We Agreed

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we were friends with a little more added. it was good, fun, until one caught feelings that the other didn't want.

Submitted: May 31, 2018

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Submitted: May 31, 2018



We Agreed


We had a talk.

Words of no commitment, no responsibility, and fun flowed from your lips.

You talked of no relationships.

Music to my fucked-up ears.

Laughs were had, kisses were exchanged.

Fun was had.

Until that perfectly placed kiss on my nose.

Until you threw sweet words at my face like knuckle punches.

Knives to my hopes of no drama.

Hot pokers to my dreams of just being.

You spoke the words.

I laughed at what you said because I couldn’t believe my loving ears.

We had agreed.

But now.

Now you want more from me.

You want feelings I am not willing to give.

Ask for thoughts I’ll never have.

Wanted actions that I don’t comprehend.

You were expecting more after you said you wanted nothing.

So, I left like a soul out of Hell.

No words to say goodbye.

No “thank you for your time.”

Just gone.

Because your understanding became misunderstood.




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