Forever Me

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No matter what you say im going to be me

Submitted: March 31, 2007

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Submitted: March 31, 2007



Forever Me

By Chris Armstrong

In a world where peer pressure is the name of the game

I will always and forever remain the same

Im not someone who can be changed to fit what you seem to think is right

But an endless source of guidance, a constant source of light

Now i'd be seriously lying if i said this was really me

But thats exactly what i do not want to be

Someone who puts on a front,trying to be someone there not

That is the exact kind of nonsense i am trying to stop

You laugh because I have a sense of originallity

But i should be laughing because im not afraid to show my own personallity

You seem so quick to do the things that i have done

You call yourself the King, but thats been me since day one

You seem so keen to be somone else because it seem so pleasurable

But you cant be half the me i am because i am a professional

You claim that it is me being fake, but really who do you think that your fooling

Because being me is a job, that i wake up doing

I feel you understanding that these word are incredibly true

An realizing it so much easier just to be you

Im me everyday, an look who i am

A perverted sex addict, who just hapens to hate tucan sam

So you can say that im that, an you can say that im this

But unlike you, i will forever be Chris


Chris Armstrong Original

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