Beginning of the End

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

(WARNING There is possibly some cursing I haven't fully decided yet) A man named Jonathan Taylor(Name possibly to be changed), is on a hunt to find out who he is, what he is and who caused it, but he isn't a ordinary human anymore, some where along the way during his time in the hospital he gained an ability caused by a special strand of a virus known as XKG-260, which is a heavily mutated version of the Spanish Flu that the government tried to weaponize for biological warfare. Will he recover from his amnesia and find out what happened to him and his family or will he be left out to die from the virus rapidly mutating inside of him? (This is for the actual novel not the short story, but as said before it will only be made into one if people ask for it.)



"YOU! I've been looking for you for a long time, and I have finally found you." I yelled. The tall, greasy haired man turns around and just stares at him, his facial expression not showing a single change. "I know what you did, I know what you caused and I know what you are!" I continued, "Have you realized that you are personally responsible for the deaths of MILLIONS!?" The man just continues staring with a blank face. No matter how much I yelled at him his facial expression never changed. "You were the one who murdered thousands of men, women, and children. I should rip you apart at the seems right now!" I yelled. The man, he is still just staring, he hasn't said a single word. "What do you not have anything to sa-" thats all I could say before the man started laughing in a maniacal way. "You think I care? They were all obselete and did not deserve the gift of life! The entire human race is obselete and deserves to be destroyed. and thats exactly what i'm doing! I will be a king! a GOD! I will be worshipped for creating our race! I gave you the gift of life! I evolved you past the obselete humans! Apparently I was wrong to think you would join me, so i'm taking it back!" As he says this, the ground then starts shaking underneath and as I look up, he is rushing towards me, Arm already changed into a blade ready to attack, so I do the same and we sprint towards each other and as the blades clash, I feel a shooting pain in my chest.


Chapter 1

"Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known." -Carl Sagan


I wake up staring at a white tiled roof. As I look around all I see is medical equipment and I begin to wonder "just what happened to me?" Just as I think I continue looking around, I see a blood pack, a tv, a barred window. "Wait just where am I? Am in a prison?" I ask myself as I continue looking around until my eyes stop on a curtain next to me and I see a shadow. It looks to be a man just standing there, right in front of that curtain. I want to speak to him and ask if he knows what happened to me. but right as i'm about to open my mouth, the words choke as I see red drip down from underneath the curtain and as I look back up I see the shadow holding a sharp object and stabbing something. I try to get up and get away from him in fear he will do the same to me. I get up as slowly and quietly as I can hoping for the man to not realize i'm awake. My heart skips a beat as I hear the curtain open from behind me with a voice following behind "Oh your awake its nice to see your alive its better when their alive and much more fun." I turn to see a bald man slowly walking towards me. I have only one escape and its through the door that he is blocking. I quickly try to think of a plan, but I can't my mind is too messed up. "Come on Jonothan just come here and we can talk about what happened. then we will have a nice long dinner and then you can go home! simple as that!"

I realize there is no escape the closest thing to freedom I have is the barred window, but I couldn't break that. its impossible! It was either die to a mad man with a knife or try to escape through a barred window which in hopes will just knock me out and he can kill me pain free if I fail. I turn and sprint towards the window and jump for it. My body breaks through the window as I realize the bars have been tampered with. someone cut them. I fall down the side of the building, thinking that atleast I will die pain free as just a splat to the ground. I close my eyes waiting for the inevitable death. I hit the ground with a loud thud and cracks appear in the surface below. my eyes shoot open as I realize that I survived. I try to get up, but as I pull my leg gets shot with pain. I look down to see one of the bars sticking out of my leg. I begin to pull as hard as I can on the bar and realize there was a voice coming closer. "I can't believe you did that we were gonna be the best of friends." The voice gets closer and closer everytime I pull. I finally just gave up pulling out and decided to just get up dealing with the pain. I begin limping towards the gate as I hear "Where do you think you're going?" I turn to see the man once again, but as I turn I see the man fall over, blood dripping from his chest, while a knife rolls from his hand. What had happened to him? I didn't have enough time to think because as I was staring I heard another roar of voices "He's over here!" I turn and start limping away to the fastest speed I can. 

A few hours later

I make it to a town at the break of nightfall. I shamble down the street, looking and hoping to find someone who can help me. I continue shambling, and all I see is just empty houses with no lights, until I see something in the distance. A lit house! I shamble as quick as I can over there. I walk up to the door and hear voices coming from the inside. I knock on the door and hear walking around and someone opens the door. The black haired, burly man jumps at the sight of me. "Are you okay?" the man asks I open my mouth but as I do. My throat clenches and I see the ground coming closer.



Chapter 2


I wake up in a dark room. I look around trying to figure out where I have woken up this time. I sit up and see a woman putting bandages on my leg. "You're awake! Honey come here he's awake!" she yells. As she says this, the man and a little girl run through the door. "You are lucky. Any longer and you would have had to get your leg cut." She says in a cheery voice."Sir could you tell us your name please?" the man says. "Jonothan, Jonothan Taylor." I say "Well John my name is Josh and this is my wife, Catherine." The little blonde girl then walks over and says "My name is Mia" "Nice to mee you Mia." "Are you okay?" she asks me. "Honey he'll be fine he just needs some sleep besides its past your bed time." Then they all leave the room. Mia then turns around in the open door and says "Goodnight Jonothan! Sweet Dreams!" "I will goodnight and sweet dreams to you too Mia." I turn over in the bed and pull the covers over myself. 

"Freak. Idiot. I hate you. I am very dissapointed in you. I will never love you..." these words have a meaning they keep repeating in my head. All I see is a black box and these words are on it and all around me. I turn around and a giant hand pushes me into the box. I scream and my eyes begin closing themselves. I see nothing but black. I sit in despair wondering if I will ever escape. I hear a sound. It sounds like a girl screaming, my eyes shoot open to reveal a hand coming in and grabbing me. It pulls me out of the box and throws me in front of a oncoming truck. I scream at the top of my lungs as the truck continues coming while I am laying on the ground in front of it and right when the truck is inches from my face, I wake up to Mia poking my hand.

"Hey Mia" I say tiredly. "I came up here to wake you for breakfast, but you were rolling around a lot and kept saying something" She said. " It's alright I was just having a bad dream. Thank you for waking me" I told her "Just wait one moment, could you show me where the bath room is?" She nods and runs off into the hall. I get up with an expected limp. I begin to move my leg, but it moves fine and has no problems. I look down and see that is has been healed! I run after her. A little while later, I come down the stairs and see everyone sitting at a table talking. I walk over and everyone turns to me. "Oh Jonathan sit down. your leg seems better" Catherine says as she points to a chair next to Mia. I walk over sit down and Catherine sets some food down in front of me. I looked down at the food and realized that i'm starving. I dig into the food, practically ripping the plate in half with how fast I was cutting and eating. I look up and thank Catherine and complement her cooking. "Why thank you Jonathan atleast someone here appreciates my cooking." She says this while giving a quick stare at Josh, who just causally shrugs and smiles. "Call me John. I don't really like being called Jonathan." "Alright John. We have some things to get in town and we hate to ask you, but would you please get some of the things it would be much faster and easier." "Okay I can do that. When should I go?" "Later tonight, Josh and I have work all day today. I'll be back by 3 to take care of Mia, so go anytime after I get back." 

Chapter 3

"Inside each of us, there is the seed of both good and evil. It's a constant struggle as to which one will win. And one cannot exist without the other." - Eric Burdon


I leave the store with everything Catherine had on her list. It is very dark, I check my watch and see that it is Midnight. I begin walking back and see a crouching man with raggedy clothes and a dirty beard. I walk over to the man, "Hey sir. Here you can have some of this" I say while handing out a peice of bread. The man stands up and pushes me against the wall. He is holding a broken bottle and with an out-stretched hand he says, "Give me everything you have or I will stab you and take it by force!" A voice in the back of my head says "This man just made the worst mistake in his life." He steps back and stares at me. "Your eyes they.. they are changing blood red!" As I hear this my body moves on its own. My left hand grabs the man by the throat and lifts him up. My mouth opens and in a demonic voice says "You picked the wrong person to mess with." My eyes dart down to my right arm. My fingers begin stretching and sharpening and mixing together into 3 giant blades. The veins in my arms begin popping out of my skin and turning jet black and blood red, something inside my arm then starts pulsing bright red. I bring the claw back and push it forward stabbing the man. He screams in pain as I pull my claw back out and it moves over my head and swings towards him. The man is ripped in half with one swing. His body is injected into mine. I drop to my knees as my head screams in pain. then I see flashbacks of this man. I see all of his memories, I see what caused him to turn to this life, I see his childhood, I see.. his family. I regain control of my body and stand up . I look around seeing blood splattered everywhere. I become sick to my stomach. I can't believe I did this. I see a mirror and when I look in it. I see the man. I have become him. The voice then comes back and says "Think about what you looked like before I did this favor for you." I do as the voice says and my body turns back to normal. I look like my normal self, but I will never be the same knowing I did this.


Chapter 4


I go back "home" or at least what I began calling my home. I walk into the dark house. I see josh sitting down on the couch watching TV. "Hey come take a load down" Josh says while motioning for me to come over. I walk over and the second my body hits the light of the TV, Josh's eyes spring open in shock. "Is that.. b-blood?" he says shakily. I nod with a frown, "Yea, it is. A homeless man attacked me and I.. I killed him." He just stares at me. "Alright it isn't illegal if they attacked first but dont do it again. Now go wash off and we will keep this between us, alright?" I nod and walk over to the bathroom to get a shower and a change of clothes.

A few days later

In my dreams, I see the man just staring hopelessly at me. I have to keep watching as my arm comes back and kills him in repeat. over, and over again I see the man fall to the ground. The loop finally ends, but that is just the beginning of the nightmare. A man that looks just like me walks out of the black and stares at me. His eyes are no longer hazel like mine, they are a solid dark red. He grabs me by the neck and lifts me then screams "Running will not save you!" I see a claw come up from behind him and as his arm swings forward to stab.

I fly up out of the covers and breath heavily. Mia runs into my room with her usual smile. "Get up! Get up! It's time to go!" "Alright alright. Let me at least go to the bathroom first." I walk over to the bathroom, dress myself, brush my teeth, and fix my hair. My brown hair was falling onto the sink and I wonder why, but it isn't something worth my attention. I walk out of the bathroom, and Mia runs over throwing her arms in the air yelling, "Come on! I'm gonna be late!" "Well I guess your gonna be late then!" I quickly pick her up by the waste and throw her over my arm. Mia starts laughing uncontrollably and her laughter becomes contagious and I drop into the car laughing. We just sat there for a little while laughing. Once I regained my posture, I buckled Mia up in the seat next to me since she was still laughing. I pulled out of the driveway and head towards Mia's school.

I drop off Mia. "See you later Uncle John!" Uncle? When did she start calling me that? I'll have to ask her when she gets back. I drive back home. I walk into the house and lock the door behind me. I sit down on the couch and begin watching TV. The news was still on from the night before when Catherine was checking the weather. I laid my head on the arm of the couch and give out a loud yawn. I didn't realize how tired I was so I set my watch to wake me up at 2:30.

Chapter 5

“Murderers are not monsters, they're men. And that's the most frightening thing about them.” -Alice Sebold

This idiot. Sleeping on a couch when we could be out doing something. We could be out getting revenge. We could be out getting things for free. We could be out doing whatever we want. I'm gonna do this fool another favor. I take over his body and force him to leave the house. I turn towards town with a mask over my face. I sprint towards town. I was running fast, faster then any train, faster then any jet. I slide to a stop, putting a dent into the concrete. I turn and see a man in a suit with the words "Anderson Mental and Physical Hospital" on a name tag. "HEY COME HERE!" The man turns and recognizes me as I pull off the mask to yell. He turns and runs full speed away. I run towards him till I tackle him a few seconds later. I raise off the ground, grab him by the throat and I yell, "Running will not save you!" "Now answer this question. What happ-"

"DROP HIM NOW!" I turn to see two policeman pointing guns towards me. I look back at the man in my hand and stab him right in front of these cops. The cops drop their guns in shock. I turn to them with the dismembered man. I throw it at them and the oldest looking one dodges out of the way and takes a quick shot at me. I see it coming and cut it in half. The cop then runs over to me and starts trying to hit me with his baton. I sit there while he hits me over and over again with the baton not feeling a single bit of pain. I grab the baton and break it with one hand. As I do this, I feel something metal touch my head. I look and see the younger cop holding a gun straight to my head. "Do it. Fire. SHOOT ME NOW!" I yell as I turn my face towards him. He fires and I move out of the way while pushing the elder cop into the path of the bullet.  The rookie runs over to his mentor and tries to help him to his best ability. I walk over, pick him up and throw him against the wall. I turn back to the man bleeding out on the ground. I pick up his gun and shoot him straight in the head. I turn back to the rookie, whom is just now standing back up. I see hatred in his eyes. I walk slowly towards him. He turns and prepares to run, but before he can move his leg. He is already too late, I had already swung my arm and cut him. He falls to his knees with one hand over his cut. He falls forward with a blank stare. I walk over to finish the job when I hear a slight beeping. I look down to my watch and see 2:30. I slowly begin to lose control of my body. I run full speed home before I lose all control.

Chapter 6


I wake up outside, face down in the grass. I hear a beeping and I jump up to see where it is coming from. I look down at my wrist and see "2:47". Oh no i'm gonna be late. I run as fast as I can, I grab the keys, and jump in the car. I drive full speed towards her school. I get there 10 minutes late, but Mia didn't seem mad about it. The second she got in the car, She started talking about her day at school. She finishes talking right as we pull up behind the truck that Josh is trying to fix. "Go do your homework Mia." "No I will never do it!" she says with a smile. "Do it and ill give you a piggy back ride around the house for how ever long you want." "Deal!" She runs up the her room, carrying her backpack. I walk over to the kitchen and start making food for us.

I stumble down the hall, towards the kitchen, hoping to find something to snack on. I look around and decide to just make myself a sandwich. I walk over to the fridge and open the door. "LET GO OF ME!" is yelled out from the top of the stairs. "MIA!" I run up the stairs with a knife in my hand, prepared to defend myself and Mia. 

I kick open her door, and to my right I see a man holding her by the arm with a gun in his other. He turns around as he hears the door open and he puts Mia into a human shield position and points a gun at her head. "Don't come any closer! I have seen what you can do and what you have done!" He says this. "I said let go of me!" She yells as she bites his hand. "Why you little!" He turns around and smacks her with the butt of the gun, knocking her unconsious. This sends me into a blind rage! "Thats it use your rage! Show your anger! Use the anger and show this man what he gets for messing with your best friend!" I feel the rage burn inside of my mind and my body. My body starts emitting red smoke. My left arm immediately turns into the claw that haunts my dreams. I expected my right arm to follow suit, but it didn't. I look down at it to see my veins pulsating. They slowly stretch out and mix until they turn into a giant metallic blade.

The man stares in fear. I slowly walk towards him. He steps backwards every time I step closer. "Stay away from me!" he fires his gun at me. The bullet hits me in the chest, but it doesn't do any damage to me. It was crushed the second it hit me. The man pulls his gun back and slaps me with it, the gun falls into pieces as it hits me. I begin walking closer and closer. He backs up against Mia's desk, knocking off books and pencils. I continue walking till i'm a few inches away. I raise my right arm, but before I swing it. I look up into the mirror and see myself. No, not myself. I see a monster about to murder someone. I drop my arm down and turn them back to normal. I grab the man by the collar of his shirt. I walk over to the window. "Leave here and never come back. Just to make sure you remember this forever." I turn my arm into the blade and cut his right hand clean off. I throw him out of the window with a pair of bandages. I turn back to the unconsious Mia, I pick her up and tuck her into bed. "I'm glad your okay" I whisper. I bend over and kiss her forehead. "Goodnight Mia. Sweet dreams." I walk out of the room, slowly shutting the door behind me. I went back to bed and fell asleep. I didn't have any nightmares that night. I slept soundly for the first time since I left the hospital.

Chapter 7

Sergeant Jamie Fyer, Pactem Corps HQ, Washington

"Okay, the virus has broken out of containment, and was lost somewhere in this area" the General says while circling a town on the map with his finger.  He continues, "set up a square perimeter around the town, and add roadblocks and infection scanners at every major intersection, Don't let anyone through and if you get a positive on a civilian, you are to capture them and if they refuse, no matter what age, you are cleared hot." A soldier next to me chimes in"Sir, I understand we must do whatever we can do stop this virus, but killing innocent civilians? I didn't sign up for this." He turns and begins to walk away. I hear a gunshot and see him stop in his tracks. He drops to his knees and falls to the side. "He wasn't needed anyway. Men, carry him off and tell his family he died a traitor." the General says as he walks by. "Yes sir!" the rest of us yell as we turn and begin leaving the room. "Sergeant! Come here for a moment" I turn and go to his desk. "Yes sir?" "I need you to lead this operation, you are the only one of these simpletons whom understands the rules and sacrifices of war." The sleeve, where his left shoulder should be, waves in the wind as he thrusts his hand forward for a handshake. I answer "yes sir, I will lead this mission and I will not fail you." I shake his hand confirming my answer. 

 By dawn the next day, we had the town closed off. Any vehicle that was not Military was sent a different way or was destroyed. I drove around the perimeter, checking for any openings, until my communicator rang. "Sergeant, have you got the perimeter set up?" the General asks. "Yes sir. Noones getting in or out." "Good, keep it up and you may get a promotion." "Yes thank you sir." I put the communicator down and hear gunshots coming from the main road leading into the town. I run to my vehicle and drive as fast as it can go.

I arrive on the road and see bodies laying everywhere. Some ripped in half, some missing limbs and blood piles all over the ground. "Who could've done this?" I bend down to inspect one of the bodies. The cut was clean, not a single centimeter off. I hear running behind me and I turn as quick as I can, whilst pulling out a knife. I see a hooded man running towards me, and this is when I realize, this was the man who killed all these men. He continues his sprint towards me and tries to punch me. I dodge the punch and stab him in the back of the neck. He takes another swing, and I dodge just as before and stab him in the stomach. He tries to hit me againand I jump behind him and shoot him 4 times in the head. He spins around and throws one more punch, this time it connects directly with my body, launching me. I hit the ground and roll. I get up hastily and get into an attack stance. He stares at me and begins to circle. I follow along and begin circling with him. I smile as my extended hand tells him to come get me. He sprints while yelling at the top of his lungs. I flip the blade around in my hand and take a real quick strike and it puts a large gash in his right cheek. I throw the knife into the air as I duck beneath his oncoming fist. I catch the blade mid-air and land on him. I put the knife to his throat and slit it. This seems to just make him angrier because he throws his arms back and I'm thrown off. He turns back to face me as his arm turns into a blade. I stand back up again, and throw the knife at him.. It stabs him between the eyes. He drops to his knees, mouth wide open. 

I fall back from exhaustion, knowing that it's over.  I hear laughing and I look over to where he had fallen. He is standing up and is laughing hysterically. He reaches his right hand up and rips the knife right out of his face. His face heals instantly, and he takes the knife and breaks it in half. He walks over and picks me up by the collar. He opens his mouth to speak only to say, "you are a worthy adversary, shame that I must kill you, such a waste of talent." He pulls back his hand as it transforms into a claw. "I'm gonna make your death quic-" I stop him mid-sentence with a bullet to the mouth. I drop back to the ground. He steps backwards and rubs blood off his chin. "I was gonna make it quick and easy, but just for that i'm going to take my time killing you. He begins sprinting at me, but before he gets too close. He just stops. I begin to hear beeping, I look down at my communicator and it wasn't the source of the beeping. I look back up and see nothing. He's gone. "Sir! Sir! Are you okay?" says one of the soldiers. "Yes private i'm fi-" my head falls back and the last thing I hear is the sound of an ambulance.

Chapter 8

Johnothan Taylor, FRZ, Mississippi

I raise up off the couch. I rub my eyes hoping to be woken up faster. I begin my typical morning stretches, when the news comes on with an annoucement. "Pactem and the military have set up a perimeter around the entire town and have declared martial law after an early morning "terrorist" attack, in which left 89 soldiers dead and 1 wounded. We have Sergeant Jamie Fyer here to speak about the terrorist and the new temporary rules." "Yes ma'am. The list of rules includes: 1. Anyone trying to enter and or leave the town will be checked, captured and/or killed on sight." The rest of the broadcast is drowned out. Mia and her family are all out on vacation and are coming back today. I run over to the phone and type in the number. "Hello I'm sorry I can't come to the phone right now, but please leave a message after the beep." I run upstairs to get clothes on and I run out of the house. I run as fast as I can to the interstate. 


I arrive at the checkpoint and begin to climb up the nearby hill. I look down and fall back from shock. Those can't be what I think they are. I see cages. Hundreds of cages. I see some full of children, some full of adults, and others... filled to the brim with elderly. I have to get down there. I can't let this continue. I make my way down there, as quietly as I can. I see a soldier patrolling around the outside. I try to memorize his patterns of walking. I begin to walk at the time when he was furthest away and had his back to me. "Stop!" And I've been caught. I turn towards him as he points his gun at me. "Down on your knees sir." I follow along with his instructions. He walks over and points the gun to my head. "I'm sorry sir. I never wanted to kill an innocent man, but orders are orders." My voice deepens and a response slips out "Really, well you may be sorry about killing someone innocent. I, on the other hand, am not." I smack the gun out of his hand and kick him. I run beside his flying body and catch him mid-flight inches before hitting the wall. I turn around and slam him on the ground. I could feel his back break in my hand. My leg opens and it sucks him in. "What is going on!?" I yell as I drop to the ground trying to stop the body. I was too late, he was consumed. My body transforms into him, I am wearing the same clothes, with the same eyes and voice

I want to yell for help. I want to do anything I can to fix this, but that isn't whats important at the moment. I turn to the gate, after picking up the gun, and enter. I see even more cages, most aren't full, but it still shocks me to see that the military would do such a thing. I see a soldier begin to walk over to the adult cages and pull out two people. I walk closer to begin following when I see who the people are.

"Knees on the ground!" the soldier yells at the two. Josh and Catherine follow along with his instructions. He puts a gun to the back of Josh's head. Another soldier walks over and starts scanning him with something. A loud and fast beeping starts going off. "Hmm well it seems that you have had a lot of exposure to the virus. Scanner says your not infected but just in case." He pulls the trigger. I look away."You just saw your husband die. How does that make you feel?" he says while looking at Catherine. "You are all monsters!" she yells back to him. His face scrunches in anger and he smacks her."I'll show you what a monster is." He walks over to the child cages and pulls out Mia. He barks out the same orders. She does as told and sits down in front of her newly blood covered mother."You three have a high virus detection. Tell us where the virus capsules are." "We don't know what you're talking about! please just let us go" "Hmph. Well you may not know where the capsules are, but your daughter might." He walks behind Catherine and puts a knife to her throat."Well little lady. Tell me, where are the capsules?" She yells, "I don't know! Please don't hurt my mom!" teary-eyed. "Wrong answer." "Look away honey mommy will be okay just close your eyes and everything will be okay." Another soldier walks over and holds Mia, who is struggling trying to get out of the cuffs holding her. "Mommy!" The soldier just laughs at them. "I'm bored. Time to get on with the show!" He rips the knife back. Blood spurts everywhere. The soldier that was holding Mia lost grip and she ran over to her dead family. The soldier that had just murdered Mia's family walks over and grabs Mia by the hair."Come on, We ain't done with you yet." As my arms transfom, rage fills my body. I run to the man while screaming at the top of my lungs.


Chapter 9

I kick open the door carrying Mia. I carry her to her room and drop her on the bed. I look down and see my clothes drenched with red. My stomach starts to growl and a immense pain kicks in. I run down to the fridge. I quickly take things out to prepare making food. I drop to my knees. The pain is too strong. It hurts too much. I take the bag of chips from under the counter and start dumping the chips in my mouth. My hunger is still here and wasn't affected in the slightest. The voice rings out in the back of my head, "You can't eat that." My vision turns red. "Let me help you. besides its not like I haven't for the past few nights." I respond, "What do you mean I can't eat that? I've been eating it for the past few months." He says, "Yes you have, but you have been surviving because I kept feeding you at night."

I hear footsteps coming from outside. My body turns around and it points at someone walking past the house. "There, go eat that. That is what will satisfy your hunger." "No I refuse to eat another human. Thats cannibilism!" "It's not cannibilism if your not human. We're starving so if you don't do it I will." As he says this, I start walking towards the door. I yell, "No Stop!" My body continues anyway without a single stutter. I open the door and the person is gone. My vision in my left eye turns darker red and my head turns and sees a glowing figure to the left walking. What is wrong with me? Why am I like this? "Get over it." I sprint towards the figure and as my right foot leaves the pavement, a crack in the ground forms. 

The figure turns at the sound and sees me running towards them. It turns and runs, but its too late. I've already caught up with it. My hand grabs the back of its head. I pull the hood off its face. It's a girl. I lift her up off the ground. No! No! Don't do this! As I start yelling this in my head, I let go of her and my hands go to my head as I stumble back in pain. I manage to get a sentence out. "Get out of here quickly! I can't hold him long." The girl does as she is told and runs away. "Shut up! Stop talking! I'm trying to feed us so we won't die!" "I refuse to let you kill that little girl." I hear footsteps coming and I look up only to get hit with a metal tube. I fall over as some memories flow back. I gain control of myself once again and stand up. I look to where to tube came from and I see the girl running away from behind a guy. He yells, "you are a monster!". I look at him and stare. My stomach pain grows worse. I need to eat something right now. My body loses control again, and I punch straight through the man's chest. His body just disappears. It dissolves and turns red and flows from my arm down to my stomach. My hunger is gone, but so is he. The voice says in the back of my head, "I told you, If you won't I will." My body turns and starts walking back towards the house. As I walk into the house, I regain control and just think about what I had just done. I decide to go shower and change from these bloody clothes.

When I lay in bed, I see the memories flash by once more. I see a family. I'm sitting at a table while watching a woman walk over carrying food. I look to my right and see a little girl, no more then 8 years old, coloring in a book. I see the little girl open her mouth and say, "Daddy! How does this look?" I respond, "It looks great honey. You got the drawing talent of your mother. Me, on the other hand, can't even draw a stickman." She giggles and I look back at her. My vision turns red. Everything is fading away. The memory just turns to black as I hear laughter coming from above. I look up and see my face, but with blood red eyes. He was just laughing in this demonic way. He turns towards me while still laughing and I see blood covering his mouth. He picks me up and says, "I told you, if you won't I will." He throws me into his mouth.

Chapter 10

I jump up off the couch and fall on my face. I hear the demonic voice begin talking, "wow, I didn't think you were that scared of me." "What are you talking about?" I reply. "Remember I am you so I see what you dream of and what you imagine and what you think." "Fine," I reply with a huff. I stand up and walk towards the laundry room to change clothes. What happened the day before is still awake in my mind. I can't get over it, it wont leave my thoughts. "You're still stuck on that huh? Well get over it. Its going to happen many more times," the voice says. I walk upstairs and check on Mia. I open the door and see her asleep in bed. She lets out a really bad cough. I walk over and check her for a fever. Her head is burning hot. I run and get an ice pack and place it on her head. "I guess you won't be going to school today," I whisper silenty. I hear a scream outside of the house. I run outside to see what made the sound. I see a little girl running away. I run over to the sidewalk and stop her. "What's wrong?" "There's a man trying to get me," she replies. She screams and points. I turn to see why and I see a man shambling towards me. His face is horribly disfigured. His clothes are red and his right arm has no skin at all. "Run into my house, and stay there until I call you, okay?" I say in a calm voice. "Okay." she runs over to the house and hides inside. I call out to him, "Sir, are you alright?" I know he isn't but that girl could be watching and I don't want to traumatize her too much. He replies with a low moan and begins running at me. "I guess you don't want to be friends?" I say sarcastically. He takes a swipe at me and I move out of the way, but he quickly turns around and bites my arm. I grab the back of his neck and throw him down the sidewalk. He loses both of his arms and he continues to run back at me. I look down at my arm. I see a bite mark and can see the bone in my arm. It heals instantly. I run towards him and punch him as hard as I can. He flies into the road and is hit by a car and the car starts sliding around and crashes into the nearby tree. I turn and walk back to the house. I see the girl peeking out from the side of the door. I reach out my hand and say, "here I'll walk you home." She nods and grabs my hand as I lock the door to the house. We begin walking towards her house. "You remind me of my dad," she says. "I do?" "Well I didn't know what my dad was like because he died before I was 5, but my mom would always tell me stories about him and how caring he was." We continue walking towards her house. We reach her house and she calls out to her mother. "Momma i'm home and I brought a guest!" She opens the door and I walk in and turn around to pat her on the head. The mother walks into the room. "Sir, thank you for bringing my dau-." I turn around as she speaks. Her eyes widen with either fear or surprise. Her voice stutters, "J-J-Jonothan?"


Chapter 11

"How do you know my name?" I say. She runs over and hugs me. She looks up at me with tears in her eyes. "What do you mean?" she says back. "How do you know my name?" "You don't remember me?" "No I don't" I say back softly. "How could you not remember me? Wait I get it, this is one of your jokes right? Well, I don't think its funny. You have been gone for years and when you come back, you play a prank on me?" shey says angrily. She lets go and slaps me as hard as she can. The feeling of her hand reminds me of a feeling I haven't felt in a long time. "Hello Sophia. I remember now, and before you get mad at me and think I was playing a trick on you. I have gotten amnesia." "Amnesia," she says this with wide eyes. "Yes, I have gotten amnesia and have forgotten everything about my life and everyone I knew." "Oh man, well now that your back we can be a family again!" She says with a giant grin. "I have been taking care of a little girl for the past few months. Her family have been... on an "extended vacation" for a while now. Could I possibly let her live here?" "Yea sure she can have your brother's room back when he lived with us." "Thank you. I'll go get her now." I walk outside and turn to shut the door. I turn in the direction of Mia's house. I see a giant smoke cloud eminating in the sky. "Mia!" I yell as I begin running as fast as I can to the house.

I arrive in front of the house and see it engulfed in a large fire ball. People have gathered around and are freaking out. The firemen there are trying their best to put out the fire. I look around for Mia and don't see her anywhere. I look up to her room's window and see it hasn't been caught on fire yet and a light is on inside. "My little girl is in there I need to go get her!" One of the firemen yells out, "sir don't you wont make it more then 20 seconds in there!" "I have to atleast try!" I run through the flames into the burning house. My body hurts all over. I run up the stairs while fire begins to engulf my arm. I kick open the door to Mia's room. I quickly put out the fire on my back and grab Mia. I throw her over my shoulders and look around for an exit. "Freak, there's no way out." I try to think of an alternative. I look over at the window and get an idea. "Well this is gonna hurt." I run and slam through the wall and fall to the ground. While we are falling, I turn around so I will be a cushion for Mia. I fall onto the ground and hear people running over to me. "Sir, are you alright?" one of the people say. "Yea yea just get her out. Don't worry about me." They pick her up and take her to a nearby ambulance while I walk  behind them. She lets out a cough and I hold her hand. "You're gonna be okay. You're gonna be okay." I keep repeating to her, but to be honest I was only saying it to make myself feel better. They move her into the ambulance and I follow behind. She starts coughing violently. The demonic voice chimes in, "she is infected with XKG-260." "What is that?" "It is a modified version of the spanish flu that was made for biological warfare and you have it as well." "It can't be true the government wouldn't let this weapon out in their own country." "You don't believe me? You can see the sickness in people, You have the power to do so. Focus on her and think about the sickness." I do as he said and my vision turns blue. I look at her and her entire body is red. I can't believe it she really is sick. "Let me control for a minute. I have a plan that could fix this." "Really? If so do it. I don't care just make sure she lives!" "Okay."  He takes over and stands up. He picks up Mia and stabs his hand through her stomach. It doesn't penetrate through though. He holds his arm in her and it starts bubbling. He pulls his arm out and puts her back the way she was. He gives control back to me. I check for the sickness and its still there, but now her body is a dark blue. I bend over to check her for life signs. Her heart isn't beating.


Chapter 12

"What did you do!?" "I cured her." "No, you killed her!" "Check her again." I look at her once more, but her body is a dark maroon. "She isn't cured!" "Yes, she isn't, but now she has a strain of our version of this virus." "Wait, so she has the curse that I have?" "No, I gave her the strain that heals her, so by the time we get to the hospital, she will be cured of the disease and the healing strain will be gone." "Thank you. Now I want to find out how did this fire start." "Did you leave the oven on?" the demonic voice chimes in sarcastically. "Not the time to joke." "Sorry, couldn't help myself. I extracted some memories of hers that you may be interested in." "What?" He shows me a memory of a man walking around in her room holding what looks to be a match. "Yes command, the girl's here but our target isn't. Are you sure, but she's just a little girl. Yes, sir" He walks downstairs and the memory ends. "Was that the... military?" "No duh sherlock." "The military nearly killed Mia." "Yes, they did." "Why would they do this." "They want you. They want to us. They want to use you and they want to use us to get their disease back and possibly make a super soldier out of it." My mind fills with rage. My sight turns red. "Yes, let rage fill your mind and body. Let it seep down into your soul. Anger is the best way to find your information and let you get your revenge." "Yes, I understand. Anger is the best way to get revenge. Anger is the best solution." I give into the rage and all my cares are gone. I don't care about a human life anymore. I don't care about killing anymore. I don't care about anything except revenge. I turn to Mia and pat her head and whisper, "I am sorry but I must leave you for now. Please listen to my wife, I will send her to visit you, but otherwise forget about me. I won't be coming back till my vengence has been gained." into her ear. I stand up and turn towards the ambulance doors and jump out.


Chapter 13

I hit the ground and roll into a sprint. I run to the nearby checkpoint as fast as I can. I arrive at the checkpoint and search around for any guards. I walk to the door and put my hands in the cracks and push the doors off their hinges. No ones here. I jump to the top of the guard tower and search for people. I see nothing. Not the slightest hint of life. I drop back down and look around for the office. I break open the office door and search around the inside. There is a ladder leading to the basement and I can hear voices coming from below. I climb down the ladder hoping to be a bit quiet. I hear voices coming from behind the wall of a dead end. I put my ear up to the wall. The voices have stopped. I bring my head back. "Stop where you are," a voice yells out behind me. I turn around to look at the man. "My name is Grif and I wil be the one to take you down!" He yells out as he begins to run at me. "You aren't even worth killing. Why send you?" I put my arm out and he runs into it. He falls over and hits his head on a pipe and gets knocked out. "Couldn't of been any easier could it?" As I say this the wall behind me blows open and I feel someone jump on my back. "Get off of me" I yell out as I grab the person by the throat. "It's not that easy" he yells out as he stabs me in the neck with a needle. I hold him in front of me. "Do you really think that will do much to me?" "Oh it will," He says with a smile on his face. "What do you mea-" I feel a sharp pain in my neck "Aargh!" the demonic voice yells. "What did you do to me?" "I just gave you a bit of antivirus." "You think this will stop me?" I say as I stand up and grab him by the chest. "No, I just don't feel like dieing just yet," he says still with a smile. I drop to my knees as another sharp pain surges through me. "But I will take you with me before I leave as a little bit of a gift," he says as my head hits the ground and my vision vanishes. I blink once and see people carrying Grif. I blink once more and see the man staring at me, still smiling. "Seems you need a bit more." He injects me with another dose of the antivirus. "Talk to you later, Bro." My vision goes black


Submitted: August 20, 2015

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