and it all started under my bed

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Sleep my dearest children
Til morning does the sun rise
Think about wonderful things
Before the twinkling moon dies
About the island of rejected toys
And be thankful for legal dreams
And spider princes hear what they say
For just apperance is nothing what it seems
Forget about the greed monsters
Or the ones that hide under your bed
Only think of nice little things
To occupy your head

Submitted: March 25, 2013

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Submitted: March 25, 2013



you can see me quit sound with lights never down for that is when I could sleep Or else all night long Mr Boo Man's song is sung and awake I shall keep

you might wonder why mother's lies never got by or through my soft little head how the monsters weren't real lies you can feel and it all started under my

Isaac the first though not the worst Lived between some comics and litter he was cute but a jerk with his beaky little smirk he made my bed creak and gave me the jitters

Linda lue who rested by an old she would try and catch my dreams at night with her sticky scream catcher and nimble legs to match her she filled my head with horror and fright

Alex trake the slinky green snake embedded himself in my pillow and when he moved to a slow green groove He sounded of a clawing dead willow

Bang and splat two creepy rat cats that scurry on claws before dawn they chew on my bed posts and moan like two ghosts now all color in my face is gone

But worst of all almost seven feet tall mr. boo man and his song goosebumps on my neck keeps the others in check this is sung all night long

High and high low and low my pretty pretty one fear me fear me the game has just begun low and low high and high one pretty pretty pet hear me hear me the game hasn't finished yet...

And now you know why I never go by a day without light near my head for you see they will escape cover my door with police tape and it all started under my bed

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