Sliping Into Madness

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When you go through confusion an you cant seem to find a way to rid yourself of it you slowly fsll into madness

Submitted: January 21, 2007

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Submitted: January 21, 2007




By Chrisian Armstrong

I don't know why, but im going insane

Maybe its my darkness,my love, or this insatiable pain

There's a noise in my head, an i can't think straight anymore

At first it was soft, but now i hear it more an more

This madness has a sense of originality

From the depths of my soul it erupts inside of me

I would do anything to make this madness go away

Anything, just to stay sane one more day

I can't live with this madness, i'd rather die

I'd give it all away, if i could tell this madness goodbye

I pray to god this madness will just begone

No matter what i do, it goes on an on

It pounds louder an louder inside of my head

It must be the punishment for the things of done an the things i've said

But it gives me the strength to write these things

But it may be the destruction of a human being

With all its giftsThis madness gives a pain thats one of a kind

As this madness slowly, drives me out of my mind


A Chris Armstrong Original

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