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i don`t want to give anything away..

its hard to descibe...

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Submitted: January 17, 2007

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Submitted: January 17, 2007



Short story: Realisation.

"4 Eden Crescent, please." Kate sank into the back of the taxi and the knot in her stomach pulled tighter again. Her hands were clammy and she was breathing slightly heavier than normal.

They had been planning this day for weeks and she couldn't believe it had finally come. Sometimes she thought it would never actually happen. That it was just a daydream. Sometimes she wished it could never come. Sometimes she looked forward to it. But, deep down, she constantly dreaded it.

Toby and Kate had been best friends since before they could remember. Their motto for life had always been "It’s us against the world!" Which had suited them down to the ground especially in their teenage years. They were the outcasts of the class but it didn't bother them one bit. They had each other and that was all that mattered to them. Toby was going away and he knew he wouldn't get to see his family or friends for a long while. But he wanted this day to be a celebration and not a goodbye. There were to be no tears. That was his strict rule.

The taxi jerked and Kate's bag fell over, tipping the contents out on the seat beside her. "Sorry love, some people really shouldn't be on the road." His words fell on deaf ears. Kate's eyes were locked on a little purple box sitting innocently on the leather seat beside her. Her hand reached out slowly for the box and picked it up as if it was a fragile flower. She brought it up close to her chest and stared down at it. A small smile emerged. She gently took the lid off the box and inside was a small yellow post-it. "He'll always be with you now, Love Mum xXx"

In the box was the necklace Toby had given her on their graduation day. It was a silver chain with two charms on it. A heart and a key. He told her that when she was ready she could give the person she loved the most in the world the key to take care of forever. He made her promise that it would be someone she truly trusted and loved with all her heart. She wore it everyday for over a year but in the past year she had forgotten about it completely. She had brought him a neckpiece too; it had a black leather strap and a silver anchor on it. She told him it symbolised that he was her anchor in life. He still wore it to this day. She took the key off the chain and slipped it in her pocket. She carefully placed the chain with heart around her neck and closed the clasp.

They had reached the motorway and the traffic was terrible. She checked her watch. 2.05. Toby's house was only half an hour away but with the terrible traffic she worried about being late. The gathering started at 3o`clock. She tried to relax. She would see him soon.

Together they had survived high school and graduated. It had been a struggle for the both of them. Toby was constantly in and out of hospital with colds and flues and infections. The doctors could never figure out what was causing it. Now they were two big kids let loose in the big bad world. They knew that together they could do anything. That year was one of the hardest years any teenager would ever have to endure but they came out stronger then ever and ready to take on the world. Toby got seriously ill that summer and was told he wouldn't be able to go to college the following September. He was devastated. Kate didn't go either. She couldn't face it alone. She stayed by Toby's side everyday, through everything. They thought the year would never end, but it did. With the summer sun, Toby got a new lease of life and it was like nothing had ever happened. His health was wonderful.

The following year they decided to give college a try. Kate was eager to get a degree and was studying business; Toby wasn't so eager but went to study Art just so he could be with Kate. It was his turn to stand by her and support her. He wanted to help her reach her goals in life. He didn't want to hold her back. He had spent a year watching her worry about him and felt guilty that she wasn't out having fun but instead was stuck in a hospital. She would never know how much he appreciated it. Before they knew it, four years were up and, withKate's help, he managed a pass and got his degree. Kate finished top of her class and was ecstatic when she received her degree. Another graduation survived. Everything seemed to be working out for them…

"That's a lovely dress, you off to a fancy do?"

Kate snapped out of her deep thought. His question had startled her.

"Oh...Thank you. Yes... I mean No. Just a small get together."

"That's nice. A birthday?"

"No, kind of a farewell for a friend."

Her voice trailed off and the driver began to hum along with the radio realising she wasn't the small talk type.

She had brought the dress last week. She and Toby had gone out for the day, shopping in preparation for the occasion, just the two of them. He had picked out the dress for her, "You'll have to look beautiful, you're the guest of honour, being my best friend and all." She had picked out a really gorgeous black suit for him with a blue stripe and a blue shirt. They went for dinner that night, to their favorite restaurant. They had been going there for years and always ordered the same thing, Thai curries. Toby always swore that they were the best in the world and that even Thailand couldn't beat it. Kate hoped she would find out for herself one day.

The past six months had been difficult; Kate had just started her second year of internship in a big accountant’s office in town and had to work long and tiring hours. She hadn't been able to see much of Toby. To make thing worse, Toby was sick again and spending a lot of time in hospital. It was all of a sudden when Toby had fallen ill again; it was totally unexpected and was a shock to everyone. Kate felt guilty for not being there with him but Toby never condemned her for that. She had done much, much more then she was expected to.

After dinner that night they went for a walk in the park. The two of them had spent a lot of their childhood in this park and that night they walked around for hours talking about all the precious memories of growing up. The scraped knees, the broken arms, the twisted ankles. They were quite unlucky with the injuries. Learning to ride their bikes and racing them for hours. The sunny summer days when they bought ice cream and sat on the grass or jumped in the lake to cool down. They were good memories that would stay with them forever.

It was as they sat under the biggest oak tree, their favorite place in the park, that everything changed. They were sitting in silence for a while, it was one of those comfortable silences that only truly great friends have, when Toby broke the silence. "Kate, there's something I have to tell you." She sat up to face him. "Okay." She was worried she knew it was important. The tone in his voice was the one he used when he was about to give bad news, but she sensed this was different. "Kate," he gathered his courage and took a deep breath. "I... I... I'm in love with you. I love you!" he looked at her for a response. Nothing. Her face was expressionless; she just stared into his eyes. "Kate... say something. Anything." She just stared blankly. "Kate, I've loved you ever since I first set my eyes on you. You've been my best friend forever and it's the only secret I've ever kept from you and it's been one of the hardest things I've ever had to do. It’s been eating away at me for so long and I just had to tell you while I still have the chance." Kate just sat there she was in complete shock. She felt some kind of overwhelming feeling well up inside her; she wasn't quite sure what it was.

"Why are you doing this? Why now? How can you? Just when everything is about to change." His face sank. He looked confused and shocked and sad all at he same time. She couldn't look at him. "But Kate..." She put up her hand as if to physically stop the words. "Please Toby, don't say anything else. It’s hard enough." She picked up her bags and got up. "I have to go." She kept her head down to hide the tears streaming down her face. She turned and ran. "Please Kate, wait!" He took a few steps after her but he knew there was no point in going after her. He had ruined everything.

That night she went home and cried for hours. For the first time she cried because of Toby and not for him.

Days went by and there was no contact between them. Then finally one evening, as Kate sat in her apartment alone eating dinner the phone rang. "Hello?" she said through a mouthful of spaghetti. "Hi Kate, he wants to see you." Toby's mother's voice sounded calm but Kate knew she was stressed. "I'll be right there." She replied. She hung up the phone and went up to attic and got out her sleeping bag. It hadn't been used in a long time she knew she would need it tonight. She headed over to Toby's.

Toby still lived with his parents and so their house was full of so many memories. The walls were full of pictures of them from the day they started school up until Kate's birthday, which was last month. It was her second home and she was like a daughter to Toby's parents, she even had her own key. She had picked up some Thai curry on the way and so headed to the kitchen to dish it up. Toby, Kate and Toby's parents sat in the living room and ate the curry as they watched a movie and went over some final details for the occasion. Kate said goodnight and went outside to the decking in the back to wait for Toby. He was saying good night to his parents. Toby's father helped him out on to the decking to Kate. They got into their sleeping bags and lay on the sun lounges beside each other. They watched the stars and talked about all the sleep over they used to have. About how they used to fight with their parents to be allowed sleep outside and how, even if they weren't allowed, they would sneak out anyway. About the different dessert concoctions they would come up with and the crazy games they used to play. It felt just like the old days and they were both so happy.

It was nearly 3 o'clock, Kate yawned as she checked her watch. She had moved over to Toby's lounger and he was holding her in his arms to keep her warm. Neither of them had mentioned what had happened after dinner the other night. And neither one intended to. "Goodnight Kate." "Goodnight Toby." They closed their eyes. A few minutes later Toby opened his eyes and looked at Kate's angelic face, she looked so peaceful sleeping. He leaned over and kissed her. He smiled to himself and fell into a very deep sleep unaware that Kate was far from asleep. A single tear fell from the comer of her eye. She knew it was time.

"We're here, love." The taxi man turned around and smiled to her. "Thanks." She replied and handed him the cash. She stepped out of the car and flattened down her dress. "Enjoy the day." She heard the driver shout through the window as he drove away. She took a deep breath and walked up the drive. The front door was open. She couldn't believe the amount of people there. She walked into the living room and immediately spotted Toby. She smiled. There were people busy with him so she headed to the bathroom to freshen herself up. She felt a weight lift from her shoulders, she was here now and everything would run like clockwork, he had planned it perfect. She fixed her hair in the mirror and admired her chain. She checked her pocket to make sure the key was still there. She stood at the living room door and waited for him to be alone. When he was she walked towards him. A lot of people went quiet when they seen her, the room was a lot quieter then before. She looked at Toby's mom standing at the kitchen door, keeping a watchful eye over everything, just like when they were kids. They exchanged smiles. She looked so worn out but Kate knew all the years of worry had shed from her shoulders, for good.

Kate had finally reached Toby. She looked at him for a minute and admired how handsome he looked in his suit; she could see his necklace peeking out from under the shirt. She took a deep breath and leaned over to whisper in his ear. Every set of eyes in the room was watching her but she felt like her and Toby were the only two people in the world for a moment.

"I love you too," she whispered in his ear. "I always have and I always will." She took the tiny key from her pocket, opened his hand and placed it inside. "Take good care of it." She closed his hand and kissed his lips. "I love you Toby." She whispered. She stepped back and closed the coffin. "Forever."

She turned around to face the room. She looked around at all the tearful people, all the people who loved Toby like her. But none of them loved him as much as her. She took a deep breath before she started her speech. She smiled to herself as she remembered all the times she had rehearsed it; he had made her read it to him a hundred times until she could do it without crying.

"My name is Kate and Toby was my best friend in the whole world. He battled illness all of his life but he never complained and always struggled on. He was the most courageous person I've ever known and I wish I had half the courage he did...."

Completed with pride.

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