He Hurts Deep Down Inside

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic
All of us have hardships, disappointments, trials, obstacles; sometimes an experience will leave us so upset and jolted that we are completely overwhelmed, smothered or stupefied by an event or a person to the point that we either throw up our hands and give up, or we completely lose it. Sometimes it’s good therapy for us to unload on somebody, a friend or family can often help us through tough times. Ofttimes, though, the person we choose to unload on has a boatload of problems and worries him/herself, and the ‘sharing’ makes things even worse. What’s the best thing to do then? That’s a decision each one of us has to make individually after studying out all the parameters and deciding if it will be better for all to share it, or to keep it to yourself.

Submitted: October 27, 2013

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Submitted: October 27, 2013





His face was always smiling, his words loving and kindhearted

Though his wife was sick, his home foreclosed, and his newborn babe just died

“Man it hurts, my friend, you know it does”…yes, his friend knew that it smarted

But his outside didn’t show it, he kept it all deep down inside


His friend was filled with wonder as he saw his buddy suffer

Through all the hurt and all the pain, he knew he was being tried

But he didn’t gripe, he didn’t moan, though this time it was even tougher

Than any trial he had had before, but now he kept it all deep inside


His company then downsized and he was no longer needed

They let him go from the job he loved, it really shook him and it hurt his pride

But he bit his lip, kneeled down, & with a rueful voice he pleaded

He asked for strength to endure the blow, then tucked it all deep inside


There’s the tendency that we all have to share our worry & tribulation

With other folk we may or may not know, just get it out! Then let it ride

Some of us learn to tackle life’s battles with one self-stipulation

We keep our heartbreaks to ourselves yes, we keep them deep down inside


Is it wrong to open our mouths and share our hardships with another?

It’s good therapy to unload your grief and share your troubles both far and wide…

Or is it better not to throw the burden on your sister or your brother

They have their own worries and misfortunes, should we keep it all deep inside?


There might not be just one answer, no, it’s more difficult than that

Is it more important to 1. unload, or 2. think of others and their side?

Should we bury hardships deep in our souls, like the unwearying pack rat?

Or is it more healing for both to share instead of keeping it all inside?  


I’m sorry, I cannot answer for you; it’s a decision you must make

You’ve got to evaluate the situation, ‘cause with the outcome you must abide

When you find the answer to the question, please, I beg you, for my sake

Tell me…should I pass it on to others…or should I keep it all deep inside?



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