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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Children Stories  |  House: Booksie Classic
Just as armor will protect warriors in a battle against opposing forces, God's armor will protect us against the Foe and Enemy who strives tenaciously to defeat all of us in the battle of life.

Submitted: November 09, 2013

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Submitted: November 09, 2013








This Saturday past, my son Josh was last

To join all his friends in the street

He woke up real late, did the chores that he hates,

And before leaving he had to eat.

He didn’t have time, so he put on some grubbies

He didn’t look like a king, but he didn’t look scrubby

He wore tennis shoes, and had sweats that were blue,

And a jersey with a big “#3”


The friends had a ball game and Josh had a small frame,

He didn’t have any protection

His friends were all bigger, they played football with rigor,

And this caused him some serious reflection

He wondered if, in fact, his body could take it

But he wanted to play and said, “How can I make it?

‘Cause football sure thrills me, if nobody kills me.

‘’It’s not time yet for my resurrection.


So he hustled back home to his room where he’d thrown

All his clothing and football equipment

He looked through what he had, and only found knee pads,

And the thought filled him full of resentment

He resented the fact that he was a small fry

He resented the thought that he really could die

If he made it through this one without being undone,

It really would be an achievement


At the first of the year, when he purchased his gear,

He refused to get all of the outfit

He could run really fast, and thought he would speed past

His opponents without getting hit

He got pads for his knees ‘cause they both had been injured

The rest was in good shape, they had never been hurt

Now the truth of the matter: his heart pitter-pattered.

You might say he was scared just a bit


His mind was tormented, wished he could repent of

The choice that he made long ago

But now it was late and the kids wouldn’t wait.

So “start playin’, don’t think of the foe!”

He went in to throw passes, ‘cause he had a good arm

And his line would protect him, not allow any harm

He went back for a pass, caught his foot in the grass,

And who did the guys pile on? -- you know!


He was hurt pretty bad, they took him home to his Dad

Who laid him down and inspected his body

They had plastered his chest, and bruised all the rest,

And his eyesight had turned rather shoddy

Dad asked, “And your knees?” ‘Cause they’d hurt him before and

Josh said they felt fine. His kneepads he’d worn

“My knees feel okay! But I wish I could say

The same thing about the rest of my body”


“Son, you remember way back in September

When the football gear all went on sale?”

First you thought you should get the entire outfit.

Then you said, “I’m no wimp, I’m not frail!

It’s a waste of my money to buy all this stuff

I’ll just wrap my knees; yeah I think that’s enough

I don’t need all this gear, and besides, I don’t fear

All those guys, I’m as fast as a rail!”


Now son, you are brave, but your body is craving

Some safety… a little protection

It  says, ‘Please defend me. If not you will send me

To theotherworld…that’s not my selection

Don’t want to get hurt? Put on all of your armor

The shoulder pads, knee pads and helmet, will then be your

Perfect defense against those giants--Makes sense?

And the game will be yours. No objection?


The ball game of life is a quite different fight

Against a Foe that’s not easily conquered

The armor’s the same, but to win at this game

You must be somewhat of an expert

The pads on the loins are the truth of the gospel

And good, righteous living’s a strong breastplate that’s full

Of unselfish labor, good acts towards your neighbor,

And living God’s law. You concur?


Your feet must be dressed with peace, that’s the best way

To share gospel truths with your brother

And then take the shield of faith. Don’t you yield

To the naughty suggestions of others

The helmet you wear is your own exaltation;

The Spirit’s sharp sword is God’s word: revelation

To help you in the fight against the Evil One’s might

Yes, the Devil and all of his brothers


And then you must pray in the spirit with faith

For all Saints, that they may be pure

That they’ll be protected and you’ll be selected

As one of His army. I’m sure

That you’ll fight in the war on his side. It’s a battle

With Satan, his warriors and darkness. And that’ll

Be a war that you fight for all that is right

Forever. And you must endure.


So wherever you go wear God’s armor, and you’ll know

That He will always protect you

You’ll have strength to contend with temptations and sin

And no evil will ever affect you

That doesn’t mean that you won’t be attacked

But endure what you can. And then only fight back

Using God’s mighty weapons. Because His power will deaden

The Beast, he might even respect you.


C. Aaron

© Copyright 2020 caaron. All rights reserved.

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