War within my soul

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When your a teenager your confronted with things that no one should have to but do anyway. This is just barley touching the surface of it all

Submitted: January 20, 2007

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Submitted: January 20, 2007



War Whithin My Soul

By Christian Armstrong

I am at war with myself yet i don't know why

Some people say i should reach for this joint others say i should reach for the sky

Why,why should i listen to eather side

They don't know whats best for me and they expect me to just go along for the ride

No,i will not be what someone expects me to be

For you  see i am destined to sit at God's feet

So why should i do the things that you say

So i can fit into a crowd of people i don't like anyway

You may think i should but guess what i will not

You don't have to agree you can just go to hell an rot

For u see i am a servant of the lord an i am destined to shine

An i won't let u get in the way of whats mine

See i won't be someone im not just to please you

This war is over an guess what you lose


A Christian Armstrong Original

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