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When You Give Someone Your Trust And They Abuse It

Submitted: November 11, 2007

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Submitted: November 11, 2007




By Christian Armstrong

Cold, alone, no where left for me to turn

Emotionally exahusted as my heart countinues to burn

For your warmth, yout touch, and sadly even your smell

I cant seem to catch a break as my world slowly goes to hell

I cant belive all this is real, these new emotions that i feal

The time i usually spend with you is now useless time i need to kill

No matter how much time i take theres no way i'll completly heal

Now the dreams i had are flawed, by the heartache that you caused

Trapped me into beliving that you'd be there when i falled

Is i love you just a word, something you fed to a little bird

Something to go into the closet with the other lies i've heard

How can you just leave, and not even show a frown

Moving on so quickly as my life countinues to spiral down

My world of bliss and ingorance comes crashing upon my head

How could i be so easily entranced by all the lies you said

When i could easily drown in all the tears that i have shed

Over you, you. the one who was once the source of all my joy

But i was just temporary enjoyment, like a 3 year old and his toy

Something so easy to put behind, so easy to cast aside

Someone so easy to manipulate to go along for the ride

But now that the ride is done, an your finished with your fun

I have to wake up worthless to the morning sun

So leave, without a care, with your newest doomed companion

As i stand alone, cold, simply abandoned

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