The Marriage Quilt

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For my grandparents who spent their lives in warmth and love.



So long ago in memories

of life on fire with color,

I sewed a quilt for you my love

for there could be no other.


If it could talk, what would it tell,

of nights and love we shared,

and it would glow the color red,

my soul to you I bared.


Our baby shared our marriage quilt

If only for a while.

We buried him within the year

Our sweet angelic child.


Beneath that well-worn marriage quilt

We clung together dear

When life got hard or incomplete

We found renewal there.


When you were sick and felt the need

You’d snuggle in our bed

with warmth and trust from our true love

the quilt about your head.


For many years through thick or thin

The quilt was always there

It wrapped its arms around us both

Always in its care.


Today I tore our marriage quilt

in half with tears of grief.

 half went to the grave with you

The other I will keep


And when it’s time for us to meet

When death has lost its sting

I’ll bring my half and together dear

We’ll sew it new again.


Submitted: September 26, 2020

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