Want To Give Up?

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Commercial Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
Many people get discouraged with life, with their trials, setbacks...when hardships and suffering are their lot. This poem suggests that all of us here on earth have difficulties, and that life's not a "free and easy ride"; but we feel better about ourselves and forget our worries and even experience happiness when we work on overcoming our own weaknesses and focus our lives more on serving and helping others.

Submitted: November 27, 2013

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Submitted: November 27, 2013



You’re tired and feel like you’ve had enough, you want to give up

We, all of us, go through the same hardships as you

Life is no respecter of persons. We have our struggles too; so buckle up

Come board the train with us and stay until the ride is through


It’s not hard to get off before the trip has finished

You just say, “Stop the train! It’s noisy and the seats are hard as rocks.”

The conductor pulls the chain, and when the speed has diminished

He tries to calm you. But when he sees your passion he meekly balks


You’re not the only one, there are many in this life who want to quit

When things don’t go their way they come apart, fly off the handle and they rail

If you think of family, friends, your work and pastimes, you must admit

You have a lot to live for…and that group will see you through your travail


When times get tough, it’s then you have to learn to buckle down

It’s not hard to travel smoothly with a new car and when the highway’s clear

But when the road gets windy and narrow and rocks are on the ground

That’s when you need to slow down, reflect, and put it in low gear


“Give up” or “Give In”… it’s pretty much one and the same thing

Let’s change the preposition and see if that alters your ambition

“Give to” and “Give for” both have a more positive ring

Think more of others and how you can help them in their mission


The key is… take the focus off yourself and quit drowning in your misery

Focus more on others and the positive force you can be in all their lives

Start now, give it all your stuff, ‘cause you know there really is no hurry

Spend a lifetime serving others and you’ll be the one that survives


Someone once said that when you give you always get more in return

The law of ‘cause and effect’ or something like that takes place, I think

It’s like when you read and study and work with others, well, you learn

It takes work and effort preparing for a flood so you won’t sink


The trudge through life is never easy, nor was it meant to be

You know your muscles grow, your skills, your endurance are built up with the climb

 Quit complaining and don’t look back but forward and you will see

That when you make it, and when you’ve invested all your precious time


The rewards are many; you feel fulfilled, you’ve got much more for which to live

You forget the struggle, the sacrifice, the time and effort that was invested

Life becomes wonderful, you feel ebullient; you are requited when you give

It’s when you take, and feel sorry for yourself that you’re molested


“Man is that he might have joy” - an old friend of mine once wrote down

Your job is to see your value; then how much you mean in the lives of others

Then work like the dickens to make life more rewarding, to wear a crown

Make kings and queens of all your friends, your brother, sister, father, mother


If you lose yourself in loving life and in all others serving

You won’t surrender, there’ll be no reason to give up, throw in the towel

But better yet, you’ll live abundantly, you’ll minister and be observing

How you’ll help yourself to grow and inspirit others… “So start right now!”


...C. Aaron

© Copyright 2020 caaron. All rights reserved.

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