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Slash content. This is a really short story, something mysterious happened.

Submitted: February 16, 2012

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Submitted: February 16, 2012



“I’ve read the book. I really think we can do this.”

It was dark, but the moon beam shone a dim cold light through the window. Ben at the other side of the circle took the candle from the center and lit it with a match, while Nathan resumed his instruction.

“Hold each other’s hands but do not close your eyes just yet.”

There were five of them in the shack by the beach; it was silent, save for the wooden sidings that gave an eerie creak, a wasp humming a constant buzz, and the frothing waves outside.

“Bosom of Ibrahim, show thy gates that we might see. Barachaea the guardian of the east, Daerimath the guardian of the west, Golrigamon the guardian of the south, Marammoga the guardian of the north, bring forth to us the gift of foresight.” Nathan paused to look, but nothing happened, and so he began again only louder, “Bosom of Ibrahim, show thy gates that we might see. Barachaea the guardian of the…”

He stops as a rouge wind blew the candle’s deep red flame, which made it flicker incessantly. Then all of a sudden he felt weak as if he were standing high at the edge of a skyscraper, not realizing that his eyes were shut tight the whole time, as a series of blinding images flashed through his sight.

And then everything came to an abrupt stop.

All five of them sat speechless on the floor as the candle’s flame resumed its stillness. “Oh my god we did it!” Josh broke the silence and grinned cockily with a satisfied look on his face, while Veron sobbed on one side, heaving deeply with her hands covering her face. Ben on the other side stood up and ran out the door, then Nathan saw him and quickly ran right after.

“Ben… Wait!” Nathan called out, but Ben wasn’t stopping and rather continued to walk towards the beach.

“Ben, wait… please.” said Nathan as he dragged his shivering feet along the sand. “What do you want from me?!” Ben blurted out in agitation.

“It’s the foresight isn’t it? What you saw!” Nathan shouted staying a few steps behind. He waited for a reply, but there wasn’t any.

“I know what you saw in there, I saw it too. It happens here does it Ben? Here in this very beach?”

“Stay the fuck away from me!”

“I know what you’re thinking. But its real Ben, I know you’re just afraid right now, but it is going to happen. Just please tell me, tell me that you saw it too.” Nathan felt desperate, his voice almost shaking for sympathy and hope. Ben stopped walking, with his feet wet from the crashing waves, and then he said. “You kissed me.”

He turned around and saw Nathan, teary eyed and looking down, with the cold wind sifting through his tousled brown hair. “It’s what I always hoped for Ben, ever since the first day I saw you at school.”

Nathan looked up and stared at Ben’s heavy eyes. And then he resumed. “You were so cool, I can remember, and you were one of them.” 

He smiled a bit, looking intently at Ben, “Becoming your friend was the closest thing I could ever get to being with you… and you have no idea, how much I love you.”

Then Ben walked closer, close enough to wipe Nathan’s tears.

 It was day break, and the sun was already rising from behind them, flooding they sky with mauves and crimsons. Nathan looked up the sky and said, “Those clouds, they’re … exactly the same way as I remember it.”

Then Ben looked up as well and said softly,

“But I’m not like you Nate. I just can’t.”

“Cant what? But you kissed…”

“Must have been this one.”

Ben kissed Nathan’s lips for a moment. His heavy eyes passionless and wide open, and then he let go and whispered.

“I’m sorry.”

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