Mary-Ann because she did the same and died next.” Tony told himself and thought back to the picture and remembered it had two adults, who mostly are dead by now, and two kids, one boy and one girl. “This means the killer is…” Tony didn’t finish his sentence when he started calling “911”. “Hello, 911, what’s your emergency?” “I’m calling because I know who killed Daisy ____, Robert _____, Mary-Ann _____, Elizabeth ______, and Jane _____. I also think the killer is after me!” Tony whispered into the phone. He looked down at Max, but he wasn’t there. “The hell?” Tony thought. “Hi this is Officer Anthony _____. I have word that you know who killed those people” “Yes that’s right” “Well I need your name and the name of the killer” “My name is Tony ______ and the killer is...” Tony didn’t finish, he felt this horrid pain his stomach area and then he looked down. He was shot, then again…

Max looked at Tony’s body on the ground, a pool of blood forming around him. He grabbed the phone. “Hi this Max _____ and I killed all those people. I killed Daisy, Robert, Mary-Ann, Jane, Elizabeth, and now Tony. I’m sorry, I don’t know why I did it but I did. I guess I wanted to play a game. And the cops have 10 minutes to get to the old house near 6th Street. If you don’t, then I’ll kill myself.” Max said to the cop on the other side and laughed. He hung up and went downstairs to finish his story. He finished just as the cops broke down the door. He got up and looked at them, and they looked at him too. Max grabbed the gun and the cops told him to put it down. Max laughed and put the gun to his head. Again, the cops told him to put the gun down and Max pointed to the folder. “Read it, it will tell you how I did it but not why” Max said. Then there was a gun shot, two dead bodies and the police all over the house and some sitting, reading the story Max wrote before he died.

The cops looked at one another and chose Officer Anthony to open the folder and read it. He opened the folder, inside was several pieces of paper with words on it. “The Story” was written on the front of the blue folder. On the inside, on the first page, was a story and Anthony read it aloud. “It was a sad yet normal day…” he began

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