Tiger Glory

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The words of a captain to his team, preceding what was to be the biggest battle of their rugby season.

Submitted: January 18, 2009

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Submitted: January 18, 2009



The ground below is shaking - There's not a seat that’s spare.
You can tell by the smell - There's a battle in the air.

The boys are looking hungry - Today they want it all.
Lean, strong and mean - Today they'll never fall.

The captain will remind them when the games about to start.
Of the strength and the courage in the badge upon their heart.

Of the special honour, that will be added to their name.
Match day is here - But it’s more than just a game.

All those hard months of training, finally will preside.
With the gut wrenching glory, of being chosen in the side.

With the words of their coach as their sword and their shield,
It is carved upon their hearts as they run onto the field.

The whistle sounds throughout the ground and a storm is blowing in.
The crowd roars as if to say "let the war begin!"

From the graves comes an echo that will help them with their mission.
It’s a spirit from the past – It’s the ghost of their tradition.

It inspires them to ruck and maul - To score the winning try.
It’s the fire in the belly – It’s the mongrel in their eye.

It’s the ancient river that flows in their veins.
That rips the bark from their knees – but blood and bone remains.

Until the other side is overpowered, skilfully defeated.
The thrill of the kill - Their mission is completed.

But the blood on their jerseys is what tells the true tale,
Of men six foot tall and held together by nails.

And as the days are getting older, and the shadows are getting longer,
The spirit of the Carina Boys will only be getting stronger.

And the strength of their secrets, and the courage of their raids,
Is what will be remembered, and echoed through the grades.

© Copyright 2019 C D Cronin. All rights reserved.

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