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I would have to say that this write is the follow up to Reve

Submitted: March 28, 2007

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Submitted: March 28, 2007



Oh hell, it is over . . .

Our love past by too soon. The last night gone without a trace,

And now I have become covered by darkness.

We forgot how to remain as one, my dear; neither you nor I could be kept together by inner desires.

And do you remember once we came together and joined? Do you remember how our souls fixed, how our hearts

Formed and merged as one?

But now, after the last night as one

(after the holy darkness),

No longer are we whole, but now only tattered.

Fear. My fear blinded my sense.

Oh I remember from within us bloomed our eternal flames

And the final drop of our essence glowed, and our love lied, forgotten beneath dust.

Shudders within. Movements of my soul as I felt your nakedness against my own.

And in my heart, such untold hunger and translucent sensations I had for you,

Melted from your heavenly touch as we shifted,

As we moved together as one, one last time,

As we became formed under the cover of night.

The movements we made became sacred . . . they became a dance of our beings.

Xmas night. I held your body close, became over done by dramatic wonders of your amity.

That Xmas night remains as a lasting memory for me, a night I shall always long for,

A chance I wish to redeem.

But calmly, I will forget as we calmly gave in to our requests that night;

As we calmly gave and removed what we had given each other for seven years.

Calmly, in the dark of night, I remember how after you had left me lying there alone,

Tears fell against my pillow.

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