The Man Once Loved

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At one point in American History, President Nixon was the United State's last chance for prosperity and progression. Anyone could easily lose the love of millions with just one wrong move.

Submitted: July 09, 2015

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Submitted: July 09, 2015



In 1968 the United States approached the decade’s apex of social and international turmoil. The Vietnam War reached its busiest moment of deployment, in regards to troops on the ground. Students were beaten on live television in Chicago. Regardless, it was an election year. The citizens dubbed “Middle Americans” grew irritated with college students, protests, and the war. The Middle Americans wanted a return to traditional values. This was it, the Silent Majority was about to beat the Loud Minority of students that occupied the T.V. set. That said, Richard Nixon’s long wait for political superstardom was over. He was the answer the Silent Majority sought. However, his traditional values reminiscent of the 1950's would face trouble from the presence of youth that did not want to regress to that period of time.
 January 1969: Hail to the Chief blares across the entire mall, President Johnson walks down steps of the Capitol building to his seat. His head is slightly pointed down, shaking only a few hands while ignoring others; he wears a smile on his face. It was over for Johnson. The crowd seated outside the Capitol building included Ronald Regan, Mamie Eisenhower, Ladybird Johnson, and others. This was a crucial moment in American history. The mall was packed with people as far as the eye could see. Semi-overcast and cold, Nixon stood patiently, waiting to give his speech. To his left was VP elect Spiro Agnew.  Smiles and laughter and cheering, for this was a new day.
 During his presidency, media outlets broadcasted the virtues of Nixon’s shrewd and hardline policies. He took a lot of boys off the ground in Vietnam, opting for Planes and Napalm to try and win the war instead. He was seen as the ultimate diplomat by the American people after visiting communist China and Mao. After years of political scrutiny, the lime light was sweet to Nixon; the love of American people was the ultimate high…that, and personal gain.
 Four years later Nixon resigned due to Watergate. He was no longer loved by the American people, and was viewed as a crude opportunist and traitor. The propaganda written about Nixon would highlight his wrongs and hardly anything else. Consequently, students at Whittier College have denounced his involvement with the school. A sad thing, really. All that remains of Nixon is a museum, and a sour taste in the mouths of Americans.

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