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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic
The whole poem is complete nonsense, it just rhymes, and within the poem itself it states its purpose...Here's my defense: ..."I hear your laughter"...so..."when folks are down, with one big frown, it never hurts he who takes a curtsy," if someone makes a fool of himself if he can lift up the spirits of someone else and cause them to laugh.

Submitted: November 01, 2013

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Submitted: November 01, 2013






Okay. We’ll  say

You got bored of the hoard…

Of the words that you heard

You think they stink

They’re dense, don’t make sense

In fact, with tact…

They’re crude, my dude!

Or at least, dear beast

(I’m polite)…they’re not quite

There yet, get it?

Of course, my horse

They’re phony says pony

ok-Jack, go back

To the start, th’ first part

You said Bored(board) of the Hoard?

That’s like Would(wood) of the Good?

Or Tired of the Choir?

But wait! Th’choir’s great!

It’s the song that’s wrong

Every voice is choice

Women hummin’, men are drummin’

Bows are stringin’-- people singin’

On key, har-mon-y

And the harp’s so sharp!

Not outta tune, you goon--

It looks buff!  That’s not enough?

All that’s flat…is the mat

They’re standin’ on-- ‘N now the throng’s

On top- A barbershop…

Quartet? Not yet

That comes after- when the rafter

On the ceiling -- isn’t feeling

Too chipper ‘cause his zipper

Got stuck. What luck!

Could be worse-- yeah a nurse

Coulda poked him, even choked him!

This is dim: Is wood a him?

Or is it her? -- That’s a blur

All legal tender must have a gender

A goose a gander, forever ander

Or is it after? I hear your laughter

Please don’t make jokes, you’re such good folks

You’ve tolerated all this first-rated

Gobbledygook…am I a schnook?

This I must do: ask all of you

If you’ll forgive, and let me live

Shun if you must-- or just can’t trust

My innocence. Here’s my defense:

When folks are down- with one big frown

When times are bad, when life looks sad

It never hurts he - who takes a curtsy

‘fore the audience at his own expense

To look half-crazy or somewhat dazey

Or even batty, like when the caddy

Steals golf balls for his Barbie dolls.

No dolls you say? No, he says neigh (nay)

Neigh’s from a horse, unless of course

The horse is hoarse, someone used force

To make him swallow, he didn’t follow

All the directions, now his complexion

Is somewhat blotchy, looks hopscotchy

Like chalk lines, on the fault lines

Of the sidewalk. That’s white chalk

Chalk isn’t black, and that’s a fact

And facts are true! Like me and you

But ewes are sheep, I’d rather keep

A hungry goat. I’ll make a float

From all the milk stuffed to the hilt

In  ‘th-bag beneath, but watch the teeth--

Of the hungry rat, or the kittens that

Are starin’ with zeal at a free meal

That goat’s a mom? Now please be calm

All goats are gloats,

They don’t care where

The food comes from.

Is it edible? Incredible

Or meatable or eatable

Or drinkable? Unthinkable…limburger’s not unstinkable

And Fredible’s not edible

No bones about it! Fred’s bones? I doubt it!

All the bones you chuck, with the rest you’re stuck

But your sticks and stones won’t hurt these bones

But bones will hurt if you don’t wear a shirt

Back to food- If I could

‘Cause I’d rather go and gather

Lot’s of goodies from the cuties

Than take studies from my buddies

‘Cause my buddies can’t teach! Everyone of ‘em-- each

Got thrown out of school- couldn’t follow the rules

They looked dumb, and couldn’t come

To understand what was so grand

‘Bout being learned. So they just yearned

To have a pal, a good-lookin’ gal

There by their side, one that could guide

Them through life’s woes, yes, by the nose

But soft and gently… And evidently

They all found one…not one humdrum

Was in the queue. They all went through

The application. Their background station

Had to be checked.

So please check the box-

You can check my eyes

You can write a check

You can deal a deck. If your deck isn’t full

You can deal a half-deck, but be sure & don’t pull

Any cards from down under

 Or you might hear some thunder

I hear some thunder and lightening now, so I’ve got to go in and get out of the rain.



C. Aaron


© Copyright 2020 caaron. All rights reserved.

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