Truth Seekers

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This work of mine will make you think. It's not a piece that you read in one sitting. As you read it, every day you'll pick up new profound thoughts that will challenge you. Choose Life! Think...

Submitted: October 03, 2006

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Submitted: October 03, 2006



Poetry For Life Truth Seekers(The question) As the stars meet sight it appears,That the new day has gone…tears.I do not hold the questions to quiet in my soul,As the new canvas is almost filled… As the stars fade and the freshness unfold,Likelihood untold but since the beginning waiting on hold…The question still lingers and my search…Expectantly knowing deep within the end? So many deaths so many fears,The one side of the river holds grime and garbage,The other is spotless… or so it seems,The shock gone and we go on… Life holds many things to us…so dear,The question flows from inside the intrigued.Just be strong to voice it and strong not secluded,As the challenge is in sight the sun arise from its short pause. The quest is to define the meaning of “my” life and “yours”,The little the great and the seemingly insignificant…Just a thought that might hold true in many ways accepted or not…We all have a part to play no more than the other does. From the living soul that’s snatched before birth,To the old and gray “wise” and less revered.Unchallenged for so many,The will the thought the face of heart… 

Don’t you love the start of a season when the life like clear streams unfolds as the old is washed away forever only carried by thought?

Underestimated is the power of what lies in the heart as the old and new parts ways in the one lane present. The artist dips and readies to create, the potential in the tool is the same in the amateur or “great”.The lights flash and the singer draws the breath to release the moment’s cry in song.  The future is present in the small units of time that holds dear the creative force of possibility.

We tell stories of the “great” and lift them up in unmeasured stages of life and love when our own greatness is forgotten in the sea of so much greatness the world had and has to come.

 We ought to take life and every unit of time that matters and let our own passiveness fade away.The clear stream flows in us and calls with a fragrant aroma that earn for us to take flight in the path that had not only path to take but flight.  Come on friend…To know the conceivable is to know the true reality that what I conceive is filtered through this uttered reality.The question is then, is the reality I hold so dear at all true or what is the basis for this truth?I do not consider myself an expert on this, except for the thought of being the one to ask the question, There is a reality out there that’s truer than your own.At least open your soul to the fact that fact is mere conceived truth perceived and not actual established plain.“Conceivable”? You ask, well I determine what I hold dear and so do you,I rest in peace of what I feel here. Go out I implore! Truth holds more!Be swift to carry and do not tarry,For time’s strong and will not slack…The soul that’s strong is so in the fact that it doesn’t rely on it’s own strength…  Some hearts so heavy so dark so foggy and vague,As we sit and wait on a revelation of life or what it “might bring”. It the movement written or is it played out as moments we create?Are we just rats in a cage or is freedom here? The quest here is; does freedom not know that you’re captive or is it just blind?Is freedom the knowledge that you are free or is it again, just a moment of an “ignorant bliss”?“Ignorant bliss” is only said by the ignorant who ends up in less and bound mystery that will never end because the search for truth is a moments “freedom”. Let’s be carried on by the winds of the quest,Like the wind the search carries who and where it wants and will not be controlled.For some that’s the ultimate fear; not being in control,Fair enough but who is really “in control”? Control is an attempt to see desired results manifest in the space of time that’s within its parameters that’s allowed and prepared for and even lived for.Fair enough, just be sure that control does not control you,It’s got the ability do grow and convey its own nature on the take its root and in full force make a home where its eventual result is captivity. So don’t be ashamed or fear filled for, freedom or freedom from fear or any component of fear,

Let the moment pass and hold on to the new.

As far for what choices, I will not tell but my quest is to question and be questioned,For you lies the passion of the answer in you. Together we connect,Or disagreement or challenge shapes us,But whatever it is,Let’s lift our heads.Let’s be not ashamed of who we are. Not matter where the roads lead,Let’s live and let life! The contractions as truth draws near,She’s shy but like in misty cloud if pursued she’ll appear.The pains of life is not to bring sorrow or death unless death like seed carries death to flight,So mighty the strength of labor as truth brings no fear.She’s hidden openly revealed for the seekers of “Life”, The myth is now who am I?What’s the substance of my bone?My flesh and blood my breath of life…For as “Life” seekers we will carry on!Carry on without being held back as a slave nor a child,For cold is the one whom cannot believe.We will unite in passion in love and “Life”Why we say “Life” is revealed of the divine that’s said…He is the “Way”; “Truth” and the “Life” The hunt is on to climb the “unclimbable”.The see the unseen,To sing the unsung,Understand all wisdom?We will not dare to consider ourselves great or better then other,Or smaller then the same?We will not drive this passion with violence from within us,Although the violent only can search it…Violent no more than a dove in flight,Nor an infant suckling milk… The desire in end or borders of “Love” and “Life”,When like horizons dance the more we travel the greater,The more beautiful and bursting of splendor she runs from us,As pure young child in play,Only leaving her path,The witness of her presence in hope and faith in us… Life in its fulfillment brings the joy unspeakable,So strange and true that the obvious becomes revealed. The beholder does not know what brings it,The explorer doesn’t know the same,But what I can say is that this is a reality that’s everywhere,It must just be searched out. Why so many choose not to, I do not know why?Sometimes to see a house build of straw is feared?Rather foundation of rock than fear,Inevitably near…what’s true will be revealed. Life pulsates in gushed passion of existence of the pain,Yes the pain!For the truth may be the cause but this will shake us!The shaking is in the soul where passion’s born,For true passion hurts… Why is it foreign to us at this fact?Is it not apparent that passion births change?What is labor without birth or expectancy?The fact then becomes truth. Almost as we search on –and-on like your thought in hopes passion,We’ll sense the pouring of a source like a fountain in the heart.The demands abound so, that our lives reveal again,We live not?We die…For what is life if not lived?This is my quest my question my search my passion.The passion so clear and unstoppable that no lid will contain.For paper is now my best friend in this pursuit,It carries the vessels called words that will in the end reveal. It’s said that “love is…” or “…has power”,But who gives it power but you and I.This “Life” that’s “Love” is indeed divine…All knowing ever present and all-powerful. We are the carriers of “Love” like words carry its load,We write the book of “Life” in our lives now and coming... Flow in the art of what’s bold or meek,This might be seen as weak?The power we share,Is the live we dare…? The Lion I’ll face,With proud stare,For all that’s left is the stance of life!Life will be revealed there. We look at a martyr,In so much passion,That draws in Hate,And holds the mirror in eyes’ sight. The pain I feel is not the literal only,But the real shame is that true pain is in Souls vein.As I puncture, “blood and water flowed”,The “Blood”, life of life and life to death,The “Water”, life of love and life to life… If only responsibility can bend the finger of condemnation that points out,Toward its owner…For the same light that reveals the darkness,Sometimes blinds. Be the carrier of the power of life.Be the one who sprints in striving for the upward, the inward and the outward.It takes the strength of a mighty soul to carry and to be carried,Do not stoop to long or look at the seen for a sign.As you smile and run,The fight will turn to flight.Rejoice in spend time of good and truth,For to do the other will kill your own soul… Yes, the soul can be killed,For as the eyes are its windows,The more arrogant and blind the lens,It hardens and causes cancer of souls. Search, seek and play…For as the child life is and as babe it calls to us.We must listen and pick up the call,We must have faith. The greatest mountain to climb is not the highest.The greatest ocean to swim is not the deepest.The greatest poem to write is not the most profound,But… The greatest mountain to climb is Faith.The greatest ocean to swim is Love.The greatest poem to write is Hope,It’s all in this, …to believe as child. To say, “I can!”To think, “I have!”To Do “I am!”That’s beginning of life. On and on we live, the future we do not know,One thing that is true,The life we live in the future,In now living in you… Comforts grip and pains release,Contentment is due in life that you seize.Life’s a bull that runs in fury,You hold the lure,Together we glory.“Truth Seekers”, the generation,The time has come.Truth seekers seek truth.The young be mighty, The global generation…Earth is my playground,Heaven my playground,Our realm is purpose! Our love is life,And life is love.To be one in mind,…One in body and spirit?  “Fear factor”!Fear is no factor.“Impossible is nothing?”Nothing’s impossible. Life, “Just do it?Life, Doing it!Our decree is excellence!Our call is truth! To know…To be…To live…To see…You…

You and me!


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