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Once there was but one god, but It grew lonely, and thus the first act of creation was also the first act of destruction, forming Its two children out of Its own flesh. These two new gods, the Sun
Goddess and the Moon God, were two halves of a whole, bonded in ways most cannot imagine. They, too, grew lonely, and in the second act of creation the universe was born, and all that is
within it. These gods chose to reign in person, living on Aetilas amongst the people as Queen and King. They split their reign between the seasons: She ruled during summer and autumn and rested in
winter, and He ruled during winter and spring, resting in summer. For countless millennia they ruled until one day they were simply gone. Did the gods abandon Aetilas? Were they murdered? For
1,200 years these questions and many more have plagued mankind, and have never been answered. Countless theories and beliefs have lead to cultural upheavals and the founding of numerous
religions. Today Aetilas is a place of turmoil and danger, with civilization serving as points of light in the darkness. Monsters, large and small, plague the wilderness. Each season they
creep ever closer as the bright places dwindle.

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Submitted: June 27, 2018

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A Sleeping Goddess

Submitted: March 09, 2018

After thinking long and hard, I decided to change this story. This was originally written to help my husband create a world for our D&D campaign, and I decided to take the story back to its

As of now, this chapter is backstory for my character, Tearsea. The original chapters that followed have been taken down, and the story will progress in a different direction.
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