Cabin of Peace

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The first thing that comes to mind when waking up near an Empty Cabin in the middle of Nowhere is Probably “Where the Hell am i?” or “How did I get here?”  Or maybe even something along the lines of a Horror movie. But in all Honesty, all I thought of my surroundings was that it was very nice. I was in a Large and Wide open field of Grass and Beautiful Flowers all around, The smell of Childhood Nostalgia and Pollen and Fresh Flowers Lingering in the air.

I felt at ease but still some part of me felt…. Like there was something bigger I wasn't seeing. 


Oh, I guess I should Introduce myself. I'm Tyler Anderson of the Waltonville Newspaper. You see Things have been a bit Tense lately in Waltonville, Over the past 2 months there’s been a string of disappearances. 15 People in total, Now maybe that’s not a big deal for a Big city But for Our tiny town? Yeesh, It was a shocker. In our town Everybody knows Everybody, So for 15 people that most practically Grew up with? It was a big deal. My old Math Teacher, Mr. Forn, Mrs.Katherine who had worked for one of our local bars for more than 10 years. Even one of my own coworkers had gone missing. The list goes on and on and the strangest thing about The whole situation is that They all vanished without a trace. No fingerprints suggesting foul play, Nothing out of place, Statements that Nothing seemed suspicious about any of the victims.


It was like they never existed. Those who had family also claimed that they didn’t notice or hear anything on the nights of the disappearance, But the thing that sent a chill through me is when a Woman Said that she went to bed that Night with her arms wrapped around her husband and in the morning, He was gone. Bedsheets weren’t even touched or at least it looked like it. So sensing a Potential story (And a juicy one at that) I started asking around, Looking for facts, Basic Reporter Stuff. But all Day i couldn’t find anything. The cops I asked weren’t secretive or Rude, They just shrugged and I realized that they must’ve been as clueless as me.


Now how I ended up here…… I have no idea. I remember just going to bed and when I woke up… I was here. That’s when something hit me, I woke up in some random location and no one probably knows where I am right now, And as far as I know… all I did was go to sleep. I had a feeling of Dread and Excitement as I realized that I might've been the next Face on a Missing Person Poster. I instinctively reached for my Camera to get a picture of the place when I realized it wasn’t there. Of course it wasn’t there! I hadn’t even brought my camera home And My notepad and pencil are still on my Coffee Table. Judging from my surroundings, I can tell that I was nowhere near Waltonville. I decided my next course of action would be to check the Cabin.


It was one of those luxury cabins you would go to for an anniversary or something. I didn’t see a door so I guessed I was in the backyard, so I walked around and when I approached the front of the cabin, I saw the door and I entered. When I stepped inside, the first thing that caught my eye was a Person laying on a brown sofa. I started to say Hey but when i spoke up, He jolted up and pointed at me. “Who are you? Go Away! How did you get in here?! I won’t go! I won’t go!” he got up and grabbed a nearby broom and held it like a spear. I was flabbergasted by the sudden Panic and was about to say something when I realized who this guy was.


It was Patrick Smith, a 16 year old who used to deliver newspapers. He was the most recent victim of the disappearances, “Patrick! It’s Tyler! Tyler Anderson? You… delivered paper to my house a couple times?” He took a good look at me, still holding his broom and he must’ve realized who I was because his eyes went wide and he ran to me and  pulled me into a hug. His voice was shaky and I think he was crying. “Oh god… Oh god, SOmeone else is here, Oh god I'm not alone anymore.” He mumbled over and over in my shirt and I was about to shed a tear myself… What the hell happened to this kid? He pushed me away and looked at me with watery bloodshot eyes. “Oh god….. They took you too, Oh god…. I’m so sorry.” He dropped to his knees and stared at the floor while sobbing.


“Hey… Patrick? Patrick, what's wrong? What do you mean “They took me too?” Who took me? Who took YOU?” He ignored me and kept sobbing. My heart was breaking in half watching the poor kid cry his eyes out, looking broken on the floor. I grabbed him by the shoulders and said “Hey! Patrick, look at me, listen… I want to  help you and I also want to get back to Waltonville but I can't do that if you don’t help me out. Okay?” Patrick looked at me and gave me a nod, I found some tissue and let him clean himself up. He said he would be in the ustaris bathroom and would be back down shortly. I sat alone for a few minutes and I decided to scan my surroundings. The kitchen was a mess but leave a 16 year old boy who might be a tad crazy alone and I guess that’s what happens. I looked in the fridge to see what there was to eat and that's when I felt the hairs on my arm stand up. 


“Tyler……” I slammed the fridge door shut and turned around but no one was there. 

“Tyler… Join me.” I jumped this time as the voice spoke again but louder seemingly coming from everywhere at once. I was sweating from anxiety now….. I heard the voice clearly…. And the scariest thing was It sounded just like my Father….. Who had passed away 7 years ago.


Submitted: February 24, 2022

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