What If

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You find someone that you would do anything for

Submitted: January 21, 2007

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Submitted: January 21, 2007



What if

By Christian Armstrong

What if i called you beautiful whould i be getting to fresh

But you see my mind wont let me call you anything less

Because you are a item of perfection, an idol before my eyes

So don't be afraid to let me protect you from all those other guys

What if i listened to you whenever somethings wrong

An you knew you could tell me anything no matter whats going on

What if i kissed you in the rain even though i hate getting wet

What if i treated you like an equal an not like my pet

What if i supported your decisons what ever they may be

What if i did the things i know make you happy

How about i bought you floweres just because i could

Showed up on time because i said i would

What if i pulled you in close an hold you tight

Just because it feels so right

What if when you come over sex isn't even on my mind

What if im just happy that i can call you mine

See these things i can promise because your one of a kind

So what if i promised to love you untill the end of time


A Chris Armstrong Original

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