Stupid Love

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story about a girl that stupidly feel in love with Hatred.

Submitted: October 01, 2017

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Submitted: October 01, 2017



Stupid love


Once upon a time a girl fell in love with hatred. It was a mistake, she knew that, but he was so sweet to her. Hatred was there at night when things went dark and thoughts swarmed.

Hatred: he knew he wasn’t supposed to take favorites. He knew that giving extra help to one person was a dangerous game and could cause trouble, but he felt for her, he just wanted to help.

Girl: I was so empty, numb. I didn’t know what to do. Then one-day hatred found me and nourished me. He showed me that I could be something other than numb, and I took all of what he gave me. I took and took and took. He was addictive.

Conscious: “the girl is overdosing on you, so much could ruin her!” conscious tried to reason with hatred, but she could see he wasn’t as concerned. “look, I get it ok, but she’s not falling in love with me, she’s not that stupid.”

Girl: I feel powerful, more powerful than ever. I feel confident, like nothing could touch me but I could bring down buildings with just my hands. I was soaking in all hatred had to offer and running off it. He was all I could think about. Every morning and every night, there he was, always there to help me. One night A dark whisper taunted in the back of my mind “you love him,” and it was true.

Hatred: when I showed up tonight I saw a different light in her eye. It wasn’t one of violence, anger, and malice, no, it was one of desire. Desire and hatred had a weird type of relationship where they could be in the same place at the same time, unlike so many other feelings. Her eyes were filled with anger but rimmed with desire, a dark and dangerous combination, he knew. He must stop now; things have gone too far. He should have left a long time ago; people could not handle so much of his presence!

Conscious: this poor girl is in turmoil. Some feelings should not be mixed together in certain situations. This situation has gone on too long. There is no telling if she will make it out now.

Girl: I could feel it there. the slight change in my heart and I could physically see the change in my eyes, but I had no idea what I was feeling. Panic took over, there was sheen of sweat breaking out on my skin and a buzzing in my brain. I looked to hatred for help, he would help he always did. But when I look into his eyes I see nothing, they’re flat and unfeeling, giving nothing away. I blink and he’s gone. The room shifted, going off balance, and it’s not until my knees turn cold that I realize I have fallen. To weak now to hold myself up, I feel empty, dejected, like a deflated balloon. Why did hatred leave! What did I do wrong! Then I heard another type of whisper in my mind, softer than the others.

Conscious: “people are not allowed to fall in love with hatred.”

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