Crayons by CB Unger

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A conversation between to girls about the purpose of the different colors of crayons

Submitted: June 13, 2008

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Submitted: June 13, 2008




There they were.  Sixty-four of them, lined up perfectly in the box.

She ruined the moment when she asked “Which color do you like the least?”  She screeched.

“I like all of them, each color has its own purpose” I replied casually.

“That is sonot true.  What is the point of having so many different colors?  Why do you need thirteen different shades of purple? “

I looked back at the box before I replied.  I saw the rainbow of colors and the beauty of diversity.  Each crayon was structurally the same, but each held its own personality.

“You don’t need thirteen shades of purple, but it is fun to have so many options, so many choices.  Each color adds something special to the picture.”

It was then that I realized that we weren’t talking about crayons anymore.

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