My Idol

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Religion and Spirituality  |  House: Booksie Classic
Poem comparing or contrasting 4 girls' most sought-after guy or 'idol'. Evaluates reasons for each girls feelings about 'her guy'. Last girl throws a wrench into the works when she indicates her 'idol' is none other than the Lord and further explains her dedication to Him and how He has changed her life.

Submitted: November 28, 2013

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Submitted: November 28, 2013




My Idol


(Ann): Did you see how he played his guitar?  What a champ!

He’s got oh so much class…such finesse!


Now he’ll play and he’ll sing as he walks down the ramp

I don’t care what they say…He’s the best!


Bought the very last tickets t’get in here, you know

But no matter the cost, I won’t miss his last show

‘Cause I just love his verse ‘n I’ll see him in person…that’s better than radio


(Amber) I don’t see why you like him so much, he’s a geek!

This guy that I’ve seen’s such a hunk!


His show starts at 3 every day of the week

On my new TV set…that’s no bunk!


The girls in the aud-ience do nothing but stare

At his good-lookin’ face and his long, wavy hair

And I put up his snapshot to cover that bare spot. And I watch him from my easy chair.


(Cheri) You both are off of your rockers, you know

I mean, those guys are just 2nd class


‘Cause here is the guy that will steal the show

He’s handsome, he’s strong and he’s fast


This magazine’s covered with photos and shots

Of him and the girls who for him have the hots

Never see him alone, ‘cause he’s just too-well known, now it looks like the guy’s got me caught


(Crystal) Ann, Amber ‘n Cheri you-know, it makes me sad

But your guys all merit the gallows


I’m sure they’re good-lookin’ and talent they have

But inside they’re really quite shallow


I know a Man… and He’s simply divine

His heart’s bursting with love, He’s understanding and kind

Those 3 are your idols? I’ll give this Man my-soul, ‘cause if I have an idol, He’s mine.


(To Ann): This Man is my strength, my salvation and song

And He strums on the strings of my heart


(To Amber) I can see Him… hear-His-voice in my mind oh so strong

When tuned in to-His program and it-starts


(To Cheri): This book (pointing to Scriptures) is full of His words and His thoughts…

And of the people that knew Him and loved Him a lot

He was never alone, ‘cept when He did atone…but think of allthesouls that He bought!


‘You shall make you no idols nor images graven

Nor shall you bow down before them’


My idol’s not made with my hands, but in Heav’n

And He should be praised by all men


I don’t know ‘bout His face nor the length of His hair

But I’m sure of His grace and of His loving care

And I’ll bow down before Him; yes I will adore Him to the end of my life, that I swear.



___ C. Aaron












© Copyright 2020 caaron. All rights reserved.

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