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Okay, so my first shot at a romantic piece. Let me know if it's any good!

Submitted: April 03, 2016

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Submitted: April 03, 2016



Tess kept staring at the boy. She knew him from somewhere. He had peircing green eyes, curly black hair, and a smile to die for.

She studied him, looking for maybe a birthmark or scar that would trigger a memory.

Then she remembered.

"Wow, you are so beautiful," Marcus said as he raked his fingers through Tess' straight and smooth hair. His nose was touching hers, and they were both staring into each others' eyes.

"Tess?" the boy said, breaking Tess from her trance.

She looked up.

"I knew it was you!" He said, his eyes gleaming.

They both stared at each other for a long and awkward time. Finally, the boy said, "Wow, you're still... so beautiful."

Tess blushed, then looked at the floor. "You're not so bad yourself."

Marcus wrung his wrists nervously. "Um... may I sit down?"

Tess nodded and patted the chair next to her. 

"Some diner, huh?" Marcus asked, pointing to the huge jukebox that was lighting up in pinks and oranges. It was playing Journey's 'Don't Stop Believing'.

Tess grinned and said, "Remember when we broke the jukebox at Dave and Busters?"

She was talking about when Marcus and Tess were 12 years old. They had gone to Dave and Busters as a 'date', and when they tried to pick a song, Marcus had bumped into Tess' soda, sending it all over the jukebox.

"I remember," Marcus replied, smiling. "I also remember when we rented that log cabin when we were 16, and it was infested with roaches. You wouldn't even sleep in there, so we slept under the stars. When misquitos bit us up, you decided to go inside with me. I had to make us a bed on a wooden shelf so the roaches wouldn't crawl up on us. We slept there the rest of the night."

Tess remembered that well. "And the next morning, the tire was flat, so we watched a bunch of scary movies."

Marcus nodded, laughing slightly. "Remember when we were 17 and we said we were going to run away together? We said we would get married and vacation in Hawaii."

Tess shook her head, tears brimming in her eyes. "And then after a month of planning it, you said you were going into the army."

Marcus kept his gaze on her. "I'm sorry, Tess. That's what my father and grandfather have done. They put this pressure on me to continue serving."

Tess bit her lip. "Why would you leave me?"

Marcus held Tess' hand. "I have no idea."

Marcus kissed Tess, and then she fell in love all over again. 

When the kiss ended, Tess looked at Marcus. She studied his beautiful green eyes. "Remember when you said that after you came back, we would get married?" 

Marcus nodded. He let Tess go, and pulled something out of his pocket. Marcus got down on one knee, and opened the little black box he held in his hand.

"Will you marry me?"

Tess laughed. "Is that a ringpop?"

Marucs grinned. "The best memory is of you and me getting married in fourth grade using a ring pop. Remember?"

"I remember."



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