Cold Bloodied Friends

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What goes on outside when we are safe in our beds?

Submitted: December 06, 2011

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Submitted: December 06, 2011



Cold Bloodied Friends




In the still of the moonlit night

Nothing is moving, no ones in sight

But things are never quite as they seem

When the world falls asleep, dreaming her dream

While we are all sound asleep in our bed

While the sheep are jumping around in our head

Outside in the cities, the villages and towns

Our cold bloodied friends are moving around

First comes the hunt and with it the thrill

Then comes the chase and its in for the kill

When they finish their meal the burning has gone

Dispose of the corpse and its time to move on

After they feed their fangs will retract

They can mingle with ease, with no fear of attack

Plenty of time for a club or a bar

That nobody notices is truly bizarre

They’re eccentric, outrageous, not known to be shy

But they muddle your thoughts with a look in the eye

When the stars disappear and the moon starts to fade

There is only one rule that cant be disobeyed

Before the sun rises and lights up the sky

They must be in their coffins or else they will fry

So later tonight when you’re safe in your bed

don’t bother with sheep, count vampires instead

If someone comes knocking, just remember two things

Stay in your bed and don’t ask them in!

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