Personal Jesus

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Katie's last encounter with her tormentor.

Submitted: January 27, 2013

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Submitted: January 27, 2013



Personal Jesus

Between my black blinds was the still new sun. My eyes were crusted shut, not wanting to let the early morning sunshine penetrate my cozy, still half asleep state of being. I knew I had to get out of that warm nest of pillows within the next three maybe four minutes. So I figured sooner better than later, and I opened my sealed shut eyelids, I stretched and purred at the feeling of my muscles being awakened. Finally, I was up, dressed, and moving.

My nose was filled with pot smoke from the 2nd floor that had crept up to my bedroom. That meant it was time to say good morning. I groaned at the thought of being social right now. Opening my bedroom door I saw the half painted hallway that everyone got lazy and gave up on, half is piss yellow paint that had been there since 1953 and half is a two year old baby blue that Steph said would give the hallway a more ‘open’ feel. I said that’s a load of bullshit.

“Katie get your ass down here!” Steph rasped with lungs full of smoke.

I threw on my black engine house pizza work shirt and headed down the stairs, ugh those god forsaken stairs, always screaming with every step, I couldn't stand the screaming and screeching. When I reached the bottom I saw Steph and Alice watching some stupid reality TV show.
“I gotta go to work guys I’ll see you later.”

They mumbled bye, uninterested in anything besides what some over tanned, all around fake celebrity was doing that week. When I got outside I started walking to work, Contemplating trying to get my own place. I didn’t exactly hate living there. I just needed my own place.

Then the flashbacks started of what happened while I was living alone, how cold the blade was...I shivered and tried to keep walking along and think of something else, puppies, rainbows, and that kind of  shit that was supposed to make people happy.
The flashbacks continued. I remembered him tying me down and cutting me, slicing my skin telling he was gonna eat me and my flesh will be the sweetest he’s ever had. His eyes were burning holes in me and I couldn't breathe. He broke into my apartment, tortured me, and threatened me for what seemed like days. In all reality it was for only a few hours. Luckily my screams had been heard by somebody in the building. When the pigs showed up I must’ve looked like hell; bloody, cut up, scared, and all around fucked up because of what I had just endured. The pigs barged in and shot the vile human- like creature that stood before me. My eyelids snapped shut as I heard the bullet launched from the steel barrel. I was sobbing, hoping they killed him...They only shot the bastard in the shin, said they wanted the guy in jail.

“Justice the right way, sweetie”

I was shuttled from my grim apartment with words about my current well being. Questions formed from the depths of the mouths of detectives that filled the ambulance as I was taken to the hospital, all the usual crap you would see on an episode of Law and Order.
“Did you know this man that attacked you before today?”The words were slid through their teeth and rushed through their lips, like the question mattered.

“no” I moaned at them in annoyance.

More and more questions were thrown at me until I was literally ready to purge on this overly cologne jackass of a detective shoes. After all the questions were questioned they informed me that if I told the jury the whole truth and only the truth that creature will get life in jail. Well the creep got three years ………figures. Because he didn’t kill me and I wasn’t hurt more than being sliced up a bit, surface wounds don’t count I guess. He was sentenced 2 years 4 months and 8 days ago. Today is March 17, 2012. In 8 months he will be returned to civilization. Something told me my restraining order won’t do much if he tries to attack me again.

I shook the thoughts away, lit a butt, and kept walking.

When I arrived at work I had smoked 3 Marlboro Reds. The boss didn’t like me smoking near the shop so I had to put the last one out a couple doors down.

“You’re 20 minutes late kid what’s up?” Rick was always concerned with my well being.

“nothing. really I just left the house a few minutes later than usual”
“Well get your shit together and go clean off that table.” He pointed to a table covered in pizza crumbs and a spilt over drink.

While  I was cleaning up the sticky liquid that was already slightly dried to the table, I heard the bell on the door open and it was nothing new so I paid little attention to it.

When I heard the man order a steak tip sub I recognized the voice immediately. I ran to the back room hiding my face and I hurled all over the floor. The thoughts were running through my head like the NASCAR races that my grandfather watched every weekend. I couldn’t breathe.

‘There's still 8 months until hes supposed to get out’

‘What the fuck how does he know where I work’

‘Why hasn't anyone called me’

I felt like I was going to pass out. Rick came back within 3 minutes to see why I ran frantically to the back room. When I tried to talk I hurled whatever acid was left in the weak organ I called my stomach .Ricks face was filled with confusion, worry, and slight anger.

“WHAT THE HELL KIDDO?!” he wasn’t yelling or even sternly talking he was just concerned.

“It doesn’t make sense. He wasn’t supposed to get out for another couple of months, it can’t be him...”I muttered and mumbled for a second trying to figure out if he was really there ordering a sub or if I was going crazy.

Rick still confused as hell “what are you talking about? Are you ok? Do you wanna go home and rest?”He shot questions at me like his mouth was a canon.

“Rick it’s…it’s…it’s him. I heard his voice. He wasn’t supposed to get out for another 8 months I’m so confused.”

“Well I’m pretty confused too with you throwing up and mumbling about some man” you could hear the confusion in his voice there was no need for him to tell me about it.

“The humanoid that attacked me! Do I have to fucking spell it out for you?! The man that ordered the steak sub was him I could tell by his god forsaken voice! I can’t be here!” At that point I was sobbing, hysterical, and having a pretty severe panic attack.

I didn’t mean to be so harsh with my words towards my boss but what else was I supposed to do I was freaking out, I couldn’t control my words I had no filter.

“Are you sure that’s him? You sure you couldn’t have-“

“NO Rick! I know for a fucking fact that that’s him! I was almost killed by the guy and you think I don’t know what he sounds like?” I snapped, how dare he think that I didn’t know what I was talking about.

“Katie just breathe. He’ll get his in time, trust me…” Rick tried to console me and calm me down I wanted nothing to do with it.

I apologized to Rick for leaving but I had to, I left out the back door, tears still running down my hot flesh on my red exposed cheeks. I fumbled around in my bag for my butts. I needed nicotine to even breathe, as ironic as that sounds it made my lungs pump a little easier.

I didn’t know what to do, my head was spinning, I was out of control.
“Hey sweetie are you ok” I heard past the wailing sound in my aching head,
I snapped my neck upward to see a semi handsome older man with a concerned look on his face.

“no I’m not O-K, FUCK do I look O-K?” As I said this I immediately regretted lashing out on this man who took his time to check if I was doing alright.
“I’m so sorry” I was weeping at that point trying to sputter out an apology for my rudeness.

“No, no. I’m sorry for trying to intrude on your business; ya know you might breathe a little better if you weren’t smoking that cancer stick.”

“ya well they uh, calm me down.” I said knowing my lungs would function better if I never even started inhaling that damn nicotine.

“Do you need something to drink, water, coffee, beer?” He sounded comforting and warm

“I could use a coffee…” I sputtered out, while my breathing calmed down. I stubbed out my cigarette and let this unnamed man grab my hand and help me up off of the dirt ridden sidewalk.
“thanks” I wiped the tears off my cheeks. ”so what the hell is your name?”


“Well, …..Paul. Let’s go get that coffee.” I nervously sort of giggled at him.

“You don’t think I’d buy you coffee without knowing your name?” His lips broke into a smirk
“ Ya that makes sense, my name is Marilyn.” I didn’t know why I lied to him; it just sort of stumbled out of my vocal chords.

I lit another Marlboro. I let the smoke fall out of my mouth and I started walking with him towards the coffee shop that was about 177 steps, give or take from the spot we were standing. He was talking on and on, for some reason I didn’t even hear him. I was counting steps to make sure 177 were the correct amount. We had taken 18 steps so far.

19; I heard him say something about my shoes I responded with an ‘mhm’
20; I think he realized I wasn’t listening to him
21; he kept saying Marilyn, Marilyn, Marilyn…. I was thinking who’s Marilyn?
22; Remembering I told him my name was Marilyn I decided to stop counting and respond.
“Yes? Sorry sort of spaced out there for a minute.” I told him that with a smile on my face really showing how interested I was in what he was saying.

“It’s fine, I was just asking what kind of coffee you were gonna want so I could just order them together.” He smiled at me and it was actually a quite nice smile.
I thought to myself if I wasn’t in such a hectic state of mind I might actually enjoy this man’s company.

32; Paul was talking about how some car was going way too fast for this area
34; I thought I counted the 33rd step twice and this was really my 35th step
36; that car that had been going too fast hit a man crossing the street
37; this step was towards the accident not the coffee shop I really didn’t want to stop to see this.
“Shit! I was just saying that guy was going too fast!” Paul said with a tinge of ‘I told you so’ attitude.

I still didn’t look over at the accident; I wanted to keep walking towards my glorious cup of hot caffeine. I flicked my stub of cigarette away from the accident. All the people that were out walking had stopped to watch how interesting accidental death could be. They were poisoning their brains with the sight of another humans suffering and the other human’s agony for causing it. I finally decided to join the masses and look at the street to see what happened.

Joy, hatred, anxiety, confusion, and almost every emotion hit me at once. It was him. The man who had tortured my body for hours and mind for years was the one that got mutilated by a vehicle! The masses were admiring his blood streaming out from under the white Honda, my new Jesus. The savior in a form of a man made vehicle! My own personal jesus.
All the feelings that had been running through my veins just a second ago had been suffocated by only feelings of happiness and excitement!
“Why do you have a grin on your face right now? Are you sick? Smiling about someone who is probably dead under that fucking car!?” Paul was looking at me with confusion almost a disgusted kind of look.

“no I am definitely not sick, I’m better than I have been in a long time. I don’t know if I want that coffee anymore.”
I laughed as I talked about how happy I was in that moment.
The emergency vehicles had not shown up yet and I knew I had little time before the devil showed up in the form of vans that wanted save this vile human. I began to walk over to the accident past the crowd of people who had already begun to gather around this wonderful event. I pushed through the mass of people, some tearing up, some making themselves sick by continuing to look. I started to think about how splendid I felt! I wanted everybody to see how amazing this moment was!

After 8 steps I was standing over him. My sneakers had a layer of blood on the bottoms and I loved stepping on what had flowed through his veins, what had kept his heart pumping, and at that moment was fleeing from his soul.His own blood wanted to get away from him! This grotesque mans own fluids wanted out,that thought made me smile even wider.

My ears filled with a ringing noise and I could barely think of anything but how sweet this death is. Somebody was trying to tell me to back up because he looked like he had a broken neck.

“wait till the professionals get here! They will take care of him you don’t have to!” Some elderly women was thinking I was trying to save that bastard.

“Ha, don’t worry I can handle this kind of thing.” I turned to the lady with a convincing grin.
I crouched down and looked into his eyes; I could hear him choking on his own blood. Pleading for help, he wasn’t even looking at me! The bastard had the nerve to not look me in the eyes during his final moments, I grabbed him by his hair and turned his head only slightly so his eyes could see who I was, he needed to see who was going to finish him off in his last moments of agony.
Everything faded around me and I was only focused on him,The car he was under was gone, I barely even noticed I was too enthralled in this divine moment of mercy!
“Remember me?” I spit in his right eye, now that he was under my supervision I was going to make sure he understood how beautiful he was in that moment.
“I’m sure your flesh will be the most sour that the maggots have ever tasted. A maggot tried to taste my flesh once; I wonder what ever happened to that maggot. Oh wait, that’s you isn’t it? I thought that was you!” I laughed in his pathetic face
“How nice to see you again! And under these circumstances, I’m sure you have to be happy to see me aren’t you!?” When I said that you could almost smell the sarcasm on my breath.
“You look good with torment running through your body.” I flirted with him.

He tried to get out the word ‘please’ but it was more of a gurgle.

“Please? PLEASE? Is that how you’re going to beg for your life? You’re near death now.Please isn’t going to help you only I can save you” I shoved my fingers deep inside his open hip wound, while he winced I giggled.I shoved them deep and prodded his wound, I made sure he felt the beauty of it all.
I managed to take out some of what was under his skin and I shoved it in his mouth.
“How’s it taste?” He whimpered, I giggled some more.

My hands were covered in blood my shoes were soaked and my socks were beginning to get wet from the blood seeping through. It felt good, I felt good.

I snapped his neck.

A wave of relief passed through me. When the piggies showed up the crowd that had gathered was disgusted with me and didn't quite understand what had just happened.

I don’t think those brainless blobs of skin even realize that the car didn't kill him ,I did! The cops were barely even concerned with the young girl covered in blood. They thought I had tried to help him!

I was questioned about my savior, the honda. I was not interested in who was driving or the license plate number! These men and women didn't even acknowledge this lovely event of revenge.

I was sent to the hospital to get cleaned up and then I was free to go. When I was done washing off the only reminisce I had of the maggot. I needed to find a ride home, I called Rick for a ride.
When Rick called me back through the hospitals phone to tell me he was outside I ran outside, I needed to smoke a cigarette! Rick was waiting at the door for me. I smirked at him and began to walk I thanked him for picking me up and all that polite shit.
I had never seen the vehicle that Rick used for transportation, It was a white Honda, The white Honda!
My savior was not in the form of metal,glass, and plastic! My personal jesus was in the form of flesh, blood, and bones!

We did not speak of the beautiful moment we shared, we had a silent agreement that nothing needed to be said. I didn’t need to say thank you and he didn’t need to explain anything. We understood what had happened and we understood we must never speak of it.

I was free from that perverted maggot. I was finally free.

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