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Cant help but get dirty sometimes

Submitted: November 08, 2007

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Submitted: November 08, 2007




By Christian Armstrong

I see you from a distance and automatically im entranced

My mind counting the possibilites but i cant leave it up to chance

Slowly, steathly, casually, gradually i make my way over to you

Pushing through the crowd of guys trying to holla at you to

Whisper something in your ear, so that only you and i can hear

I whisper this simple something, you laugh, so i know im in the clear

Asking you silly questions, like wear you got your gear

Moving on to the deeper things like whats your deepest fear

Compliment you on your clothes, from your head down to your toes

Ask you where you'd like to go, as the club begins to close

As soon as we arrive, i know this is the environment that you thrive

I sense your mind relaxing, as your body becomes alive

You pull me onto the floor, so much more aggresive than before

You seem intent on giving me, a night i'll remember forever more

As our bodies twist and turn, and my ego begins to swell

I wonder why im so enticed by your intoxicating smell

I tell you how i love your shoes, and the smell of your perfume

And how your beauty tends to radiate and brighten an entire room

You countinue to blush, as are bodies remain intertwined

As i look right past your ocean eyes, and stare right into your mind

I grab your waist, and whisper is it your place or is it mine

I hurry to my car, as we race off to my place

But not before i nibble your ear, and give your neck a taste

As i open up my door, and i take in your body's grace

I cant help but smile as i drop soft kisses on your face

Hearing your loud cries as the temp begins to rise

And i pull of your skirt and push you ur legs up into the skies

Your body melts into mine, as the day comes into night

And you decide to fufill every one of my carnal delights

I countinue my assult as the clock strikes ten

Closing my eyes to imaagine, how this experince will end

Sweat drips down my face as the clock strikes nine

Wondering how in the world that you became mine

Your moans become louder as the clock strikes eight

Understanding that this is so much more than i simple twist of fate

Adrenilene pumping as the clock strikes seven

Exctasy increasing, gods i must be in heaven

The pace picks up as the clock strikes six

Countinually reveling a brand new set of tricks

Your nails dig into my back as the clock strikes five

As i see the storm of lust buuilding deep within your eyes

Flipping me on my back, as the clock strikes four

Orgasmic desire building, while you countinue screaming more

I cant belive that this is real as the clock strikes three

Magnificent, woonderful, day this is turning out to be

I feel the end nearing as the clock strikes 2

Already thinking about the countless hours i'll spend with you

Finally, i peak as the clock chimes one

Jerking awake to a sunday morning sun

I cant belive all that i felt, was a product of my mind

But on my pillow a note, pink ink, saying you were one of a kind

No number, no address, just this note addressed to me

Now i knoe how mystically, mysteriously, mean this mistress seduction can be

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