The Prank

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High school, prank, bad ending.

Submitted: March 04, 2014

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Submitted: March 04, 2014



Nathan ducked through the crowd, trying to be unnoticed. Unfortunately, no luck. "Oh look Matt, it's Nerdy Nathan!" A male voice echoed across the hall. Popular guy, Jake Mitchell. Tall, athletic and handsome. Also, the meanest guy on campus. He's a senior and loves to pick on us other seniors. He loves to feed on the souls of people and would give the devil a run for his money. And of course, his best friend Matt, Jake's sidekick. Nathan tried to duck and get away but of course, Jake noticed. "Where you going?" Jake yelled. He started to weave through the crowd but he didn't have to because people parted for him. Nathan tried to run away but was pulled up by his collar. "Aw, Nathan don't run!" Jake said. "We just wanna have some fun!" He and Matt laughed evilly. Nathan pushed his glasses up his nose. "Uh, um, hi, uh, Jake," Nathan stammered. Matt smirked. "What?" he asked mockingly. "Cat got your toungue?" He started to laugh but Jake cut him off. "Look, Nathan," Jake said. Nathan felt his shirt collar digging into his neck. Jake rotated him so he was facing the most popular girl in school, Laura Thomas. "You and her," he announced. "Never. Gonna. Happen." Nathan felt tears in his eyes. Jake dropped him on the ground then stepped on him, before walking away. \\

Nathan pushed himself up and ran to his locker. He did the combination and reached in to get his math book. Instead slimy goo met his hand. Nathan pulled his arm out and saw ketchup covering his hand and all in his locker. Laughter bellowed behind him. He turned and saw Jake, Matt, and the whole school basically, behind him laughing there asses off. Nathan ran away to the boys bathroom and started to cry. He stayed there until the bell rang, then ran out to his bike. Pedaling as fast as he could, he made it to home before Jake and Matt got out of there. His parents were gone to Asia on buisness, so he found the rope with no questioning. He tied it into a noose and roped it on the chandelier. He put it around his neck.



His parents returned home a few days later and found there son dead, he hung himself. Nathan's memory was cherished at home and school. He was bullied to his death, students said.

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