Don't Judge Her!

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This poem was written after I became a member of a number of self-harm sites. I wasn't there for me, but to put across a song that could help suffers to see that they are not alone in this world. Whilst I was a member I read some very sad things. I felt so helpless to help them. So this poem is a dedication and my way of trying to help get across how some people suffer everyday of their lives. I have put this under the genre of non-fiction as I was unsure what other genre this would come under.

Submitted: January 12, 2012

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Submitted: January 12, 2012




She has the blade in her right hand, what shes going to do no’one understands.

She starts to cut and begins to calm, what she does is called self-harm

She wants help to finally stop, as she watches the blood drop by drop

As she bleeds on the outside, her memories start to slide 

The torment of life itself, no thought of others or her health

As the pain begins to bring her relief, it really helps her thats her belief

The stream of red runs down her arm, and has pooled up within her palm

Yet she feels no fear, does not even shed a tear

She is happy now the crave has past, just wondering now how long it will last

Her inner demons will be back, upon her arm will be another track

So many lines show the heartbreak, theres only so much one can take

People look judge and stare, with her their life they should compare

She needs this to be able to feel, shes so numb shes not sure whats real

But stopping is the hardest part, the cuts are getting deeper for a start

I wish i could help with simple words

Wish i could take away why she cuts

Wish sympathy was all it would take

To stem the flow she needs to make

Her deepest sads deep within her heart

Wish i could get to them their ripping her apart

The monsters she tries to hide

Are right there within her eyes

She tries for other not to see

But i do, Yes me.

Please do not judge her, she doesn’t crave attention

She may have suffered, rape, abuse, and terrible forms of rejection.

Thank you.

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