Death Among us

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Literary Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Just a story that reflects some off my emotions and some emotions I felt i had to get out.


Death Amongst us 


Everything is in eventual time going to reach its demise one way or another forced or just inevitable it happens to all of us from best to pure scum. I lived a life filled with riches in which I would precariously spend on random objects I would never even dare to use. I was spoiled to say the least. My family distant and I was left to my own devices. Either that be causing mischief or sitting around the household in boredom. I however, lived for the sight of books I absolutely adored them always reading them continuously with no break. 


My life was simplistic when I was five I was separated from my mother and was primarily taken care of by a maid named Rosetta. She was quite nice always assisting me with homework or various ranging tasks. I soon became solely dependent on her to help me with practically any form of work that is until she met her early demise. She was shot multiple times in the chest. The offender was never caught. Things were never the same that day forth I became disassociated with any form of physical or mental activity. No reading playing nothing. 


I was nine and partially over the fact Rosetta had died now I had moved on and became partly independent learning quite sufficiently how to perform tasks myself. Like cooking was a mystery to me until I learnt to turn on the stove and actually place items on it. 


Life seemed healed and my wounds were gone, I thought things were set in stone fixed however nothing is ever permanent not life not well, just about anything to be frank. I had been efficiently adapting until I began my education in school and I started being viciously bullied by a group of ignorant adolescents in which they would call me a variety of offensive names. I became extremely lost in their comments and began contemplating suicide. It became quite difficult to cope with them. 


Monday January 23, 1932 


I sauntered to school slowly hoping to avoid the boys who had been rough housing and overall harassing me however my first sight when reaching school grounds was a large group of boys standing looking like they were waiting for something 'likely me.' I attempted avoiding them at all costs however, one of them spotted me and yelled.  

"Hey there's the freak!" 

I pulled my hood down quickly and began sprinting toward the field I exited the school yard and continued walking toward a close by café and entered casually. I sat in the nearest booth and tilted my head downward to conceal my face. Later I exited the café and headed toward my household. 


Wednesday June 1, 1932 


Life that seemed so simplistic so easy quickly became hell from a depression that had molded into it's current severity. Some things that seemed like they would drift by became prolonged. And to add to this phenomena of such miserable living my mother had met her time of death to suicide. She couldn't handle the gruesome divorce which commenced months earlier between her and my step father. 


Life is like a light switch it can be turned on or off but when it's off its burnt out forever. I didn't blame my mother she had suffered much trauma through her lifetime and just couldn't simply handle the excessive emotional strain.  


I went to the kitchen to prepare a well needed meal to start off my already dreaded day. I felt empty and almost unneeded on this planet. I poured some milk and watched as the cereal dropped slowly falling on top of the milk. After chomping it down I headed to the site of hell as I had nicknamed it or school. 


I arrived on the premises only to be greeted with another large group  of kids.  
"well , well,well." one of the taller kids said. 

"Look what we have here some freakish rich kid." he grasped my wrist and tightened his hold.  

" Do you want to die?" He withdrew a knife. 

I began to panic  and rapidly attempted to lose grip but I was stuck to him he had to strong of a grip. I finally kicked him in the abdomen flinging him back and I evaded the scene as quickly as humanly possible. I hopped the school fence and this time left farther and had no intention to return. I seeked near by forestry and laid down. I was tired and out of energy from all the fast paced sprinting. I drank some water from my bottle for school and sat on a large anvil. 

"What do I do now?" I thought to myself. 

I sat in silence eating my petite lunch and began further exploring the wilderness. I thought for that prolonged day about my life and its ups and downs. I began uncontrollably crying. I wept for hours thinking of my mother and Rosetta. I was largely depressed and I didn't believe I could live this putrid life as some rich wimpy adolescent. I wiped my face of the cold tears and began the long wander home. 


Thursday June 2, 1932 


Today I awoke like every other day more sad and lonely than the last. I opened my eyes and they sagged whilst I brushed my teeth and put on my various articles of clothing. Then I thought to myself briefly. 

" What if it all was gone all the pain the suffering just all of it." These thoughts stayed in my head for hours and even following supper that night they were still prevalent. And after the nightmare I had to withhold at school it became more drastic.  

My father looked at me and made direct eye contact and asked. " how was your day at school."  
I was stunned unable to pronounce a word suddenly thoughts started racing through my mind uncontrollably. My mother's death the bullies everything. I left the kitchen and locked myself in my room. 

"It's pointless." I thought. 

"You can end it all now so abruptly quick and clean." 

I withdrew my pocket knife in which I had obtained as an attempt to fend of the bullies. I slowly slit the blade down my skin. My wristlet blood out. I repeated this multiple times. Then I thought of one simple phrase. 

Death is amongst us. 

Submitted: December 01, 2016

© Copyright 2022 c.m. baicu. All rights reserved.

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