The Lost Elf (Part One)

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(This is a working title.) A King meets a young maiden who is badly injured. Unfortuantly, she doesn't remember what happened. The first part of the story.

Submitted: September 22, 2006

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Submitted: September 22, 2006



Annika's bare feet crunched in the heavy snow as she ran through the dark forest. The white sparkles from the sky continued to fall softly and icicles formed in different shapes on the tree branches.

She was beginning to get tired as she came to a clearing; the top of a hill that allowed her a good view down over the lands.

Her hands and face were scratched and bleeding... a knot on the back of her head was throbbing in pain. Dressed in only a sleeping gown, her gaze fell down to a large castle at the bottom of the hill. Annika had forgot what happened and who injured her but she was feeling scared and helpless... Fearing that something or someone was still out to get her. She was cold, tired and wanted to find a place of safety.

Soon, she was making her way down to the castle. Exhaustion was taking over her as her pace slowed.

"Please help me!" She cried out with the little strength she had left as she approached the heavy wooden doors.

"Please." She whispered in desperation, collapsing to the cold, hard ground. Just as the doors were opening, she fell unconscious.

Olwe, the castle guard heard cries of help coming from outside the palace doors. Curious, he opened them to find a young maiden injured and unconscious on the front step.

"Sire! I think you need to come see this!" Olwe shouted to his master.

"Hm?" King Celahir Aldaron pondered when approaching the doors to see what Olwe was staring down at.

"Take her up to my room." He added with a stern voice. "Make sure she is warm. She's been out in this horrid weather in only a sleeping gown."

When Annika awoke, she found herself in a luxurious room with a warm rag placed on her forehead. Her feet and hands were bandaged tightly. She moved her head slowly around in shock. Looking to her left, she saw a large marble fireplace lit with a roaring fire providing her more warmth. She laid in a beautiful, dark mahogany, four-poster wood canopy bed with sheer black curtains pinned neatly on the posts. The blankets that covered her were a dark green velvet material and was soft against her bare skin. She guessed that whoever had taken her in stripped her of her torn sleeping gown so that they could care for her injuries.

"Ah. Good, you're awake." A stern voice came from across the room. There she saw a handsome young man standing in the doorway. He was dressed nicely... like royalty... wearing a silk shirt and dress pants. His hair was a beautiful chocolate brown, slightly wavy, and flowed down to just above his shoulders.

Annika jumped backwards in fear, forgetting of the pain she was in, until he spoke again.

"Do not be afraid. Where are you from, m'lady?" He asked with a kind smile. His voice carried a strong accent that almost made Annika's heart melt.

"I'm sorry, sir. I don't know... I just awoke in the forest injured and scared." She replied apologetically.

It was true. She could only tell him her name... everything else she could not remember.

"Then we will help you. Get cleaned up. I'll send in a servant to help you. Welcome to Neluk." He said, then walked out of the room, leaving Annika alone again.

She didn't realize that she was starting to doze off until hearing the door open again, jolting her back awake.

There she saw an elderly, plump woman- an elf to be exact- standing at the foot of the bed with a jolly smile.

"Mani naa esse en lle?" The servant asked. Annika knew. It was Elvish the woman was speaking. She was of Elven descent herself and knew some of the language.
'What is your name?'

"My name is Annika." She replied in English, blushing a little.

"Lle quena I'lambe tel' Eldalie?" The servant asked.
'Do you speak Elvish?'

"Only a little. I would prefer to speak in English." Annika said softly.

"Okay then." The plump elf said with a laugh. "I'm Saira."

"Nice to meet you." Annika said with a smile.

"Let's go get you cleaned up, shall we?" Saira said, helping her out of bed and leading her toward the bathroom to take off her bandages and bathe off.

After a warm, relaxing bath, Annika stepped out and allowed Saira to put a healing cream on her wounds.

"I have nothing to wear." Annika said, blushing.

"Not to worry, my dear." Saira said with a wink. In a matter of seconds, fairies flew into the room from left and right and began taking measurements. At first it startled the young woman but she overcame it quickly and watched in awe.

After the measurements, one fairy in a blue gossamer dress and pink hair flew over to Saira and whispered something to her. Annika stood there patiently waiting with a shy smile.

Reaching into a nearby closet, Saira pulled out a beautiful dress and handed it to her.

"I think this will do nicely." She said with a smile while Annika looked it over.

The dress was gorgeous! A midnight blue velvet gown with a low-cut scoop neck and ivory lace trim along the long, sweeping sleeves and base of the dress.

"Come on... let's get you dressed quickly. Master is waiting for you." Saira said impatiently.

Annika turned and grip the corner of the wall as Saira began tightening the corset and helping her get into this fancy dress.

"Who is your master? What is his name?" She asked while Saira brushed Annika's long, red hair after she was dressed.

"You will find that out in a bit. It's not my place to tell you that." Saira replied.

"Ah, the medicine has done its work." She added with a smile. Annika saw that she was right; her cuts and bruises had been healed and were now gone.

Saira began rushing her out of the room.

"Go straight and down the stairs, you will find him waiting for you." She said while pointing Annika in the direction she needed to go, then running off in the opposite direction.

"Saesa omentien lle!" Saira shouted over her shoulder before disappearing from sight.
'Pleasure meeting you!'

Annika walked in silence towards the direction Saira told her, in awe of the beauty around her. It was all a light green and white marble like the bedroom was, and magical torches lined the walls, giving off a soft blue glow. She seemed to be walking along forever, only seeing a large wooden door every once in awhile.

Finally, she came to the stairwell and cautiously descended to look for that elf. When she stepped off of the last step and into the room, she saw a long strip of red carpet leading to a gold throne and a table with fruits, breads, wines and vegetables. She gasped in shock when she saw the elf on the throne, motioning for her to approach.

'Great. I was just saved by the King of Neluk.' Annika thought sarcastically as she started to walk forward.

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