For Michelle

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Michelle was new.But Jessica and he popular group made sure she didn't fit in.with just one sentence. " We don't want her hanging out with us."

Submitted: July 24, 2012

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Submitted: July 24, 2012



 This was not made by me,But I thought 'this is so inspirational ' .This actually happened and it's such a touching story.Again,This was not made by me , I'm just typing it for others to read.

 For Michelle

Everyday after school,four 12 year old girls waited for the bus.I was one of them.Jessica was the bully.Emily & Clarissa were practically her sideicks because they knew that if they weren't on her side,she'd harass them.Then there was Sarah,A nice girl who despised Jessica.I didn't like anyone except Sarah.Brittany also became one of my good friends.She was disliked by Jessica,but liked by everyone else.

 One day, A new girl named Michelle started waiting with us.She was shy & regular looking ,but she was very nice to anyone who dared talk to her.She sometimes had trouble saying a sentance and she spoke with a heavy accent.Brittany didn't mind and soon became her friend.Brittany and I were her only friends.Nobody noticed her and if they did,they made fun of her stuttering.

 Things were okay until Jessica decided she didn't like Michelle.Jessoca started laughing at her stuttering.Then the "jokes" got more & more vicious.Emily & Clarrissa would tag along,but Sarah and I told them to stop.Then Jessica started making fun of us,too & we stopped.

Meanwhile,I was privately becoming good friends with Michelle.She began to confide in me of how hurt she felt when everyone picked on her & all her life,she was bullied.But whenever I got the nerve to stand up for her,I was outnumbered,So I stopped.One day,Brittany over heard Jessica , Emily & Clarissa talking about wanting to ditch Michelle.Brittany thought it was her job to let herself be the leader and so that day,Brittany announced we all didn't want to sit with Michelle because she was a freak.I didn't feel that way at all,I just sat stunned,not  saying a word of what Brittany had just said.

 I'll never forget Michelle's expression.Despair,Pain & anger all in one.

Brittany ,one of the girls she trusted most in the world,called her a freak and said she didn't want to see her again.She silently picked up her backpack and moved to a nearby table with her back to us.I knew she was crying.I didn't say out loud what should have been said,That I didn't want her to leave.But I was a coward.So Sarah and I said nothing as the others laughed at the thought of Michelle crying in front of us.

Though I was still friendly to Michelle,it was never the same.She started talking less & less ,then all together.Her mother drove her home.She lost touch with me because the class we shared had ended.

One year later,Sarah came up to me at school and blurted ,"Michelle died .. she committed suicide"

"What?" I said,not believing what I'd just heard.

 I went late next day,still thinking 'Has I caused her to kill herself?If I had only stood up for her,would she still be alive today?'

Guilt ridden and miserable,I cried and talked to my Mother until 3:00 A.M .

When I woke,my eyes were so swollen and puffy that they would barely open.It was obvious to me what happened then.Michelle had always been picked on without any friends to help her.When Brittany & I had become her friends,she clung to us,feeling like we were the only ones besides her family who liked her.But we both let her down terribly.

"Oh that's too bad." Clarrissa & Emily said , fake sadness in their voices.

Jessica just snickered.

Their reactions made me sick!How could they act so mean?After a minute,they forgot their 'sorrow' and went to go pick on a boy with glasses sitting nearby.Sarah was just as shocked as I was by their cold reactions.Now,2 yeards after Michelle entered my life,I'm not the same girl I used to be.When I see someone being harrassed,teased or bullied ,I try to help no matter what.

Michelle's memory still hurts , but I will always think of her as a gift... A gift to everyone else who has ever experienced bullying - a gift that reminds me to never make the mistake of sitting back again..

R.I.P Michelle 

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