Institute of High Decay

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic
institute crazies scarred cutting blood nurses pills saner asylum mental knife breast art psycho mutilated carcass flames burning flesh erotic tears

Submitted: January 22, 2007

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Submitted: January 22, 2007




The crazies surround me
Every day they holler and scream the same repeated obscenities
Some are quite amusing I must say
Cutting up their scarred arms
Dripping blood carelessly on the shiny buffed white floor
It all makes such pretty patterns
Until those damn nurses come and spoil it all
With all them happy pills

Just yesterday we all had such a lovely time
As one of the saner inhabitants of this here asylum
Plunged a knife into a sweet young nurses chest
We all remember fondly as the blade was removed
The flashing glimpse of her bleeding breast
Now that was modern art

Today has been rather slow though I must say
As I sit here watching out my barred sealed window
My good friend Psycho Bill butchering Doctor Farhi’s young niece
Guess that will teach him to bring children to work
We’re all taking bets on how many minutes will pass
Before he finds her tiny mutilated carcass
I wonder if they’ll notice the semen this time

I suppose it’s about time I got up to some mischief myself
It’s been nearly four whole days since my dear sister came to visit
Although I doubt she’ll come again soon
To be honest I didn’t really expect the flames to engulf her quite so fast
The smell of burning flesh was quite erotic I must say
Guess that will be the last time she asks me for a light
But smoking is such a terrible habit after all

Oh dear Dr Farhi does appear quite upset
Seems he’s located his niece
Those tears such a lovely touch
I do so hope he finds her other arm
I’m sure he’ll be much happier then
Oh well at least I won the bet
Extra pills for me tonight
Can’t wait for the consequences

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