My Confusion

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When you go through dark times an even though things seem bad you push your way back into the light

Submitted: January 21, 2007

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Submitted: January 21, 2007




 By Christian Armstrong

Oh, my mind is in dissary

I dont know which way is up as my thoughts slowly decay

Please God show me the way, because if you don't i don't know what i'll do today

I want one thing but then i don't really want it

I want her but then i afraid to commit

Afraid to admit, i want something i know i can't have

Why are these obstacles always thrown in my path

Maybe its because im not seeing the right things

Maybe its because i don't know what song is mine to sing

Maybe its because i'm a human being

I want to move on but my heart just wont let me

No matter how hard i try it just wont let me be

This confusion has an always will be the same

No matter how may people are screaming my name

Which path should i chose which way should i go

I need help but my pride wont let me admit that i just dont know

I'm losing control an its going fast

But if i do go i will go out with a blast

This isn't my last i will come back again

Even if this confusion decides to remain

So i'm gonna write my story an stay right here

For you see, through all my obstales i shall persevere

Because there is a light in me that i must let shine

So i'll sit back a watch this confusion try to destroy my mind

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