Yuri the Hunter

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A story about Yuri, a hunter of a small hill tribe.

Submitted: June 06, 2019

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Submitted: June 06, 2019



Yuri trudged through the muddy snow, sweating inside his thick furs. Behind him was his travois, upon it a freshly killed deer. He had to haul it back to his small tribe in the hills. He'd been gone 3 days and was half as much from home. He had chased, stalked and eventually ran down the deer over 1 full day, not sleeping, barely eating or drinking, knowing his tribe needed this to sustain them. The meat would be smoked and cured and provide enough for their small community for some time. Long enough for the roots and berries to regrow after the winter and be gathered. And more meat hunted.

The sound of his spear finally piercing the flesh of the deer and the sound of it eventually hitting the ground, was the sweetest sound. Giving thanks to the sky father and saying the words to give the beast's spirit safe passage to the pastures in the sky. Yuri had gutted it and using his cloak and some leather strips had fashioned a travois on which to drag the beast. And now, began the long, tiresome journey back to his tribe, he would have to stop when it got dark, lest he lose his footing or his energy be sapped too much. But he had a few hours left before the sun took its slumber.

He grunted as he finally reached the top of a large hill, which had been his bane for the past 2 hours. The sun was quickly losing its light and he would need to find a place to rest for the night. Looking towards a small clearing in the wooded terrain he was in. He made his way over. Quickly building a fire to warm his cold bones and prevent the scavengers of the night from taking his kill, he set about roasting a small piece of the meat to fill his grumbling stomach, and took a long drink from the gourd about his neck. It was dark now and Yuri was content, by sundown tomorrow he would be back to his tribe, he would be with his woman again. His loins ached at her memory. He would be the hero, the best hunter, now that Turok was missing.

The other men in the tribe were still but boys, or old men, like Fanu the Gray, the spirit guide, whom read the will of the sky father in the bones of the birds which fell from his domain. Yuri placed a large pile of large, thick branches on the fire, to ensure it continues to burn throughout the night. He then crossed his legs, leaned back against a tree and closed his eyes.

SNAP! He awoke with a start, it was still dark, with dim rays of moonlight penetrating the tops of the trees and the dull glow of the fire his only light. He blinked rapidly to adjust to the light and survey the area. A growl, unmistakable, he heard. Not a wolf, whom stalked the area at night, no not a wolf. Much worse, it was a great bear. A hulking beast. All hunters feared the great bear. He was no match for the beast, he knew this, he also knew it was no doubt after the fresh carcass opposite the fire. He wondered if it had followed him. Grasping his spear, and taking a deep breath, he moved slowly. Squinting in an attempt to see the beast through the trees.

He could hear it move, the snapping and breaking of the leaves and twigs beneath him, there was a chill in the air, and he could see his breath. Another growl, and the sound of the beast barreling towards him, Yuri stood firm, grasped his spear. Knowing if he ran he'd die, also knowing if he stayed, he'd die. No, he was a hunter, and this beast would have to earn it's kill. The huge beast lurched out of the trees and into the clearing it jumped, claws and teeth ready to kill, to maul, to destroy. Yuri knew he had once chance, he saw it and lunged his spear with his entire weight behind it, into the bear's heart. The spear snapped and the bear fell upon him. Yuri fell, the bear atop him.

The bear growled in anger and pain and smashed Yuri's face with its huge paws, Yuri threw his hands up, fueled by pure fear and instinct, the bear bit him, sinking its teeth into his arm. Yuri screamed, the struggle continued and both were quickly losing their strength. After what felt like a lifetime, the bear collapsed dead, finally bleeding out, it's heart pierced by Yuri's now broken spear. Yuri, lay still unable to move, looking towards the sky, he drew his last breath, and his spirit followed the bear's to hunt with the sky father...

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