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When you'll do anything to reach your goals and be what you think you should be no matter who you step on to get there

Submitted: February 03, 2007

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Submitted: February 03, 2007




Wicked ties, lust, theft, and my countious lies

Corrupt my soul, no matter how hard my heart tries

I despise, this evil that spreads its roots within

An my body uncaringly commits every single sin

Alone this battle i cannot win, as my soul is easily destroyed

An i'm constantly trying to fill that empty void

There is no hope left for me, but i can warn you of these things

That lust, and greed can destroy a human being

My want to be on top destroyed my descency

Ambition decayed my soul, until all good was gone in me

I speak these words faithfully, please you belive in me

Heed my warning so that unlike me, your soul maybe free

Of the grip that is corruption a plague upon the globe

So many are entranced, seduced by its deathly hold

My body feels so cold, as i rot from deep inside

The evil flows so freely now its impossible to hide

Lord knows that i have tried, but failed so many times 

To cleanse my soul, but fail so evil countiues to rise

Oh i've destroyed so many lives, and heard so many cries

Yet i countiue on that path to get what i though should be mine

Steped upon so many, to reach the ultimate prize

But now it seems so tainted by what i know is wrong

But i contiue to do it just so i can feel like i belong

I can't help but feel alone, because no one wants to stay

When i look i the mirror, i can't help but look away

I thought money whould bring me friends,all it did was make them stray

I thought power would build me up, but it only helped my soul decay

I can't keep living this way, but all i can do is pray

That somehow, God will show me the way

Show me freedom, show me peace, show me the light of day

If i dont im not surprised, its my fault my life is in such disarray

I created this monster, this corruption of my soul

Now my soul is nothing just a giant empty hole

Im done, im through, theres nothing more that i can do

But make sure this corruption isnt able to corrupt you

A Christian Atmstrong Original

© Copyright 2018 CA001. All rights reserved.

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