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Hope and it ups an downs

Submitted: January 23, 2007

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Submitted: January 23, 2007




By Chris Armstrong

I really belived you but none of it was true

Your words influenced me enough to let me belive in you

But know i am older an much more wise

An i can easily see past all of your lies

You let my hopes rise, then snatched all hope away

You disapointing me is like the sun rising, it happens every day

How could you do this to your own flesh an blood

Lie to the face of the one you said you loved

You talk a big game but you can never walk the walk

Saying your coming back an have me up at 2 o'clock

I think its time you got disappointed for a change

Time for you to feel like you've been shot at close range

Time for you to feel like you'll never be happy again

Time for you to wish it would all finaly end

But you know what i wont, because thats something you would do

An i'm trying to get as far away from me being you

You say your coming but your never there

How could you do this to me its just not fair

You didn't want to be around an sadly i agree

Because i dont want you around to countine disappointing me

A Christian Armstrong Original

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