The Moon and its Effect on Mental Illness

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Information on the effects of the Moon on mentally ill people and history

Submitted: May 11, 2012

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Submitted: May 11, 2012




The word Lunatic has become an informal term referring to people who are considered mentally ill, dangerous, or showing unpredictable behavior. The term may be The word derives from the Roman language lunaticus meaning of the moon.


Philosophers of the time reasoned that the full Moon induced insanity in susceptible individuals, the belief that the brain, which is mostly water, must be affected by the Moon and control over the tides. Some people still assert that that admissions to psychiatric hospitals admissions, homicides and suicide rates increase when the Moon is full.


 Even during modern times it has been stated that the phases of the moon may have an effect on individuals with bipolar disorder. According to them the light of the Moon sets off mania which does not always occur during nights which are dark, and the affect on a vulnerable person through the belief of sleep deprivation and mania and depression. A German study found that with lack of sleep depression was lifted in a controlled study. 


Despite these many arguments, researchers exploring the topic have found no link of the Moon's cycle. In studies, one of violent or aggressive behavior, and another of vicious dog bites that required hospitalization of persons during lunar cycles there is nothing to suggest that humans are affected by the Moon.


So why does a large percentage of mental health professionals, believe that lunar cycles affect human behavior? History plays a part in the assertion. The illuminated moon had a major role for our ancestors as a calendar and other functions. Before electric lights came into being, a bright moon was more likely to disrupt sleep, producing widespread moodiness.


Emergency psychiatric condition, mental illness behavior and lunar cycles: is there a real or an imaginary association? No association has appeared between moon phases and characteristics of psychiatric emergencies. 


By thinking  in which we look for information that confirms our beliefs and ignore evidence that challenges them is responsible for a large part of the conjecture.


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