100 Themes #26: Tears

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Rohain and Caelhir part after the hunters of Lavrénn come for Rohain. Pre-Departure. Sighted!Caelhir.

Submitted: January 24, 2013

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Submitted: January 24, 2013





by Catherine Jarocki


"I will miss you so much," Caelhir said, tears threatening to spill over from his eyes.

Rohain's eyes had already reached their limit as silver lines, lit up by the moon, ran down her face. She sniffed and pulled away from him, desperately wishing she could stay, another week, another day, another moment. She  couldn't look at him anymore, couldn't touch him. It hurt too much now just to be around him.

"Don't go," he said, his voice taking on a desperate note, "don't leave me, please?"

"I have to leave," she said, voice cracking pitifully. "I can't ask Oromar and Ludthîel to protect me anymore; it's not fair to them to sacrifice political position and standing with Lavrénn just for my-"

"But if you go," Caelhir said, brows creasing in a panic, "if you go now, if you walk away from me, I'll never see you again. If you walk away, then we can never be."

"Why?" she said, feeling the world swirling about her, rushing in her ears and making her dizzy. "Why can't we be? How do you know I won't come back?"

"I just know," he said, putting a hand over his mouth as he tried to compose himself, "and I fear, I can tell, that you'll break my heart if you leave, and I'll never be able to forget you, Rohain Elsvíral. Damn you for making me love you!"

He ended his statement by turning away and putting his hands, palms out, against a tree, and resting his head on the backs of his hands.

Rohain stood there, feeling very small. Then, feeling as though it was the hardest thing she ever had done, or ever would do, she took a deep breath and spoke quietly into the night air.

"I love you more than I'd ever have let myself believe. You'll never know how much this is killing me, and if I never return it will be because I couldn't live without you. If- if I die, I want you to find someone else. Don't live your life alone. I will always remember you. "Good night, Caelhir."

She turned and walked away.

"You said good night."

She paused but did not turn. His footsteps stopped right behind her.

"You said 'good night,' not 'good bye.'"

Rohain still didn't trust herself to speak so she said nothing. Caelhir pulled her around to face him.

"Why? Why did you say 'good night?'"

"Because I want to see you again," she said shakily, "and if I say 'good bye,' it's just too final, and I'll never leave."

Caelhir stood silently before her before he pulled her suddenly into a kiss. Rohain closed her eyes and savored the feel of him, the smell of him, the taste of him, knowing it would be the last time. Once more, she wished for more time.

He pulled away sharply, biting his lip, and Rohain unconsciously took a step towards him, wishing nothing more than to stay near him.

"Go," he said evenly, and his voice held a roughness that belied his feelings, "please, or I'll take you now and never let you go. You have to go."

"I know."

Rohain looked down at her feet, then back at Caelhir. He met her eyes and they stood facing each other, just a pace or two apart, each memorizing every detail of the other's face, hair and body.

Finally, Rohain broke the silence.

"I love you, Caelhir."

"I love you, Rohain."

Rohain turned and walked away. She never forgot that image of Caelhir in her head.



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