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Theres Always that person that thinks there so much better than you

Submitted: August 22, 2007

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Submitted: August 22, 2007




By Chris Armstrong

I throw out the branch of friendship but you burn it with your words

But no longer will that branch be thrown my lesson i have learned

You use your words to rip at my soul, but now they barly break the skin

I try to tell you about yourself, but i can't find the words to begin

Like how you always have a negative comment to throw into my face

Alway there to easily point out my faults whenever i make mistakes

Who do you think you are a  perfect princess promintly placed

Who's only duty is to judge those, you find not worthy of your grace

But in reality your outer beuty is slowly becoming eclipsed

By your self absorbed nature and a ego that cant be missed

So many times, i've heard the cries of the people you've turned away

Vicieously, vindictivly, victimizing those you see in dissary

You visualize yourself, better than them because your much better off than her

Bet lets be honest you hav more than a few chinks in your armor

But soon your egotistical manner will shake your world down to the core

Desprate for a friend to help drag you off the floor

But you'll be alone, because you've pushed everyone out the door

And you've burned all branches of friendship, and no one throwing them out anymore.

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